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ALL SCOUT FIRE LOCATIONS HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HQlFOslrHc

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https://youtu.be/3HQlFOslrHc All Scout Fire locations here.


I confused the main campfire with the scout campfire

Joseph Stickles

What do I do if it just says "leave" I don't have a craft option


How do i do this im in belle camp ?

Drake Paul

the prompt doesnt show for me


God damn...

Abdelilah Benhaddi

Ty man

Kristofer Kristensen

Thank you for not making a 12 minute video of this. This was p e r f e c t. And your goodbye at the end was fucking supreme.

Jennifer Morgan

Vielleicht, Sie wohnen aus Deutschland?


Thanks for info lol! I'm still at horseshoe overlook . Not working there i just tried and its a no go for me i guess i have to wait for next camp coming ! Peace!

Mr. Ws6

I rest by the fire but the craft recipe option isnt there....wtf?

Shadow Of Light

I swear they’re trying to hide the campfire

Theo ten Brink

Thank you, BYYYYYyye :)

joel castro

I dont get the option to craft when I rest. I'm at the chapter 3 location.

conrad 48

thank you

Conor Condon

i can't get the scott fire to work

Giuliano Mango

i can hear your swedish dialect.

Jordan Duran

Thank you!!!! Liked.

Alex Brown

thnx a bunch was wandering why it wasn't working


Okayyy Baaaaaaai


If you're not in the same camp as me, with the same layout. You can go to Pearson and select the crafting option, and then scroll down to scout fire to see where it is. Also, I made a new video with all locations, it's in the description. And pinned comment.


Thanks... Fast and no bullshit not like all other guide out there waste 10min talking about nonsense.

Okay byeeee

Chris Lutzke

Why not use the scout fire at Horseshoe Overlook?


Anyone know why i sit on tje scout fire but cant craft? I sit right at the scout fire and im in chapter 2

grimey 5.56

I had to look this up cuz I'm at Shady Belle and I cannot do a scout fire. Edit. Found it! It is away from the camp itself to the north


Ok baaaaayyyye

Caramella 99

Thank U so much it works with me

Shawn Lovett

The shady belle scout fire will not let me craft anything for some reason. I guess I should have started upgrading the satchels before this far into the game but still tho. I'm having to craft 3 items at the scout fire and when I rest it doesnt give me an option. Yes I know the difference between sitting on a seat around the fire and and resting by it. It's clearly 2 different options. Neither one gives me the option to craft tho. Is my game just broken?


Well I'm embarrassed to have had to look this up.

Greetings. Have a nice day.

Lots of help.


Thanks! Right to the point & everything


Straight and to the point. Love it!

Dyionisis Yhe horned one

Yea i dont think u can do this at ch2 i only see 2 fires

One Man 1970

No bullshit

Dak Arep

What chapter to unlock that camp?

FJ 77


Jyoti Bhagat

Thanks bro


can you do this in any camp or the scout camp because my camp is at the civil fort

A. Tee N’Tee

Mine only says leave. It doesn’t give the option to craft

Emily Hopkins

Okai bye

Justin Nixon

I can't find it in the third place.

Jackson Young

Can I do this later on in the story at the last camp... can’t seem to craft at the fire

Larry Larry


Failed Abort Sir

What about after u beat the game ?

D Rodriguez

though i had to craft the shit around the campfire with pearson

Chase Viking

You were straight to the point unlike most channels I've been to on rdr2 guides.


i made one of each bullet seems to be easiest.

Pololdd Pool

That "ok bye" at the end though

Aimee G. Spikes

I just crafted 3 different things at the same scout fire (I'm in chapter 2) and it unlocked hahahaha

Laughing Chinaman

so fucking stupid why the hell does it matter which fire i craft by

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thanks is Hero

Rat man300

Thanks, * Likes video *

Daan de Bruijn

Doesn't seem to work for me, I only got the option to leave when I rest by the fire, not to craft.

Destin Mattressnow

Thank you man. This has been driving me crazy.


Get to da choppa!



Sluggishnut_Gaming Sluggishnut

In Shady Belle, the Scout Fire is behind the Gazebo on the River side.

Jared Nickey

This didnt work for me. I made coffee, and then for good measure 3 different types of split shot ammo. I went to pearson and the option is still locked