BEST OF GTA RP #6 - Cop Mexi024 banned from NoPixel Server for Metagaming

BEST OF GTA RP #6 - Cop Mexi024 banned from NoPixel Server for Metagaming

100 094 views | 13 Apr. 2019


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Anon Ymous

I'm glad Mexi got his ban. He had twitch staff meta gaming for him. So stupid.

cody keane

Btw for anyone only seeing this now, he wasn't actually banned, he's done this so many times and there are clips of him thanking the chat saying "oh I didn't even think of that thanks chat" and 100 other clips, the guy not only is a cop but also an Admin and is still playing, he's online RN.


Buddha literally turning into Jayce with nothing but deathmatch ResidentSleeper going on.


i dont understand how he meta gamed? help?


For those wondering if Mexi is actually banned.
He's not even white-listed in the NoPixel discord anymore.


this mexio guy sounds like a fucking loser

Elai7 Wasabi

Guys just watch at least 2 last VODS of Mexi024 streams and you will understand everything... such peoples shouldnt play RP at all... he can go back to his real world-Fortnite and stay there or division...

Clutch Boy

You can just tell how much of a dick that mexi dude is

Nani RGB

imagine roleplaying on a virtual game and getting angry/triggered over it because things dont go your away. roleplayers who get triggered by "failrp" are probably 30 year old men living in their moms basement.

Dillon Dupont

Ban koil while We at it. No entertainment from him

Jake King

Jokes on u guys he didn't get ban so I can report this


It’s okay for them both (cops and crims) to be punished if META or FAIL RP happens and sadly Mexi did exactly that, he should’ve got banned, it’s more about winning for him then having fun on a fucking video game and he basically abused the system and USED his fans for greed and to be an selfish asshole instead he lost some of his community and respect from others in NP and for what, earning money by being an selfish little bitch with no respect for the others trying to entertain and gain money by being decent rpers, the Chang gang weren’t to blame at all, all blame is on mexi in my opinion


buddha's voice is horribly annoying, how can you guys watch him?

Scott Wright

Mexi was awful, good fucking riddance.

SoLo Killer

lol I knew he would get banned fucking idiot meta gaming in a rp server its not all about winning kid

Lindsay Tur

Chang with a gun, Tony with a bat could take the whole police force.


Can yall explain exactly what he did? I am a little confused here


he even shot a person while he was down..

Red Line Tactical

I understand the concept of RP but wouldn't it be possible to prevent some of these things with mods and proper configuration of the server? F.e make it so u cant just whip out a rifle without using something capable of that inventory. RP in some cases just seems like a crutch to me if it wasn't for the explicit emphasis on the narrative over the gameplay. But then again why not both?

Schmaddy Daddy

All the cry babies glad he’s banned lmfao millennials tragic

Briley Allen

I wish everyone would chill out about Mexi being banned. He messed up and was removed for it. People shouldn't be like, "oh that dude is trash and can't rp," "wasn't that idiot admin, what a 12 yr old annoying." Seriously. COME ON PEOPLE. You cannot be that immature and out one person. The only annoying persons here is the people who raise conflict in the comment section. I get that it's open for people to do and use their rights of speech but you cannot be a 12yr old and say "oh this dude sucks because he is a meta gamer and can't role play." Sure he may have meta on stream but you shouldn't strike at him anymore. (Like people religion. People will go out of their way saying they don't believe in god. WHO CARES IF YOU DONT BELIEVE. You believe what you want but you comment is practically irrelevant.) PEOPLE. PLEASE STOP BEING LITTLE SHITS ABOUT THIS WHOLE Situation. IT HAS ALREADY BEEN DEALT WITH. NO MORE OF THIS IMMATURE BEHAVIOR. PLEASE. HAVE A GREAT DAY.

Ook Ook

Did mexi actually get banned? I heard he wasn't but idk


I figured he got unwhitelisted for the shit show he contributed to.


Wahhh my streamer lost so im gonna cry meta gaming


YEEEES Im so glad he got banned I just saw the clips of the gang getting meta game'd on .


it's an RP server.


His rp sucks. Literally where do you have a place for a shotgun? Up your ass? Seems like he pulls shotguns out of his ass instead of rping it correctly.


Its an RP server so RP comes first.

Tanner Norris

The problem with koils comment about mexi just defending the hospital is that they never started shooting lol mexi shot first with no warning instead he killed the first guy and says “you come close you get led” and he was meta gaming the whole time lol it’s ridiculous

Janan Patel

Omg I actually love kebun

James Greer

How the fuck is there a culture problem with the value of life its a fucking game obviously its okay

Josh Joy

Mexi024, the metagaming RP cop, is ruining the viewing pleasure of this game for me, and I can guarantee I'm not the only one with this view. The fact that the other RP cop had to literally tell him he is dead and to shut up speaks volumes. Get this guy out. 3:25

Franco Paolo Bello

Glad he is banned. That was just retarded. And i don't agree that he was doing his job. He had 3 guns on him, he needed to descalate the situation. Not pull a shootgun from nowhere and start a shooting at the hospital with ppl around.

L.D. Mcmullin

Glad he got banned dirty idiot

Tamás Schubert

and hes not the only one, all the bitch cops do the same, they just hide it better than this foe

Only Positive Vibes

Mexi024 is the special admin kid that is annoying everyone on the server


so glad this lil bitch is gone


About time

Pauly Poobrain

RIP Miss Dupree

Corey Logan

Is young dab coming back fo real?

Chris E.

so when's jordans turn?

TheAngry Bot

Man fuck this mexi024 dude meta gaming peace of shit


Mexi is literally cancer


“I didnt crash!”
rips door off with partners torso


God, most of these clips are very autistic.

Brandon Rodriguez

Mexi so trash at RP lmao. Dude was literally getting salty over a video game.


No, don't support Mexi as a streamer, actually. I don't support cheats.

Saul Cortez

Yo can someone give me a summary of what’s going on? I’m not familiar with the Rp scene

Elai7 Wasabi

I hate metagaming so much, especially when cops eating it from chat,that sometimes Iwant to beat em in IRL

Jonathan Coker

Silent has been saying alot for awhile but I doubted him until this incident


So your telling me mexi can get into NoPixel but I bet if I applied I wouldn’t make it

Shawn R

Koils comment is ignorant. He should stop talking, I'm not a fan of his either


lol he is flexing oh i got them all when they didnt shoot and a lot more here is bothering me but im to tired to write

Chris E.

ashlynn's character brenda has come along way as a cop now lol. she does good rp .

lord Kevin rated and ramee / chang gang ftw always.

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my name

except he wasnt banned because he wasnt meta gaming lmfao, you are all idiots


That shootout with Mexi was nuts haha




Meta and he got shat in


mexi is not a role player he is way way to competitive

messi lionel

5:05 why she is crying ??!!!