LiveViewRift - Watching movies and Screen-mirroring

LiveViewRift - Watching movies and Screen-mirroring

7 895 views | 27 Jul. 2014


you have 0.7 sdk runtime ? i have an imac but only ... ati oculus drivers for now not copatible with 0.7

Baraka Andrew

this app z like a dream come true...
Thank God there r developers like u!!


It just opens the movie on my monitor, it doesn't play on the rift

Khristian Flohr

Hi, I downloaded your your app. But When I try it on my mac I get the following error "Your graphics board does not support OpenGL 4.0"  is there any way around this? Please let me know :) I'll wait for your reply. 

Jacob Pederson

What are you using for Codecs?  Would it be possible to support Smooth Video Project to raise the framerate of the movie to match the framerate of the 3d environment?  I'm seeing a lot of judder in the video when I move my head.  Thanks!  This really is the best video player out for rift right now!


the best of the best! butter smooth video streaming this program is gold! im very satisfied with it! thanks!!!


The english seems to have a german accent, aber ich könnte mich auch irren =)

Will you maybe bring your liveviewrift to the Gear VR aswell?

Troy Rubert

Is this MrJazz from the forums?

Supa Blank

Does this not work in Windows? i get a crash everytime i start or exit the test of the display.

Tri Quang

very it 3D stereoscopic too? Thanks