The Ringing Nail Returns! Black Armory God Roll Reset Weapon Guide Week 8 Destiny 2

The Ringing Nail Returns! Black Armory God Roll Reset Weapon Guide Week 8 Destiny 2

20 498 views | 22 Jan. 2019

Lets get back into the swing of the god roll reset in Destiny 2. This week the Black Armory and Ada-1 have brought us The Ringing Nail auto rifle, Tatara Gaze sniper rifle, and Hammerhead THE machine gun. Here are the curated rolls, god rolls and silly rolls that I like. Let me know what you like!


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I got a trust god roll with firefly and explosive payload

Lord Tachanka

Just got dragonfly rampage but it is not completely masterworked in range, is it curated? (Not from bergusia forge)


I got all good perks and sight apart from I got QuickDraw on ringing nail.

Craig Crain

Trying to get that dragonfly rampage ringing nail.


As a pagan, your pronunciation of Jotunn is only slightly triggering


rampage and dragonfly coupled with AP rounds or R rounds. masterwork is range.

I Allén I

Cool video man. I was able to get feeding frenzy and rampage on my hammerhead! Hope it works out for you too


I just got that dragon fly/kill clip roll and it's a lot of fun. Thinking of dropping the dragon fly spec for something else, it has unimpressed me.

Trucker Jack

The Joe ton huh...


Were you joking with the jötunn cuz I think it is pronounced yow-ton. I couldn't tell lol

Spooper Pooper

Lucky ass. I have to do last wish or scourge if the past for my rare. Bounty. I cant find anyone to raid with and shattered thron (last option) isnt available this week

Chad Snell

Good luck getting them god rolls. I ran the auto at least 30 times and still have crap rolls.

Omar Hernandez

The ringing nail with under pressure and high impact reserves

T - Woogie

Omg that sight is beautiful! Anybody knows the name on the sight on the Ringing Nail

Sopro Found

Just got the Suros's fukn siiiick

Jason Montoya

Dragon Fly and rampage is not what you want for PvP. For PVE thats a good roll, otherwise you have a fine Ringingnail.