GW2 - Ember Bay Jumping Puzzle - Skip up the Volcano

GW2 - Ember Bay Jumping Puzzle - Skip up the Volcano

4 102 views | 22 Sep. 2016

I got a little crazy in this

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José Santos

JESUUUUSS, this fucking JP, for me the part @ 13:22 was the most rage inducing experience in gaming I've ever had...You made it look easy, because you managed to make it on one go, but for me...i can't deal with it xD

Yasandy Lyssandra

OMG :D Got my own Vid, but actually I really like your coments :'D

Kareem Aly

I will never understand what is fun about this , its like trying to glitch through the map.

Charlie Dominguez

They should just call it "The Chalice of Salt"


Better than dulfies shit as guide which has her run up a lava stream entering in the hard way... not to mention the lack of awesome commentary


I hate jumping puzzles. The game engine is just not BUILT for them.

Ogress Deleese

I disconnected right at the end of this, when I came back it wouldn't let me finish, had to start over. How fair is that shit!!!


Watched this as a guide to do this JP. I gave up after you know dying my 34247392nd time, so I watched the rest of this video as consolation to see that at least SOMEONE made it. It was a relief to see you get as angry as me (if not angrier). Thank you for suffering. It made my day better after I ragequit.


I hate jumping puzzles because I'm terrible at them, and I dont even know why I tried this.... guess I wont get the mastery point.
16:30 LOL im so sorry for you.