Final Fantasy XV - High Five for Justice Trophy & Achievement Guide (Justice Monsters Five Location)

Final Fantasy XV - High Five for Justice Trophy & Achievement Guide (Justice Monsters Five Location)

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Missable trophies here. I dont care about Time and difficulty... i just dont want fu***ing missable trophies..

Tensay Gamer

to be honest I'm disappointing with this platinum. it's sooooo easy. this game is a FF. not a TWD game. will be nice if square-enix make more difficult the trophies. for example. complete all the sealed dungeon, get all ascension skills, learn all the recipes, catch all the different fishes. I mean do it more difficult. if that person want the platinum then you need to work on it.

JDM Games

My mom said that if I get 50 subscribers I will get the PS4 Pro


can not wait to play it i now ff 15 going to be more good mafia 3 suck

AdventureSperm -_-

nice video

Nikki Bobby14

hey brian. its little bob. just wanted to say hi, and i wanted your ps4 online account if thats ok

Lilspeedy 2550

I've waited for a long time for this game

Kasper W Rask

How hard do you think this platinum is from 1-10?


you are all welcome to our trophy/achievement/trailer/gameplay channel


can you make Battlefield 1 more :)


lol I just got this trophy

Lilspeedy 2550

I can't wait to play this I'm gonna go pick it up today

Dylan MacDonald

Does the drumming durring the "Boss Encounter" sound like Metallica's "One" to anyone else but me???


On this game feels like I could just keep on pressing X forever and keep winning too easy


Do more Amnesia lets play vids Brian.


can i get likes for no reason:)


i played this pinball game until i got over a million points to see if there was a trophy, and it got kind of boring, so i quit. then i read the trophy and realized that i just had to play the game #smh

Sam vb

Nice video