Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes (Official Video)

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes (Official Video)

3 350 165 views | 10 Jun. 2009

Animal Collective - 'Summertime Clothes' from 'Merriweather Post Pavilion' released 2009 on Domino Record Co.

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Director & Editor: Danny Perez

Director of Photography: Ryan Samul

Producer: Lizz Morhaim, Daniel Grossman

Featuring the Brooklyn based FLEX dance crew


listening to this during the heatwave in australia hits different


Welcome back to "What the Fuck is This Music Video?"

Domino Recording Co.

‘Tangerine Reef’, Animal Collective’s audiovisual collaboration with Coral Morphologic, is out now. Watch the entire film here:
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I think the reason Merriweather Post Pavilion is one of my all time favorite albums is cause it released the day after my 17th birthday so I'm somewhat biased towards it.

Eric Frey

2020 was a great time to re-remember this band.... this band makes you feel good and bad and everything you felt in between... that is why they are amazing

Josh Hilverts

Skate 3 anyone

Win 98

Kto w 2021?


This song is what got me into animal collective. Strangest thing, was that I thought it was kinda too "poppy" and not weird enough. I was listening to it on the radio, so quality wasn't that great. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised when I listened to this and their their other songs in higher quality.

Adriellen Dos Santos

Valeu MTV de 2010

Christian Le Surf - Music

It's crazy to think that in less than a year, Merriweather Post Pavilion will be 10 years old...

David Genaw

Y'all ever hear "rip your heart out" by Hopsin ft. Tech n9ne? that intro ;)


Skate 3

Micaela Wentzel

I first heard this song in grade 12. Grew up in a small town, pretty secular and christian. Haha, this made me feel like I "wasn't like other girls", main character vibes if you know what I mean. Soon I went to uni and found peeps that were into this kind of stuff. I felt grounded and free but also slapped me in the face because I realised that in fact, I was just like the other girls. Love this song though, walked for hours listening to it.

Evan McElfresh

Skate 3 anyone?

Juan De Los Santos

I remember i was 7 years old hearing this song I was 18 I start liking this song on Skate 3 best Skateboard game every


those two ice figures remind me of the cover of sung tongs (who i always thought could represent in some way avey and panda, just like the two figures on spirit they’re gone, the only 2 AnCo albums to only feature those two).

Erick Villarreal

La conozco por skate 3 y no me arrepiento


I know this song because of Skate 3.


Two types of comments:
1) “Omg thank you so much AC I love this and I remember it from my childhood”
2) Internet tough guys replying to those comments

Nothing Noone

"you pick up the phone and I'm so relieved."



Sweet summer night and I'm stripped to my sheets
Forehead is leaking, my AC squeaks
And a voice from the clock says, "You're not gonna get tired"
My bed is a pool and the walls are on fire
Soak my head in the sink for a while
Chills on my neck and it makes me smile but
My bones have to move and my skin's gotta breathe
You pick up the phone and I'm so relieved

You slide down your stairs to the heated street
And the sun has left us with slippery feet
And I want to walk around with you
And I want to walk around with you
And be here with you, we're going.

(I'm not sure where...
I'm not sure where, but I have seen you today)

It doesn't really matter, I'll go where you feel
Hunt for the breeze, get a midnight meal
I point in the windows, you point out the parks
Rip off your sleeves and I'll ditch my socks
We'll dance to the songs from the cars as they pass
Weave through the cardboard, smell that trash
Walking around in our summertime clothes
Nowhere to go when our bodies glow

And we'll greet the dawn in its morning blues
With purple yarn you'll be sleeping soon
And I want to walk around with you
And I want to walk around with you

When the sun goes down, we'll go out again.

Don't cool off, I like your warmth.

Let's leave the sound of the heat for the sound of the rain
It's easy to sleep when it whets my brain
It covers my rest with a saccharine sheen
Kissing the wind through my window screen
The restlessness calls, says that I cannot hide
So much on my mind that it spills outside
Do you want to go stroll down the financial street?
Our clothes might get soaked, but the buildings sleep

And there's no one pushing for a place
Let's meander at an easy pace
And I want to walk around with you
And I want to walk around with you
I want to walk around with you

Just you, just you, just you.

Anja Alice Wintermann


Da lil joker

Watching this while high is the greatest thing ever

George A

Great song. Bounce into Summer.


I love this song :D

Sage Sim

Great song but I'm still confused

Lucca Lichtenfels

skate 3 vibes

Dominick Hamann

for real this is the best skate 3 song


I came here from SKATE 3, which got me into skating! Now skating to this song FEELS SOOOO RIGHT!!!



rM Dazai Steavy

No lie aside from skate 3 stuff this song makes me want to do crazy shit and at times I use my imagination to make a scenery that makes me feel nostalgic but it overwhelms me


Skate 3 let us access amazing music like this, let’s hope skate 4 does the same now it has been revealed to be in production


I was on acid, listening to this song and all of animal collective, of course. And i just started like having a bad trip, started seeing demns and some other weird stuff after Bluish came on. Does anyone know why?
Has anyone else had this feeling?


Skate 3 is all I have to say

Matthew Redmond

what a fucking tune. there is no other tune like this. lots going on for sure


Idk the song gives me so much NY nostalgia. The lyrics especially


this is what happens if acid took acid and tripped!

Hans Hamon

The Animal Collective - featuring the Crab Dancers!

Yeetjutsu417 。

Skate 3 anyone?

Kyle Kmetz

This is made specifically for people tripping on LSD


Man, any shrinks out there that can explain why this video is so fucked ?

Birkin Sornberger

I've never heard the psychedelic head space described so spot on until I head the first verse!
Sweet summer night and I'm stripped to my sheets
Forehead is leaking, my AC squeaks and
A voice from the clock says, "You're not gonna get tired"
My bed is a pool and the walls are on fire
Soak my head in the sink for a while
Chills on my neck and it makes me smile but
My bones have to move and my skin's gotta breathe

Dawn Bilyeu

I can only imagine someone saying "hey, let's make some costumes that look like eyeballs"". where would you even begin to get the materials for such an endeavor? amazing!

perc idk

Thank you for making such an amazing song, This was so fun to listen to while I was doing hella Lazer Kickflips in skate 3


I can't explain how happy i am listening to this

Vince Carter II


My MacBook after 5 minutes idle:


Is there any Korean here?
이 노래 좋아하는 사람이랑 함께 노래 들으면서 뛰고 싶어ㅠㅠ

Marcus Britain

Skate 3

Jacob David Cunningham

I'm trying to figure out what the hell those bubble things are, some kind of crustacean/pearl/bacteria idk

Skyrim Master64

Skate 3 good game


Absolut superb!

fox 629

Mom come pick me up I'm scared


think this is depicting the conscious experience of a dopamine receptor.

Bob Down

Is that ice sculpture from the thing

siix siix

When this song came out- its quirky weirdness perfectly summed up my romanic side❤ I just invisioned this whole thing, hand in hand with someone you love, summer, exciting and chaotic, all in the moment..
still love it

Alexander Munitis

Came here from /mu/


throwing up while this song plays a whole new experience, would reccomend


one time I was trippin nuts and I was like you know what i’m gonna play skate and next thing you know i’m blown away by this song lmao

Anime MMA

Skate 3 anyone?


wow i got merriweather right when it came out but somehow it took me almost a decade to discover this music video ? how

Basil In the Forest

Fucking neon summer, living off the grid, doing LSD,hiking, spanging... miss these many moons ago..not even on that level anymore..had been listening to AC since middle school though..but remember when this album came out.

Cecília Augusto

i remember the first time i watched this, i was 10 years old. now i'm 20 and still "?" but amazed of how my taste in music didn't change

Richard Nelson

So what time is the rave?

Bodi Sheffield

2019 anyone ?


The serotonin has gone bad

Teddy C M.

great song, even after all these years I enjoy this tune way too much. But this video, thumbs down. Maybe its because I am not on acid but nope, its not doing it for me.

Like Mike

No se nota que usan LSD jajajajaja


I'm not into MPP but this cut bangs!

Paul Phoenix

Only listened to this and strawberry jam but this is for sure one of my all time favourite albums so special

Buck Flacks

It's like this song is good and cheesy and bad at the same time but really really good but still eh but fucjjjg soo good




suggestion: 1.25x speed

Benjamin M. Fischer

All I ask is 4%

Peyton Warren

Animal Collective is the opposite of pretentious. They’re completely self aware yet somehow able to make music that has no irony in it whatsoever. This is some of the most genuine music I’ve heard in a long time, and AC is definitely a new personal favorite for me.

The music video is kinda awful but I’m not here for that.


This is musical, sensory bliss at its finest. God, I feel high, soft, full of yearning, and manic all at the same time

Gøsth Bøy

Skate 3

Icey D R 1 P

trickline intensifies


Not a good idea to have watched this while on LSD....


Walked into "Dr.Disks" in Windsor. ON and they were playing all of MPP. I picked the album up that exact day and this song (as well as the rest of the album) became the anthem for my summer.

I sometimes blast this in the car on a hot, hot day and the memories always come flooding to the point of tears.

Miss Jones

I just am confused about liking it and disliking it... Idk


the real outro of spongebob


This song is what McDonald's Sprite sounds like

Spoder スポーダー

Reminds me of MGMT

fox 629

This song is the epics

Eric Widder

This song means a lot to me.

Sir Spex


Lety Pineda

Talk About A Acid Trip


It's like DMT trip


this reminds me silent hill a lot.

el camino

Hits different In 2020

Win 98

nice video

Mitchel 7346

Thanks, Skate 3

Nathan C

This is one of the few AC songs I actually like...


skate 3 gang


suspicious gladness i feel while listening on it. orgazm come when it brokes. my 4:30 experience was exactly like this.

Arthur Morgan

Is anyone here because they heard this in skate 3

Prod. 900BoiJay

Came from skate 3



Adam B

Everybody: this is weird
Me: this is art.

MKG47 Evan

SKATE 4!!!!