AC Origins Temple of Ptah: "Fallen Friend" Papyrus Location and Solution

AC Origins Temple of Ptah: "Fallen Friend" Papyrus Location and Solution

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The Papyrus is in Memphis in the Temple of Ptah. I started at the northern entrance of the temple in between the papyrus and fast travel markers. At the entrance, head south to enter the temple. Take a sharp right to enter a courtyard. You should see a door arch right in front of you. Before this arch, take a left and continue into another room. Once you enter, take a sharp right to enter a niche. The scroll is on the table.

The answer is still in Memphis. On the eastern shore are three islands. We are going to starting closer to this bottom island. Where I am located, you will see the statues mentioned on the papyrus, specifically the southern one. Once here, look towards the bottom island and you will see a mast sticking out of the water. Dive under water while swimming towards this mast. The solution is on the river's ground just before the boat. It is next to the sunken statue.


So, I decided to make quick little videos on the locations of the papyrus scrolls in Assassin’s Creed: Origins as well as their solutions. This is for the people can’t find one the scrolls or their solutions and would like a visual to help them out. I will be making guides as I play the game and will soon create a new saved file to get the early game scrolls that I missed as this is a recent task that I decided to do. And yes, I will be making guides for every location, even the ones that are pretty easy to find because it will bug me if I leave out locations and because some people could be REALLY struggling with this side activity. I will also be uploading locations of the treasures that the game asks you to find at each point of interest.

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