LG V20 Invalid Battery Shutting Down - How To Fix Common LG Phones Problem

LG V20 Invalid Battery Shutting Down - How To Fix Common LG Phones Problem

25 340 views | 11 Mar. 2018

The solution is very simple see the video

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I am trying but still not working plz can somebody help me

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I had to root my phone and install an AOSP rom on my phone to het it from shutting down.  I had a 10,000 mah batter and the standard android os did not like the phone.

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Take the battery out and plug the charger into the phone. It will reboot...As soon as you see the screen come on insert the battery with the charger still attached. If the battery dies on these things this is the way to get it charging again. You might have to try it a couple of times before it will work. Believe me folks....this is the secret to fixing this problem.

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clean the connectors fixed it??? BULLSHIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT


I was just about to throw my battery out but thanks to this video I found the problem is fixed. I looked at the contacts and they were all semi-black. I took a needle and scraped off the 'dirt' until all the contacts looked shinny gold. Usually it would shut down straight away upon boot but it's been going for half and hour now so I'm sure the problem is gone. Interestingly the last time I put it in the battery % say 80% but this time it was 5%. So it looks like it was not charging when it was in external charger because of the contracts problem and the phone was unable to read the power % correctly. All sorted now thanks!


this trick still work for my lg v20 2019...

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What to do with Android 8.0? Clear Cache is gone?

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i just got a new battery and it worked


my husband has a stylo 4 and his battery doesn't come out, now what?

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My lg tablet is doing that

Harys Viewty

Just restart multiple times before invalid sign appear