Women's Riding Jackets | ATWYLD, Speed and Strength, Straight to Hell Apparel

Women's Riding Jackets | ATWYLD, Speed and Strength, Straight to Hell Apparel

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Here I try on my personal riding jackets, all of which I have put through the paces on my Ducati (and a few other bikes). I have both leather and textile jackets, some of which are kevlar lined, and even a D30 armored shirt by the California brand ATWYLD.

I honestly could not have recorded or edited this more poorly than it turned out, but I hope you get the info you need! haha. None of this is sponsored, and only one link below is an affiliate link.


Jacket 1 (ATWYLD) → https://goo.gl/pFjcbh

Armored shirt (ATWYLD) → https://goo.gl/PsPUFm

Jacket 2 (Speed and Strength) → https://goo.gl/cMYXYA

Jacket 3 (Straight to Hell Apparel) → https://goo.gl/7TufEm

Go Naked Shirt (by Me!) → https://goo.gl/FvBAwy


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Hello! I'm Meghan Stark, a web developer, writer, and motorcycle enthusiast living in Milwaukee, WI. I've been riding on the street since 2016 (in the dirt long before then) and currently own a 2017 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer.

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This video is not sponsored

Casper Zhao

Love your videos plz do more!!!

Richard Watson

Hi Meghan, can I ask your height and what size you're wearing in your Straight to Hell jacket? Trying to size one up for a friend- thank you!

Hadassah Harshbarger

Girl love the music and the clothing. We heard you just fine.

Carim King

hola me gusta tu chamarra


Good job

nara takeru

I want to hug you


You look great in the Cafe Racer jacket. I ride a Cafe Racer 2017 Triumph Thruxton R. I have been into the bikes,look and scene since the early 70's. I built my own Cafe Race bikes back then. It's all coming back full circle. I bought the Triumph Raven Jacket and it looks 50 years old! The leather is Butter soft and you can't stop feeling it with your fingers. Again Meghan, Great video!!!

Geneviève Lapointe

thanks! what size is your Straight to hell jacket ?

Rachel Taylor

Motogirl in the U.K. make some nice jackets and jeans.Knox Armour makes some nice stuff too.


What size are the straight to hell jacket?

Samantha Barton


Carim King

hola soy nuevo en en el canal me llamo,Chris Reyes saludos desde la,ciudad de Tijuana me gusta,tu,,chamarra de piel esta muy bonita

Mark C



I'm a girl. I really appreciate a girl reviewing gear for girls. That armoured shirt is going on the list!

Samantha Barton

Do you wear any Levi’s jeans in particular or leather chaps with your motorcycle?????

Clint C

That T-shirt is badass! Going to place an order for a couple now!

Mr Nick

Dear Megan technically any corner of the house you’re in is the brightest one

比古 清十郎 十三代

the cafe racer style looks nice. i tend to dress more like a member of the power ranger...

José Luis Félix

Unos vídeos muy gráficos, gracias a ti encontré las botas que le gustaban a mi compañera
Saludos desde Barcelona ( CATALUNYA)


Great review of womens Riding gear Lady. Well Done.

Mouch the Biker

First comment yay!


Your under Jacket armour jacket is great because of the D30 armour. D30 and Knox armour are in ALL of my gear. CE level 2 and 3 protection could save your life in a crash. Please use that all the time while riding Lady!!

Meghan Stark

Thanks everyone for watching! Links to order the jackets, armor, and my shirt (designed by me!) online are in the description. Sorry for the out of focus shots, my DSLR camera doesn't autofocus. :( We'll get 'em next time!
Go Naked Tee: https://goo.gl/FvBAwy

Slow Loris

Good idea to have an armoured under shirt as it allows for more aesthetic/cafe looking jackets which may not provide the same level of contact point protection.

Trion Rider

Quick question (out of curiosity obviously, being a guy...with no clue whatsoever): do your nails interfere with gloves and/or do you have to be careful when choosing ones?


3rd and your last are most sexy

Janak Jobanputra

great vid! That ATWYLD armored shirt, is there a men's version?
(also, I messaged you in instagram asking for some advice, it would be great to hear from you!)


spent 15 mins watching a video about things i can’t wear. no idea why :o


Awesome style

Carim King

Steven Carpenter

I really like the last jacket you wore from straight to hell apparel as I love the Shineyness of it and the style. You look absolutely beautiful and sexy especially in the black leather biker jacket.

Philip Miller

They all look cool, but the modern trend in motorcycling for dark colours concerns me, bright contrasting colours are far safer.

Samantha Barton

Do you wear any Levi’s jeans in particular or leather chaps with your motorcycle jacket??

Bear Claw'

You loOK great in them All , just got a Nappa' leather jacket great leather , I recommend Switching yer' Cell off when close to the Body or put the Darn thing's in Backpack ". .

Kunal Belamkar

I never seen a ass like that


Nice Vincent jacket. I've owned an STH Commando for a year and a half now, well, in March it'll be 1.5 years. But I agree with what you said about it. STH's jackets aren't functional for bike riding. The only good thing they have going for them in terms of functionality is the quality of the leather. It's nice and thick. My chief complaint about their jackets is that they don't have built-in gussets in the back of the shoulders like 99% of all other biker jackets in the world. You know what I mean, right? This: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0976/6918/products/Aero_Cafe_Racer_Brown_CXL_Steerhide_42_shoulder_gusset.jpg?v=1481139960

Besides that, though, I really like my Commando. It's the classic '50s style with the bonus red quilted lining like they used to have and also, the center post belt buckle. Most modern jackets have side post belt buckles. I have 2 videos on it, one when I first got it and the 2nd one after 1 year. I even added the star studs on the epaulets like Marlon Brando's jacket had. I put a snap button on the buckle side of the belt like Schott does to keep it from flopping around and banging on stuff.