Yooka-Laylee Review (PS4)

Yooka-Laylee Review (PS4)

424 479 views | 4 May. 2017

[SPOILERS FOR FINAL BOSS] Is this as awful as everyone says? With everything being said badly and goodly (that's a word I swear) about this game, here's my thoughts on Yooka-Laylee and what I make of all of the stuff! With the news of the recent updates as well, please check below for any potential alterations to this review! ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

*Regarding the part near the start of this video, with the upcoming updates to the game, I'd consider changing my rating to an 8/10.

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Dalgus Maximus

No they aren't. You are a famous youtuber so your opinions matter more. That's the law bro. I dont wanna go to jail okay.

Frank Frank

My one complaint with this game is that there isn't more after you 100%.


Why is Gru in this game?


Omg haha caddy has the same R2-D2 shirt as me lol

Camden Thompson

well, at least we all can agree about one thing....

Banjo & Kazooie, Nuts & Bolts was right when they said " everyone just wants to shoot things"

Bob A Linx


Bandicoot Sauce


...And I'm celebrating by watching a Caddicarus video from three years ago. I mean, why not, right?

Franz Pattison

I spent so long in the swamp level trying to get some of the items up in the tree branches, and I was ultimately successful after dozens of tries of ingenuitive platforming, which was a terrific feeling of triumph. Then I discovered in the next level that I could have just saved SO LONG by just goddamn flying endlessly anywhere I damn well felt

Joseph Stalin


Oliver Cook

Yep, I'll give that game a go on the Switch. Don't care what others may think.

Troy Bourandas

Ok Hi Shovel Knight

Corrupt Sheriff Mad Shepherd

I ended up rage quitting this game when I couldn’t beat the Casino Runner mini game. I couldn’t even come close to beating it and I refused to move on until I got it... I intend to go back eventually but as of 1 year later, I’m still angry and haven’t calmed down. I think it’s genuinely dangerous to my health. The Kartos segments were each almost enough to make me stop playing every time.

Joseph Stalin


Mihailo Guzijan

Hey at least mention banjo kazooie



fall gaster necross

its perfect for the switch



Captain Capaldi

i played the game as though it was an hd remake of an old game which made it more bearable


to me i do find Yooka-Laylee to be a pretty underrated game as it is pretty damn good and i do see hope for it on getting a sequel, I mean lets be honest here this game wasnt a total cocking disaster that Mighty No.9 ended up being, frankly i enjoy the game and i will defend it like how i personally defend Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts because that game is criminally underrated and doesnt deserve the amount of shit people give it

Mihailo Guzijan

Wait you don't like banjo kazooie


Seth Kelloway

I liked banjo kazooie

Nicholas Gregoire

Pesky Bee!

Josh Earlston

Want to get this game but cant decide on ps4 or switch

Building Up

Caddicarus: "I haven't seen anything this bad for a game that looks like this."

Me remembering the conflicts on color splash: :|

Mr Wheat

um you do know the noises in the dialogue are because in banjo kazooie they have the noises too sooooooooooooooo "Can you keep it down i cant here my poor brain think



Storm base reviews

The developers were asses. I haven't played it yet but refusing to refund peoples orders and firing people for wrong opinions is a shitty thing to do.

Leonardo Uliano

You didn't enjoy Banjo-Kazooie ?!?



Just got the game for 9.99$ from the PlayStation store

Amin Vell

Yooka laylee is the reason why I’m interested in platformers...

True Grit

What breed of fish is a flying floppy one.

Redaknight Gamer

0:56 never EVER trust “bronys” (I think they’re called plz correct me if I wrong) especially with video game reviews.

Blake Underwood

Boop. HAZOO!

George Scanlan

I like the game. I still haven't beat it, got it 2 years ago. Not because of skill. Just because, living with two brothers, both of which are Fortniters (I'm not), it's hard to find time to complete it.

y y

Capital B looks like a Salafi.

A Salabee if you will

The SNES Man

Fok Caddicarus He hugs nu ideas how to review gams he shouldn't be fukking reviewing this shitfuking abumination fify causals he as fu...

Leo Vuitton

The cart segments shouldve just been in 3D just like the rest of the game lol

Björn Jonsson

"I know what I like and don't like in my own head, and you should too." Very true words indeed!


Better than Banjo-Kazooie. There i said it. Truth!


It's a trash game.


dank as heck

Chill Sodaa

Yooka Layle ?? I've heard of this game before but is it that big that people are defending it so much ??

Skarner The Crystal Vanguard

10:53 Shovel Knight?


Ngl I really love the look of this


There is a setting for short dialogue sounds

Nathan Beach

I love this type of game! Great video!

Makuta Of Salt

I'm surprised you didn't mention the whole jontron thing

Abby Gould

I want to play this game now.

Joseph Stalin


dat damn kez

Eh Ah eh ah eh eh eh eh ah ah ah ah E H A H

Mihailo Guzijan

You don't like banjo kazooie
You don't know what the definition of masterpeice is
It is
"A masterpeice is a game where a bear and bird fighting a witch"

Jake Watkins

I don't know if they patched it since then but the cart really wasn't as bad for me. Once you understand the clunks with it and learn the track it is pretty fun and rewarding to get the gems and avoid getting hit. They didn't take me that many tries to do. With boss 4 i also thought it was bullshit, but i thought about my options and realised i wasn't shooting. You can shoot the bombs he drops and it makes it easier. As long as you are slowing down, speeding up, jumping, and shooting at the right times you will not take damage. On the second phase you can speed up when he is behind you before he charges so if he baits you, you will have time to react to him after he charges even if he doesn't bait you. Same with if he is infront of you except you slow down instead. Very rewarding challenging boss compared to the other challenges the game gives you imo.

TheGamingWolf/ LucifurGames

isnt this something like banjo kazooie

Dream Weaver

I also did really like Yooka Layle, I have not a slightest idea why it got so many negative reviews. Sure, it wasn't a masterpiece, but the game does the job well and is pretty hilarious to complete it!

Austin Michael

The fact that he didnt like kazooie explains why he likes this game

mayday2592 !

Really dont see how people enjoyed this at all. Its a poor man's Banjo with unfun objectives, needlessly large levels and awful minigames and alternate gameplay styles.

Timothy Roehm

I gotten myself stuck in world 1 and that never happens to me when I play Banjo Kazooie and it’s sequel Banjo Tooie for the N64!!!!!

Bread Pitt

I think it’s time to pick this up now


I wasn't very fond of the lackluster bosses and enemies in this game and there could've been more levels. I still like the game though It's just no where near as good as Banjo-Kazooie or Tooie.

Laura B

Man, this was refreshing!

Nathan Nakonieczny

I like banji kamzoo.

Kimiko Nakamura (中村 君子)

I'm kinda relieved that Caddy shares my opinion of Banjo Kazooie. I too remember loving the setting and the music but disliking the gameplay, and in the years since then, I've heard so many glowing reviews of the game that I thought something must have been wrong with me. So I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that way.


Same here. Liked Rextro, hated Kartos.

Crash TheBandicrash

I have that shirt too! Yeah Caddi!!!

Guilherme Bertoche

0/10 No GUH-HUH

Edit:i Ioved this game, its amazing


in my opinion yooka laylee feels more like the gex games due to the way they designed the hubworld

Tassy Josh

Amazing game

Ryan Twomey

i liked yooka laylee and i enjoy the fact it paved the way for more 3d platformer/collectathons other then mario with its kickstarter

Simon Lundmark

Since when did yooka laylee become a indie game? wtf? its kinda supported financially

-Attack of the youtube copyright bot-

Basically said play call of duty if you don’t like it


Anger and pathetic spite? So LOU2? Star Wars? And in your case Pepper Pig?

Dylan Teed

INTENSE... but good review.


My problem with it is that it bent the fucking knee to SJW's over less than 10 lines of dialog.
For a game that was like honestly a 5/10 imo. And the other big issue i had was, It has not a lot of originality, Same stupid talk style, same, stupid name scheme. Same. Fucking. Tropes. Like they just fucking copy pasted and felt effortless.

Pengrab Studios

In four words: Great game,not perfect

MarioYoshi 4723

Why did this make me almost die of laughter?

bakugo more like bakuGAY

I swear I heard an audio glitch at 19:31 and it's bugging me so badly hwsbdhwbeasg

Galeon Cmmnd

Can you review "A Hat in time" ?

Mr Mysterious

Can you look at Under


Play cuphead

Mayo c:

Good, decent or not at all. This still isn't 2 million dollar material..Not one bit..I've seen small indie games more polished and jampacked than this

DeoxysAndMew 2

Trouble with the trolley, eh Caddy?!

sean m

WOW im shocked the ps4 pro cant even play this game at 60fps ...whats the point of having better graphics just for poorer gameplay?

Knack’s knapsnack

Does anyone know a good YouTuber for N64 games? Kind of like Caddy?

Matt Nazario

For me this game wasn’t too bad, it was alright, wait for a price drop

TJP Real

This game is great ! All the reviews are BULLSHIT !

Sam Venters

There are 3 videos related to this game in my recommend

Joseph Stalin


Denis Melendez

This game is on sale right now, bundled with the sequel, currently researching if it's worth it....so far seems great


Yooka laylee isn't that bad. Not great but not bad.


I actually agree with you man that Yooka Laylee at least for the PS4 was not a horrible game at all. :D


I think the dr quack quizzes are supposed to be a reference to the original gruntilda fight in banjo


6:20 "I personally didn't have any framerate issues", tho' it's probably the capture card.

The Ivory Guy

(Er eh erh. Er eher erh)



The duke nukem thing, Yea they do that with the minecart minigames.

Chad Yu The Unfunny Gamer


Kale Penquan

Galleon Galaxy’s boss entrance had me traumatised for a bit

George Scanlan

You know what this game reminds me of, Super Mario Odyssey. I like it.

Andrew Orders

Why is the transforming so pointless

Tony toons Castro

I don’t play the game but it looks fun and looks good, why do u hate yooka-laylee, it’s just a funnier bandjo and kazooy, srry if I’m spelling it wrong

Peyton Tyler

I thought it was alright