Miley Cyrus - Karen Don't Be Sad (Lyrics)

Miley Cyrus - Karen Don't Be Sad (Lyrics)

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Miley Cyrus - Karen Don't Be Sad (Lyrics)

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Frederico Pinto

For ski jump nose. <3


Miley wrote a song about my sister?

Anandita Walia

i always listen to this whenever i feel sad/anxious etc and it always calms me down

Chris Ryan

Who is karen? but , i love this song

ToffeeLps :3

aaah my song my name my story

Irini Psilli

lol shawn's momma


Would Karen's male name be Kevin?


bruh this is just beach house but shit

Tuna Karesi

this song is for lgbt people.

Ashrin Godfrey

The world can still be beautiful
...but that part's upto you ♡

Anika Mis

I wish people would focus on this instead of just constantly criticizing someone they don't even know personally. The things she does just makes her weird, not automatically the worst person alive. What do they expect if they don't even care to listen to her songs like this?

Always in my heart Larry

when your name is Karen and you can relate to this song

Diana Moran

my song! <3

Karen Khawaja

OMG, I never thought there was a song with my name in it and your lyrics are perfect. This lifted my spirits so very, very much. This song made me smile and my tears glitter.

Karen Padilha

Omg, it's an honor to hear my name and truly live this aong

KaReN -J-

Thank you

Lia Sanders

my friend from school today ended her life suicide

i`m crying


Real talent

banana bread loaf

This is really reminding me of Hey Jude

Karen Estrada

when your name is karen...

Filbert Vance Martin

it's so damn good

Liz Peña

waow I love this song.

Jas Ragan

this song is so beautiful. miley is so much more than what the media portrays her to be - she's not just a pothead. she still writes songs with feeling and not just from drugs. she's still a beautiful person inside and out and i love her so much

Venemous Syrin

Alongside Cyrus Skies this is my favorite song so far


Anyone know sort of empowering songs like this one?

1badgal KAY


Miley knocked it out of the ballpark with this song. A wonderful, powerful set of lyrics, a great delivery, and a great musical arraignment...this song is played daily just before I start my day.

Mr. Green

The last Line kills me," Don't let them win"

Atoy Moko

I hope one day, you will find and listen to this song KAREN joy bugtong Cagulada. I miss You

Karen Abke

Love this song. Thanks Miley for not making our name a joke or insult

Lizeth Rivera

My name is Karen and this is like if she dedicated this to me. (I know it sounds stupid, but c'mon!)

Luiz Felipe C

the question is: who is karen?

Neca Vanessa

I wish my name was Karen


Love this song....Lyrics......her twangy way of singing it..........for now, I switch the word KAREN with the word PEOPLE.....IT FITS the NOW......


Completely different from all her other songs.
Reminds me a little of a young sad Sinéad O'Connor.

Gordon Ramsey

My name is Karen and I can relate to this so much

Karen Hauksdóttir

Wow, did Miley just read my diary O_O

Star Girl

Thank you

Vanessa Disney

I love this song from my cousin

Mia Redmond

This song is certainly going toward the music industry and how they have destroyed her and the MK Ultra mind control. :( Karen = Miley


wow this song is actually nice! its really mellow and has a 70's vibe to it

Me too

Why Karen? Isn't it Karen the racist lady? Haha

Karen Strangi

......just fake it for a little while. #GotIt

Karen Grace

I was researching my name and found out she had written a song with it. It was like I found it when I needed to hear those words. Struggling with addiction depression and anxiety. Never thought an “old persons” name like mine, Karen could be put into a song lol

Олег Прытков

i Love you my Beautyful girls:)

Tori Renfroe

Who’s listening in 2018?

aylin mia

i missing you

Jay W.

Wow!!! One of the best songs I've heard in YEARS!!!

Emma Blackery - Music


Neca Vanessa

I wish my name's Karen or something rhymed with Karen.

Beloved Ruby

Don't let them win !

Adika Laudy

Similar song dewa 19 - kosong

Karen Humphrey

I heard this for first time after my mom passed away & its mom singing to me thru Miley. Word for word moms comforting me. If id only heard this 2 years ago mom may still be with me

Rufus Orender

my name is karon I spell it different from the song but I can relate to this song ...

Geric Paronda

karen Carpenter :(

gio beas

esa canción me llega y ni siquiera me llamo karen T^T

The Media Monitor

The only good song on Miley's new album.


This song is so weirdly produced. Is it intentional?

Karen Hall

I I never knew

Karen Tatiana Bonilla


Karen Raley

this is amazing


This song has been haunting me since Miley's SNL performance. So beautiful.

Miri Lovely

my mom's name is Karen so I'm gonna show her this song ♥️

Phương Đỗ

Karen is my soul

Sara Victoria

I heard this on SNL and instantly fell in love with it


this reminds me of Sea Creatures by SOAK. I love it!

Ding Ding

Real Music

- 1310

This is what Karen listens to after not being able to talk to the manager


who's karen ?

Eduardo Cuellar Rodríguez

she sounds like Lana del Rey here

Keren Rosen

It's not because that's my name..
I'm going through some very difficult times and I'm exhausted. Can't remember the last time I felt happy or even just a little optimistic. I really don't know how I'm going to get through this..
I never heard this song before but it definitely came at the right time.

Karen Ramírez

My song❤️

Karen Ramírez


Rhonda Sams

Yes indeed

Carlos Sallom

Can someone tell me the meaning of this song ?

karen pereira



OMG! I Loved! The song I really need to me.
I'll be not sad anymore, promise :') LOL
C'est la vie :3

Rita Malik

Miley is the best, Im an elderly lady but she’s loved by everyone , her voice is perfect , she is way better then her dad, my generation . When billy Ray Cyrus was famous It was known he got someone pregnant, who would of thought what he produced was way better then himself


This song sounds like she wrote it for Karen Carpenter. "Gotta hold onto your soul", "don't be sad", "you can make them powerless" "you know the truth is true" rest in peace Karen, you're singing with Angels :(

94popart's channel

that sounds sweet

ángeles ayala oliden

You don't know what she mean to me, that's a beautiful song.


Oh i love miley so much .


it's as if miley is like directly singing to meeee, I love it ♡

Karen Esparza

my name is karen


oh i am karen


The song is written fr me, Karen, any other Karen there?

Xavier Fox


Lisa Cyr

Absolutely Breathtaking

Mr. Green

who cried after listening to this........

SAF 123

Karen is my real name!!!

Karen Paquet

My names is karen

Karen Taylor

Thank you for posting this song. It reminds me to not let others bring me bown


everytime im sad i think about this song.

Hell Angels

This song is so beautiful it gives me goosebumps, I love you Miley <3

Noa Arbel


this is a boring retread of a Flaming Lips song, god damn is it boring

Sabrina McFarland

its about karen the singer who was bullied in high school and eventually killed herself by being anorexic.

Teresa Reeves

For all the Karen's, Alice's, Jimmy's, Johns and bullied teens....Don't let em win!

Filbert Vance Martin

Its karens' national anthem lmaoooo 2020

happy bear

Seems like a song about a girl being bullied or going through depression or suicide. The message is simple: life is worth living there is beauty within and without <3