Studio Mudprints' Gamequest: First 5 Imports [PSP Shmups #1]

Studio Mudprints' Gamequest: First 5 Imports [PSP Shmups #1]

2 952 views | 13 May. 2016

New from Studio Mudprints, Ser Flash chronicles his quest to collect all of the shooting games for PSP, but with a twist: Since Studio Mudprints has almost exactly half of them already, for each one he gets along the way, Ser reveals one title that they already have!

Featured PSP games:

Metal Slug Anthology

Neo-Geo Heroes ~Ultimate Shooting~

Sengoku Cannon

Soreyuke! Burunyanman Portable

Strike Witches Hakugin no Tsubasa

Kisou Ryouhei Gunhound EX


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Leo DS

do you also just back the games up to a memory stick and have the UMDs on the shelf? I do that. So much better.


Thank you for all the work you do for the shmup community.

Zach B

Interesting that you are into the PSP. Dariusburst's Vita release made me do the same thing. I just started picking up several PSP shooters, including an import of Salamander Portable. Looking for more PSP shooters.

I've been waiting for the PSP Dariusburst prices to drop, but it's been about $70 for the past 3 years. The Andrioid port has most of the content (which isn't much different than some CS mode areas in Chronicle Saviors) but that doesn't help if you are a physical collector that loves real controllers.


It pisses me off there is still no "Shmups" game category in Steam.


Looking forward to the upcoming episodes as I have a fair few of the PSP shooters however there's a couple you've covered in this vid I don't have and so I'm keen to see if you're reviews will convince me to buy them!

Megalong 69

Review Border Down for Dreamcast


Good news for Gunhound EX fans: the remake of Assault Suit Leynos, a.k.a. Target Earth on the Genesis, is coming to PC on Steam later this year. The remake is being developed by Dracue Software, the developers of Gunhound and Gunhound EX.


Ser, I feel really embarrassed admitting this, but you just lifted an incredible weight off my shoulders that I've been burdened with for years. I had remembered playing an h-game shmup a long time ago but could never find what it was later, and it was Soreyuke! Burunyanman.

What would I do without you, man?

Pondering Ghost

This is great. Thank you for expanding my knowledge on these shooters for PSP. I had no clue Sengoku Blaede had a sequel. Keep this series coming!

Micaiah the Otaku Gamer [HybridAngelZero]

Oh, this new series looks pretty groovy. And it is nice to see your beautiful face again.

Another Gamer

It would be helpful if you would list the titles you are reviewing in the description. Cant really understand the names of the import titles.


Look at that handsome devil. Ed your still the most criminally under-rated gaming channel out there. Unfortunately the amount of shooting games I can play is always going to be limited due to free time issues, being married, and the fact that I can't afford to collect imports due to space and cost (more space than anything). Keep up the great work as always and I look forward to seeing more of your reviews just as I have over all these years. I can't wait to see you delve into some good ol MAME arcade releases but all in due time because you can't rush a good thing.


Have you ever played Platypus? It's a great PC shooter that is also on PSP but the PSP version is bad in comparison.


Love the audio on Metal Slug. So arcade-y. It's funny to hear "Thank you!" amidst the deathscreams of your enemies!

Cool series! I love the PSP, so my interest is piqued.

Any chance the "Gamequest" theme will get a Bandcamp release? lol


Your room looks EXACTLY like I imagined. Gaming posters and figures and gaming systems EVERYWHERE.

Shaun Bader

Look forwards to the new series. The PsP does not get nearly enough love.


While I wait for your reply I am going through to see if there is anything I missed or forgot about. If we include Metal Slug, and I can see the argument for including it, it seems like there is a whole can of worms that gets opened up. But maybe that's a good thing....

Yiorgo S

completed my psp shump collection a couple months ago, still a fantastic system to play!

Megalong 69

Never mind you already did