[BNS] PvP - BM/KFM 1v1 (How to Farm Soulstone With no Keys!?)

[BNS] PvP - BM/KFM 1v1 (How to Farm Soulstone With no Keys!?)

619 views | 1 Sep. 2020

so that's my old account which has no keys, and the only way to make soulstone off it is to have multiple characters and to log in winning 1 fight a day to get a free key from daily and to reset the weekly rewards.

you don't have to log in everyday for that free key it's a lot of hassle in my opinion, but at least winning 1 game a week just to reset the weekly rewards on all 5 characters is profitable.

gameplay by: caprice

Thanks for watching.

if you are wondering how my ping dropped from 185 to 150:


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This is a blade and soul pvp gameplay channel. In this channel you will find the latest blade and soul pvp content from the top ranked players, enjoy the content as you develop your skills. *pretend like this is not a paragraph to fill keywords*

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I love digits.

Vaylets Misha

how do i do this kind of textures?

Yousif Yahya

you had exitlag turned off at the start, so it doesn't matter how many times u update, apply routes again it won't work. you need to restart your game for it to make the connection.