ADD MUSIC SLOTS to Smash 4! [Mod Tutorial]

ADD MUSIC SLOTS to Smash 4! [Mod Tutorial]

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Hey guys! I'm back with a tutorial for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. This video will do its best to explain how to add your own music you've made or downloaded into smash 4 without taking over a slot already! Apologies for the audio issues. Will hopefully have them solved by next tutorial!

TEXT VERSION TUTORIAL by randomneeess of GameBanana:








Q: My songs, when added, work fine, but when I come back to it again, it remains at rarely, even if that's not what I set it to be before! What do?

A: Delete the music on the stage and in my music but keep it in the bgm list and just re-add it to both!

Felipe Gutierrez

Does it still work?


Hi, I love this video :), I hope you can make a video where explian how I can add a song needless use smash custom music to add music out of videogames, thanks for your video :)


But what does the Pichu Button do?! WHAT DOES IT DOOOO


i can do it with fisic version?
(sorry bad english)


Somehow the music appears in the game, but it dosent play at all.
When i try in my music, it plays the menu music
When i use it in Sound test, it instally skips to the next
and nothing is one when its used in the stages, what am i doing wrong?


thank you

Cole Blitz Provost

I know this is ridiculously late but could anyone tell me.
Can you delete songs from my music so its less cluttered or do you have to replace their files with a new nus3bank. Any help would be appreciated.

Craig Mohan

Dude, you really need to make your tutorials more concise.

Despacito Lord

what if i downloaded a song from a different site, so its not a .nus3bank file. how do i change it?


I tried downloading a nus3bank file and my computer didn't know what to do with the file. How do I make it so I can put it on my desk top


thank you, dude XD


Gave you that 666 likes aayyy


Will this effect online in anyway? Since it's not just a cosmetic change it's a coding change.


What does E to S under "song loop" mean?


Does this work on a PAL Wii U?


Every time I click on ui sound it crashes sm4shexplorer
EDIT: NVM I got it

Finn Toner

Just found your channel, thanks for the great tutorials and you've earned a new sub :)

Super Awesome 3

Every time I load a custom song, the game crashes. Is there any way I can Fix this?


Whenever I try to remove a song or compile the mod in Sm4shmusic I get the error
ERROR OpenPluginMenu with Sm4shMusic: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
I can't figure out what to do for the life of me. any idea on how to fix it?


The problem I have is a very strange one. It adds the songs perfectly, but it completely shuffles them, even the ones in the original game. So I have Master Fortress playing on Battlefield and Poké Floats on Super Mario Maker for example. Anyone know the source of this problem?

Jett Rodgers

Is there a way to do it on the 3ds?

Loogi Man

When I go to it and I double click it all it does is bring me to From 1 help plz

Gevorg Ghazaryan

You need all the likes man. This is awesome!


Dude, my some of the nus3banks don't work for some reason, some do and others don't, what should I do?


I need help somehow I have only 503 entries when I open the BGM management and for some songs I can't do a sound test like in 6:48

General Case

thx for the tutorial


So I have a modpack already installed in the SD card and so I did this process. It worked, it added music slots. But i noticed that the whole modpack except the stages and the added music slots were working, not the character and other mods. Do you know a solution to this?


wait, if you're english then why are you speaking in an american accent

Gabriel Castillo

Holy shit, this is a very good tutorial :D

Yours Truly, SuFoYa

thanks man. I now know more


thank you man this really helped me out! :DDDD

MMG Mike

For some reason when i go into my music and put the priority up all the way on the song it always resets back down to nothing, any reason why and how to fix it?


How do you change the music for the Online Training/Practice Room (when you're waiting for an opponent and fighting the sandbag)? I'm making a modpack and have a dump and everything. I edited music for every stage but I cant do that one. Please help!!!


So I followed the whole process carefully. The game read that it was in fact a custom song and the name was what I titled it. The problem is when I play it, it plays the normal menu music. Any idea on how to fix this?


dude, amazing tutorial, but is there a way to add music that's not from that website, as in convert it and loop it yourself?


Thanks a Lot!


Will leaving blanks between official songs mess up the song unlocks?


Will it mess up my game if I delete the original Nintendo songs in SmashExplorer? I only want my custom songs to show up


So I've been adding music with no issues, but now a lot of the music isn't on the stage that it was assigned to and it's on other levels. Can anyone help?


What size sd card do i need???

S k y e •

Works like a charm!Thanks a lot for the very thorough guide!


How do you do this for victory music?


Smash Custom Music is gone


Thankyou! this really helped me out
But now I have a question, I have custom music set for the menu and all other music turned off, and it works, but when i go to character select screen, it stops playing
how do i fix that?

Erik R

Awesome tutorial, but I been having some problems with some of the stages where my custom music slots do show up but their rarity bar is always at zero. Every time I load the mods, I have to raise the song's rarity bar for it to play in battle. Is there a way to fix this because I'm not sure if it's the songs itself or the Smash Explorer program that has this problem. Anyways, thanks for the tutorial.


For some reason some of my custom songs wont play at all even though i have their rarity all the way up
Even if all the other ones are down it still won't play it

Thot Slayer

Is this Wi-Fi safe? Will I get banned for using extra music slots online?

Isaac Chao

I clicked on add then remove and now it seems like im missing music number 15,20,21,22,23,24. Does this affect anything about my game?


Thanks for the video, works wonders. But one question, when you add more than 20 songs on a specific stage it won't save your My Music settings correct? Is there any way around this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nabhan Tariq

I'm getting an issue when I try to open Sm4sh Music.

ERROR OpenPluginMenu with Sm4shMusic: Can't load 'C:\Users\nabha\AppData\Local\Temp\sm4shexplorer\\data\ui\message\sound.msbt', the file doesn't appear to be a MSBT file.

Can anyone help?

Christopher Cruz

worked perfectly thanks man ive fallowed like three of your vids the adding costume this one and changing animations love the content keep it up i see a good future in this channel

Cote Stratton

So both the songs I want to add will either show up and just not play or not show up at all, I have followed the tut step by step. Any advice?


I followed your instructions carefully (Just the music). Game starts well enough, but whenever I go to my music or stage select, it freezes. Menu music still plays BTW.


Very helpful guide. Subscribed!


how come some songs don't loop? I downloaded this one song and when it ends it doesn't play again? why?


I'm having a bit of an issue with a mod that I downloaded which included additional music slots to all stages (at least I think it's all of the stage) but in the game, the extra slots only play the menu music when playing them in "my music" and don't play at all when the stage is loaded. Did i miss to copy something in my sd card?


Thanks man this worked really well!

The Dragon of the Weast

Thank you for the awesome tutorial! Even if it took around 10 hours, adding 60+ new songs to my game's library was worth it.


Thank you SO much, now I can finally fulfil my dream of making Super Fire Emblem Brozs. :D

Vasto 7

So we're able to add in our music of choice that doesn't have to be on that website either? Just our very own MP3's?


When i click on ui_sound_db.bin i get and error saying

ERROR OpenPluginMenu with Sm4shMusic: The output char buffer is too small to contain the decoded characters, encoding 'Unicode (UTF-8)' fallback 'System.Text.DecoderReplacementFallback'.
Parameter name: chars

any help?


Very helpful tutorial. Thanks!

- Clod -

What's the pichu button?

Sailor Star

Having a bit of an issue.
When trying to add the actual .nus3bank file to the main BGM box, it doesn't show. I made sure it was in the right bgm folder, checked that it began with snd_bgm_ and ended with .nus3bank, but when trying to type the name in, it won't show up. Now I accidently changed that the files be opened with iTunes Music Player. Even though they still end with .nus3bank, do you think that's why they won't show?
...Am I making sense?

Nyx _

I don't get it. I clicked workspace file and only have patch in there. What did I do wrong


Does this work with Mac?


Everytime my friend clicks on sound. db it loads a form not the program help!!!


My song doesnt show when i look for it in smash explorer




I tried downloading smash explorer It said the file was UNSAFE and was Automatically Removed.


I'm completely new to modding, so I'm having trouble. I followed all the steps and even booted up SDCafiine as instructed but it won't work at all. Absolutely nothing would happen with the files packed, and when unpacked the game would never progress past the splash screen. Any help you could provide?

Nathaniel Acevedo

Someone please help! When I create project on Sm4shexplorer I get this Error message. How do I fix it?
INFO  Starting compilation of the mod (release)
ERROR Could not delete directory 'C:\Users\Taniel\Desktop\sm4shexplorer 0.07.1\sm4shexplorer 0.07.1\export\release\content', check logs for details.
ERROR Error deleting 'C:\Users\Taniel\Desktop\sm4shexplorer 0.07.1\sm4shexplorer 0.07.1\export\release\', please delete it manually before attempting to build the mod again.

Ryan Eckton

Please help, I was following your tutorial and i did it all correct except it for some odd reason doesn't download as a bgm file or whatever, it saves it as a BrawlStage file? so it doesn't recognize the files at all

Evan Oley

Thanks so much! Great tutorial :)


Whenever I open up ui_sound_db, all that appears is a window that says group[1], group[2], and group[3], and there is no music. The window is called Form1. I don't know what to do.


does the song loop automaticly or do you have to do that yourself?

Sanic Hegehog

Working smoothly but some of the songs I added are too quiet. Any way to make them louder?


Great guide! My question is some of the songs just seem to not work. Is this an error on my part? Or is there something wrong with the nus3bank file or something?


Great guide, good job!

Roger Smith

Quick question. I downloaded a mod pack loaded with additional songs. Can I replace some of them through the BGM folder the same way I could with the game's original music (since I don't know how to use sm4shexplorer)?

Tony Gunk

how do you download music without dumping?

Miguel Ambriz

So, I followed the directions (at least I hope I did), but now a bunch of the song names were deleted and left as blank. The files remain, but now I can't see which songs are which. Is there anyway to fix this without renaming the songs manually?


out of all the tutorials i have seen, this one is the best one i have seen yet


Can't use Sm4sh Explorer on a mac rip


How do you download music from YouTube into smash bros


Thanks for the help, but I appear to have a problem: On Sm4sh, some songs don't work, and when I go to play the song on my Music, it just plays the menu theme. I just need to know what the problem is?

Jordan A.

I need some help whenever I open ui_sound_db.bin it keeps saying (You must first set up the path to your hex editor)
I already have some songs in the ui_sound_db.bin but now it keeps bringing this up and now i cant open it

Narri L

I don't really get how to set up Sm4shExplorer. I swear I'm doing it right, but it keeps saying I don't have a patch folder when, in fact, I do. HALP?!

Davis Is Here

Can you convert me a song I wanna put it on my smash wii u


When I add more than 20 songs to a stage, it doesn't seem to save the settings for the frequency. Is there any way around this? How can I make it save the settings?

when i added tried to add songs i deleted the blanks that were created and now i don't have songs 20-24 and only have 503 song entries not 521 is this a problem? If it is a problem what can i do to fix it?


has anyone figured out how to change css music?


Please Help, My SD Card Was not detected but it has both SD Caffeine and Loadiine

Redd Foxx

>Tutorial on adding extra music to Smash
>20 minutes long
"Here we go... " Luigi voice


So I have a modpack already installed in the SD card and so I did this process. It worked, it added music slots. But i noticed that the whole modpack except the stages and the added music slots were working, not the character and other mods. Do you know a solution to this?


So I installed a custom Menu theme. Followed all the steps here correctly and everything, however when I start the game, I'll go into the My Music option to slide up the track I want to play. It works, the song I imported plays fine and everything, however as soon as I exit the my music menu, it stops playing. I go back into My Music to see that the slider has been reset to never play. Basically it only let's me listen to the track in My Music. I wanna be able to listen to it in the background of the menu, character select screen etc just like any of the present menu themes. Did I do something wrong?

Twilight Wonderer

Thank you so much. Really helpful.

Cheddar Nightmare

You know how much I need this

Crafty The Fox

When I go to my music and set my song to always and then press B and go back into the menu for it it will be turned off. HELP PLZ!!!


Every time i load Smash4Music it replaces mostly all the songs name with BLANK and I dont know how to fix it
can you help me out