Fallout New Vegas: Killing the Brotherhood (Level 50 Ranger Sequoia build)

Fallout New Vegas: Killing the Brotherhood (Level 50 Ranger Sequoia build)

141 911 views | 25 Mar. 2017

Fun part starts @ 2:30

After remembering Fallout 3 and 4 existed I felt like doing this to what Bethesda believes are series mascots.

Recorded on very hard difficulty.

Recorded on ultra high settings.

No gameplay mods were used.

All DLC used to some degree.

Music used

Slim Sheriff - Dabunky

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How do you have the lucky shades while Mr House is alive?

Matius Damier Ruben

How do you wear the lucky shades with the atomic-valence tri-radii-oscillator


what is dat hat ?


McNamara fucking EXPLODED


dismembered nearly a whole squad of BoS' paladins in T-51bs with a revolver, only by luck leaving one of them only without their head
>You're the devil himself, but still you've done a bit of good.

Funny Internet Man

Slim sheriff is bombing

bum snogger

Turn the chav music off

Akka Z

in which difficulty you play?


This is strangely satisfying to watch.
Fuck the Brotherhoods bomb-collar fetish.

Melissa Gray

Loved it when the music started for the rampage. Idk why, but I never thought to stack a bunch of chems like that before a big battle. I just picked one or two.

JH vibes

Holy ear rape ear cancer


Hey I know these videos are kinda old but still, they're fucking awesome!

gan pak long

Do you accept requests? If you do? Ive got one. Level 50 no weapon build against the legendary bloatfly

xNade God

This games replay value is insane. I remember my first playthrough as a typical small guns badass that did whatever the hell I wanted. Then I played a legion melee extremist and honestly had the most fun I've ever had in a video game. Since then countless replays gave been tried


The best part is when the music starts as he loads up on drugs

ShloopyDooperson The Lore Guy

I like to imagine a movie version of this involving gun fuu and alot of AP rounds.


Is that that one mashup by dabunky?

Roei Linzen

That's what I call BIG(EST) IRON ON THE HIP


Slasher and psycho don't stack good sir. Only Med-x and psycho stack


You know just ignore the floating blue orb that cool

Enclave Trooper

Roland Deschain build

Mikus 34

maybe you gonna try skyrim builds

Mark Nunez

Mom's spaghetti

Dawid Brzęczyszczykowski

Well i did same but I had 100 intelligence and i didnt rush like you

The Gecko

but can you do it with the bb gun?


Do it on very hard and I'll be impressed


whats with the retarded soundtrack

Дмитрий Рубцов

рэпер смерти

Tim Turbo

The ranger seqoia reload triggers me, it obviously has a loading gate and an ejector
But it is more convenient and who cares in this game a slim jim controls all the robots


and he rode a blazing saddleeeeeeee~

CEO of Cheetos

well I'm fucked because they trust me

Joe Mama

ive done this with a melee build

Jay Dee

This is the second result for dabunky lol


I think you should have got the "Light touch perk" for this build. Because if you're wearing light armour, the perk gives an extra 5% chance of crit hits, and gives a -25% of people critical hitting you. "Just Lucky I'm Alive" is a great perk for crits too and can be stacked with "better criticals" perk. Just a recommendation though, we all have our different ways of making builds.

EDIT: I forgot to add that you need below 25% health for "Just Lucky I'm Alive" to work.


This video is fucking cool


4:58 You shot them so hard their Power Fists fell off

Rent A Bullet

That was incredible

Lacey Snyder



m8 m8 m8 the video is awesome , i had really much fun though i already destroyed them with my tesla prototype

Smith Wesson

Big Iron on his hip


That first dude had no chance, he wasn’t even aware of his own impending doom.

Landon Xollins

rip rad scorpion


What sup with this music? They mixed Eminem Star Wars and Riders on the Storm in a different version all together?

Sean Lucy

His character name is cleavon little

Black Wolf4152

This is still a awesome video with good music, but since when jet slow down time in NV?


Good vid but shit music.

Vault Boy

Powerful punk

Angelo Abbatiello

The power of the B I G I R O N


The first time I played, I stumbled across the BoS early on. They put a slave collar on me. I slaughtered all of them with extreme wasteland prejudice.


Cool, besides the garbo music.


how are you running fast while crouching

Despawning Enemy

wat fucking garbage eminem shit track is this all over the new vegas video..

James Samson

Real chads kill the brotherhood in vanilla


The music kills it.. please never again

Adrian Ziecik

I love how much alien their Base looks


The ranger with the big iron


Yes Eminem made this even better than it already was


Little less conversation, little more action please.


Just accurd to me that your not using super handload ammo, is there a specific reason or did you forget?

some guy

best thing to do is to kill them all and loot all their power armor and sell it for lots of caps


The people dont understand a tiny little thing in the games
You can make and do whatever you want cuz u are powrefull
But what if the game didnt give u this word?
And make weaker and more path be harder and u weaker
U will be stronger?


Isn't just that ironic, using energy weapons and eating so much lead..

Roi Eclair

dafuck is that shitty music ?? totaly useless...

optimoose Jones

this is solid proof why new Vegas is better than fallout 4

Ryan Harrison

How is it possible to wear lucky shades 1st recon beret and the vacillator at the same time

Austin Murre

what remix is this?

ölüm bekcisi

You S.O.B.

David Ortiz

One dude got a bullet to the dick


Ruined by the shitty Eminem music

ToonArtist 403

as much as i want to kill off that chapter of the brotherhood at the same time veronica will get hostile towards the courier but.... fackkkkk all that power armor loot tho


How were you able to wear the lucky shades and the tri-radi-oscilator?

Technical Podcast

I know this is old but how do you get the atomic thing plus lucky shades at the same time


"After remembering Fallout 3 and 4 existed I felt like doing this to what Bethesda believes are series mascots."

So glad I'm not the only one who is annoyed by the fact that the BoS is Bethesda's creator's pet.


30,000 hour spy build

Un Pokéfan Cualquiera

this looks like my school

Dylan Sterling

Why do you lose karma for killing the brotherhood in New Vegas? That’s never made sense to me, like in Fallout 3 the Lyons Pride actually set out to make the Capital Wasteland a better place. In New Vegas Elders Elijah and McNamara won’t hesitate to kill anyone who dares who even have the slightest possibility of having brotherhood secrets, or even at random.


Sequoia builds- equip Sequoia and aim to the head

james dhu

Could you do Fallout 3 Builds, I know there's a lot less ways to customize your character in comparison to Fallout: New Vegas, but I think you could pull it off


"Platoons of NCR troops have died, trying to do the same."

Clearly, platoons of NCR troops didn't get high as fuck beforehand...


This video could have been good, if it wasnt ruined by a shitty ass soundtrack.

Savvyyy '

Rip Elder McNamara lol

if you’re reading this, its too late

this is the type of content i love.


It's the Eminem song that really ties everything in this video together. Bravo, good sir.


That timing of the kill macnamera

Christopher Davis

Kill the ncr


Veronica: looks like your adamant on fighting the brotherhood. Well you can put my name on that list to
Courier: music slowly starts getting louder

ÅTīS Tīcc Fük M.F.

Bout time fuk creation club and Bethesda just let obsidian do another fallout but y'all wanna just keep trying to monopylize video games

Jack Mcloan

~ 4:00 why'd the gun reload?

Zac Bachusz

That fucking music choice had me dyin. 10/10

joaquim machado

holy shit this rocked

Morten Olsen

Honestly a really enjoyable video. Nice with the music and pure destruction

My Music


Stephan Gaza

I like to imagine that this takes place right after the Brotherhood attack on the Followers that crushed Veronica's dreams.

I'm Flare.

Pfft, shoulda used a BB gun


Its nor an addiction its recreational drug usage

Scott Crowell

Honestly the easiest way is to just set their turrets on them, and then steal the keys off of the two head guys and blow the place up. it can be done as early as level 15

Kai Wischusen

I see you have the atomic on and the lucky shades, how do you do that, for me it doesnt work and i'm trying to do a similar build. Thanks!

Walking Stash

How did you get the Atomic-valace tri-radii oscillator to work with the Lucky Shades because aren't they bkth considered "Glasses" apparel?

Adrian *

Are you playing in a pc ?????

Daniel Sipes

This is one of the greatest videos on YouTube. The song is fucking perfect.