I don't wanna work I just wanna bang on this mug all day

I don't wanna work I just wanna bang on this mug all day

102 408 views | 19 Jul. 2019


I found myself sitting at my kitchen table banging on my mug instead of getting my laundry out of the dryer, i typed in "banging on mug" and of course, there it is, I love youtube and everyone who makes this obscure scene a part of their every day life

Ana M

I need a 10 hour replay of this


This is an entire mood


me in my senior year of high school


My status now and forever

Harland Norton

I love how there's other people on this planet who would
1. get this stuck in their head
2. search it on youtube

and there's someone who thinks that youtube needs this 10 second clip but it actually does)

Patio Beer

Right-click video. Click loop. Best song ever.

Nash Potatoes Outdoor Show

I'm Michael G. Scott biotch!


If ryan didnt interrupt id make this my ringtone.

Stefan Tomasi

Sounds like he’s singing a rock song with his mug lmao


Bet you practically no one knows it’s a take on an actual popular song:

Chris H

This is stuck in my head 2/2020

Olivia Carrasquillo


Jorge Millan

At work and all of the sudden this hit my mind

Margaret Neu

Bahaaaaa. Yes. Me too.


This is how I feel today...just don't have a mug


this go hard

Tyler Carroll

I like how 80,000 people have thought the same thing as me


the 6 people who downvoted this are out of the people at corporate who had to put up with Mike that had YouTube accounts


For anyone who doesn't know this is a parody of Todd Rundgren's "Bang On The Drum All Day"

Charity Huether

LOL 8 people dislike this? really?

Charity Huether



This is so hilarious for some reason

Aixa Marie

I just woke up @ 5 am to work & sung this out loud before I opened my eyes but I said 'I just wanna bang on this pen? all day' lol so I had to hear him sing it. Imma have a good day

meixintong zha

but he already dressed up and came to the office <-- which is the hardest part

M Lev

Currently avoiding work by watching this multiple times.


I sing this everyday before work

D. E. Kirkbride

Born to play, forced to work.

João Lamêgo

ryan has tiny hands


0:00 restart button


Me and my colleague sing “I’m laughing but inside I’m crying” with a similar upbeat tune. Office jobs suck

Christopher Wright

i live for this shit on god crip and bloods


got this on repeat

Snake Eater MCOC

I constantly get this stuck in my head almost every day after making myself a cup of coffee lol.

Williee G

Nevada ballot counters be like

Alara Ozdemir

Which episode pls?


When I'm gonna start creating something...

Angel Rodas

Alguien viene de mufasa :'v

Big Boy

I never hear anyone talk ab this scene but it gets me every time

ComingSoonOn VHS

How are there no comments on which episode this is?