GTA IV How to install Cry ENB v3 by Fabriciuz

GTA IV How to install Cry ENB v3 by Fabriciuz

11 280 views | 24 Jun. 2015

Cry ENB v3:

Jasper Guingab

why is the textures is black how to fix it

Star Tuberz

It worked but the game is lagging

Ahmad Faza

There is no hud when i installed this mod. There is no map too. My gta iv version is Any fix ?

Nithish Kumar Yuva

please help me


I keep getting Error (0xc0000005). For some reason it's conflicting with xliveless. Standard xlive works, but not xliveless. Without xliveless, all my saves become useless. Help?


also do you have to add els?


How to install the EFLC mods?

Jefrey Junos

Fail to launch application correctly,why

Dave Fainsan

Yo my gta is lagging so much man how do I restore the graphics


Antwortest du immer noch? Hab ein Problem mit der Mod...


i have a problem in the install folder is a document wich name is commandline.txt i already have this document in my gta folder i need this commandline to change my graphic settings what i need to do now? sorry for my bad english im germanxD

Kostas Delis

i have no map when i install cryenb v3 any idea?

Nithish Kumar Yuva

Bro I followed all ur step but when I click on launch gta4 it's showing d3dx9_43.dll is missing

Shivvrat Raghuvanshi

Game crashed

Vladislav Plamadeala

ELS Folder: don't copy ELS Folder (_SLOTCONTROL.ini and default_config.ini) because crash the game for many users! ;)

Nithish Kumar Yuva

pls reply fast


where would a GTX 1060 3gb and i5 7400 3ghz be High end or mid end?


Hi, could I ask what you have for PC components? My is gtx 1050 ti, 8 gb ram,intel pentium g4600 will it lag ? Just only tell me how much will i have fps thanks.


Hey great video and everything it worked but when I play the sensitivity is really high I even turned it off completely and it's still the same any solution to this?


Hmm i dont know if I did something wrong or not but now my GTA IV will not even start... anyone knnow what could have gone wrong?

Nikola Lukic

Hey man, i followed all steps. But in my ELS folder there is no "slotcontrol file" at all. please do help


+kaicob28 i have AMD Radeon R9 380 2GB can it handle this??

Dave Fainsan

should I move and replace

Raico 121

It says GTA Iv has run out of video memory and to reboot my system..any help?

Justin Painter

don't go so fast

It's Dax

i have nvidia gtx 750ti , 8 gb od ram and intel core i5 4670 can i run it?

Prashanna Ss

thanks mate :)

Jfc 14

For some reason the screen goes solid black on cutscenes any fix?

Jan Aldwin Gumpal

is it available on crack version of GTA IV?