Critical Role Campaign 2 | EP 34 Recap and Review | NPCs of Wildemount!

Critical Role Campaign 2 | EP 34 Recap and Review | NPCs of Wildemount!

576 views | 18 Sep. 2018

This week we investigate, travel and fight against the the crime of bothering someone! Just another adventure in the story of The Mighty Nein.....also..Dave has done something that...well..just watch.....also there was a TORTLE!

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Mark Davies

Ollie, Ollie, Ollie (looks at Ollie in mock disappointment), your really need to check your research sir. The Marid first appeared in the The Monster Manual 2 for 1st Edition AD&D (page 84), and it was in the Monstrous Compedium for AD&D 2nd Ed, also there was a Noble Marid in the Al-Quadim setting for 2nd edition too. Have a great trip sir

The Sea Of Thy Soul

Things have been building to a situation like this with Beau, Fjord has been pushing her to be a more social figure & get out of her comfort zone - and this took a lot of prompting from Fjord, Beau planned it all out & then did it.

A normal person doesn't need built up over months, then pushed to do something & create a plan just to have a social encounter. This was perfectly Beau.

Then mid-conversation when the guard turned around she looked at Fjord and stuck her finger down her throats and looked panicked, then afterwards said that she needed a cold shower.

Simple Beau leaving her comfort zone, and actually pulling it off moderately well - it was in character.

Antonio Nuñez

Ollie I hope you have a good time in Japan. Travel safe and see you later. :-)


Yeah, Fjörd was definitely the MVP, battle wise, Beau was the MVP for her whole Traci bit, which I interpreted as her delving back into a part of her life that she really hated and Sam's the MVP for making the TAZ connection.

L Herz

I've seen a lot of people saying Fjord is the MVP and I agree. But I wanna give Jester/Laura some credit. she used two third level spells to keep Caduceus from dying and not have Tal roll a new character. For all the jokes about Jester not healing she came through

ShadowFang Skycaller

did you see that  caleb did not  put is spell book in a safe place  its water logged now

Daz Unn

They avoided combat with the Marid the whole battle, so my guess is they will try to bargain with it somehow. I do feel that Matt confronts them with moral based situations all the time, and I think soon their reckless indifference to some of their choices will bite them in the butt. As Luna below me said "the M9 now have disrupted not only Algar but quite possibly the system of the entire city". They also killed 2 people and I don't think Algar will survive. Killing government officials is never a good idea. Its going to be great to see what becomes of this mess.

P.S. Have a great trip Olli! Be safe and have a awesome time! I'm sure your stuffed replacement (Oli the turtle) will do a fine job!

Bob Johnson

I liked Beau/Traci (you just know its ,"Traci with an 'i' "). We've all had those moments when the pressure is on and you just pull a miracle out your ass and you have no idea how you did it, but you know you'll probably never pull it off again. Beau finally came through in a social setting. She was totally freaked out by it, but she did it.

Callista Flores

Not sure if you guys caught it, but Adella (the Captain Fjord was talking to) is from the Vox Machina campaign. They met her in the water Ashari/Kraken storyline.

james lewis

sorry for your loss dave :o)

Bill Stephens

Who's that sitting in Dave's spot???

OMG!!! Olli must have killed Dave!!!

Antonio Nuñez

Ok Ollie and Dave to answer your question in regarding about the Marid. Had the Marid went after Algor there would have been a good chance that the Mighty Nigh would had intervene. Granted though there would be a good chance that they would have hesitated. But I feel that they would have put a stop to it. Not because of saving Algor life but they would have seen the Marid as a threat to the community.

Atlas Jupiter

beau did react to doing the whole flirting thing! she said "i need a shower! i need a shower." and when fjord asks where that came from she says something alongside "maybe it was something deep inside of me that i squashed down".
the true worry that i have is that algar implies the marid somehow working for the city. so the m9 now have disrupted not only algar but quite possibly the system of the entire city, which would be a huge problem that i don't know how they'll be able to solve.
aww thanks oli :P (my name is an old joke with some friends, whoops :D)

L Herz



Solid work guys. Good banter. Respectful discussion of personal space. No murder.

As for the episode, ehh I think you hit on one of the main issues in the show right now - namely, the lack of discernible consequences for the party's actions. The Mighty Nein have made a habit of blundering into various situations and, aside from Molly's death, haven't seen the consequences of their decisions. This is pretty normal for any DnD party looking for adventure and excitement, but in the nuanced world of Critical Role is starting to feel a little irresponsible. Blindly attacking and maiming Algar was certainly a bold choice, but maybe not a wise one. Although given Fjord's low wisdom I think it makes sense for him at least. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. Otherwise, Olly the Turtle did a great job in his debut. That guys got a future ahead of him.

P. Rourke

Hmm, Dave looks a bit like Liam... It's the nose. Strong handsome nose.