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Here's Jade, My favourite hero in Battlerite. New F2P release is here and this means new battlerites are introduced. This comprehensive guide will fully explain in detail how to play Jade ranging from her battlerite choices into her gameplay & why you should play her.

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Hell yeah you called it, this game be growin'. I'll probably join soon :>

Muhammad Syahrul Ramadhana

Thx @alninio9 . Im newbie playing battleriet . I like playing jade :)


"pfft ppp fft ftpp fpppf ffpftppff" the video


Thank you for this! I can tell you put a lot of work in making this. I'm starting to play Jade because my duo partner plays a lot of croak and I think they work well together. Is there any battlerites I should switch to work better with Croak? Or are the ones you had fine


Hello loves, here is my Updated Jade guide for the new battlerites, hopefully you guys learn something from this video or to any aspiring Jade players out there, or if you are just now new to the game with the F2P release. I've been playing Jade since early access and has been one of my favourite heroes in Battlerite.

Jade is easily my favourite hero in the game due to her elusive kit and ability to self-peel. She also has a very rewarding snipe shot that deals over 40+ Damage when battlerited and over 53 Damage when someone is armour broken. Managing cooldowns are also very important on Jade.

She's the biggest coolest bad ass ranged assassin.
Hope this guide helps out any aspiring Jade players.

Schlickmann Edits

ninio, battlerite is growing fast as fuck, you said it

Travis Albert

Not to be a dick, and I do appreciate the effort you put into this guide and I think there is a serious lack of battlerite content for newer players. However, I think this battlerite build isnt good at all. Stealth haste is not necessary because you should almost never be using your normal q, only ex q. Black powder is just straight bad, there are better options for kite and the cc isnt good enough to warrant taking. Explosive shot is nice, but it's a luxury you normally can't afford to take.

A better build would be this:
delight, desperado, extra damage on snipe are all core. The next 2 you can change based on matchup. I normally take extra stun on space against heavy melee threat, and if they don't have heavy melee threat I take blasting pistols. For the last one its mostly preference, but I like taking the heal on snipe for really good ex-m2 trades, but you can also take the m1 rite or whichever space rite you didn't take out of the stun and blasting pistols.

Your tips on gameplay are pretty good though, great starting point for newer players. Thanks for posting this!

Aidrein A.

Thank you for the vid I really learn a lot..I love Jade so much as well, hope you make more videos about her


►Battlerite Choices Explained - 0:00
►Gameplay Advice - 7:54

Lw Hawkeye

Nice Jade guide ! I'm myself a Jade player who enjoys the way she can kite and move around.

_ Bonesaw

Hey! Just some quick questions, does the 3 left click instead of 4 still increase dps in the long run? If so did they remove this mechanic? cuz I cant find any other jade video on youtube aside from this that utilizes this mechanic. Thanks!