Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma - Let's Go To Hoenn Region

Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma - Let's Go To Hoenn Region

28 737 views | 12 Mar. 2018

Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma Mega Evolution

Let's Go To Hoenn Region

version 1.3.4


Outro Soundtrack


Creator's : Zel+Alex Sanchez

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Brandon Wynn

If she doesn’t give you the key her goofy azz playing. Just go to cinnabar island and the captain inside Pokemon center gone take you anyways.

nguyen duong hoang

What version?

Akai UwU


Andreu 09

I got there using the walk trough walls cheat. In the SA building i used the cheat to go to the blocked upstairs and i ended up in a Hoenn building

Just a Gardevoir

Where do you get the mega stone

Cool Gamer

I just got done battle red and gone to her but I didn't get the key what do i do


Where do u find Brawly's Gym? He's after Roxanne im stuck in here pls help

Parth Sawant

But when I talk to this person, she is still the kabuto and does not ask to restore backup her personna? She talks normal. I can't get to hoenn why ?

Kuya Jhas Gaming

Gaano kaya kagaling to mag breed at mag train ng pokemon? Gusto ko masubukan labanan to

Abde Villiers

hey how you caught delphox in game

ConanXD Gaming

Why dont u challenge red

Sergio Agudelo

that aura sphere in your keys ítems what it is

Akash Singh

Bro how do you get Requvasa?

Push Kar

She is not give me aura sphere

IM Castillo

Please make more videos


Yo, since you seems knowing a lot about this game, do you know how to remove the giant rock or the blue closed door that bring you to secret places?


Help me i cant get the regional key ive beaten the game got all the gym badges kicked reds ass and still cant get it right now ive beaten red 2 times already ;-; pls help me

Zsamer Parrilla

R u a filipino?

01-16 ธนพล เปียมิน

It's cool


Ty hshahhaha pilipino ka pala covid kaya ayun nag laro nto hahahahaha

Denis Hartanto

How to evolve Pilowsine into Mamoswine? Do Piloswine get to learn ancient power in this game?

Rallian John Legaspi

Did you already catch genesect and darkrai in this version? Thanks!

jude alag

kala ko totoo johto island yun ehh

Kuya Rezwin

Pilipino toh haha

Fernando Vidales

Hey bro hoen it's incomplete :(

A random girl

But when i am talking to her..she's not giving me the key...can you please help me out?

Foxy The Pirate

So in order to the Regional Key i need to beat the Johto League, have all Kanto Badges, beat the Orange-Alola League and kick Red's ass?

Space Cat's Adventure

i have beat everything and i still cannot get it