RWBY Chibi - This is FILTH! FILTH!

RWBY Chibi - This is FILTH! FILTH!

13 212 views | 24 Dec. 2019

Couldn't find a solo clip of it from the episode so here my meme bois.

Tom Trench

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy:

Isabelle The Slayer

Everybody to the Alliance Football League


The Thomas & Friends reboot.

Silverfang 538

When I thought of Volume 4 and 5

A n T a S m A 64


Nano Cookie

Me when I see anything related to MaxVid.

Gonzalouch Ikari von Faustus

Bakugou x Uraraka in a nutshell.


someone needs to make a meme out of this

Insert creative name Here

My mom to me about whatever I’m into

Blu Kirb

Ruby becomes a germophobe, and commits murder


No, this is filth!

Devilfruituser 28

Can she have her book back now


Everyone when someone brings up rwby

Alphy Kitten

This is filth! FIIIIIILTH! kills Blake with her own book

PatCatz Games

Me when seeing the Cuties Movie (nkt watching it, just seeing videos of pple commenting how bad it is) and my probable action againts them

jacob nelson

This is referenced in a fan game...

Ashton Byrd

Me every time I see forced shipping in anime:

Plastic person

Rwby chibi had more ruby and blake interactions than the actual show ever had

PinkHoodieChannel 175

Me When I kept seeing Tomtord and Eddsworld ships I don't like

can't change my channel name

How I react to all might x Deku.


And yet she still holds onto it...


Friend: [posts picture of anime characters holding hands]
Me: 0:00

Steven M Attrell

When you find out your friend is a furry


I don’t know the context, BUT ITS FUNNY

Josh Miller

The sad thing is that is a more meaningful interaction between Ruby and Blake than they have ever had in the main series

Esork Gonzalez

This is filth! Trash!

"It's not mine it's a library book!"

Trash! I'm fed up with all this reading!

Ty kamen

Notice how he still has the book in her hand

Neo Politan

I would’ve loved a bass boosted version