Asheru - Judo Flip - The Boondocks Whole Song - Higher Quality w/lyrics

Asheru - Judo Flip - The Boondocks Whole Song - Higher Quality w/lyrics

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Couldn't find a decent version of this song on YouTube, so this one should be slightly better (although not great due to the methods used to obtain it, but it's certainly clearer than the others).

A different version of the song is used as the opening for The Boondocks, but this is the full version, entitled 'Judo Flip'. If anyone wants a download link to the song, the MP3 version is here:

Although I used a WAV in the video, the sound quality is virtually identical and it would have added 58mb more to the file. I'm going to add this link to the description as well.

If people want the WAV then I'll deliver, but it's really not any different from this MP3.

Lyrics (some may be slightly wrong, credit for most goes to youtuber bz6262):

I am the stone that builder refused

I am the visual

The inspiration

That made lady sing the blues

I'm the spark that makes your idea bright

The same spark that lights the dark

So that you can know your left from your right

I am the ballot in ya box

The bullet in ya gun

The inner glow that lets you know

To call your brother son

The story that just begun

The promise of what's to come

And I'mma remain a soldier till the war is won

The street, to see ya drawls

Sing of the hunger, pain

Want to call out 'cha flaws

The thing you don't wanna claim

Pride and joy, ya baby boy

Your inner child's toy

Your saving grace, the winner of the race, the b-boy

A new age scholar, with millennium mindstate

Master of education, doctor or candidate

No, that aint analogy of me through rap

That's a true that, and for real a brother really

Judo flip, chop chop chop

A judo flip, they say chop chop chop

A judo flip

But once you hear the capital A, rap it or stay

With you for a while, and it won't go away

Judo flip, chop chop chop

A judo flip, they say chop chop chop

A judo flip

But once you hear the capital A, rap it or stay

With you for a while

This is the tale of two cities:

From to the hood to the woods

Away from the nitty-gritty

To the now we all good

No more, corner to corner liquor store with check, cash

And now it's, wall to wall shoppin' mall to spend cash, in

Lush greenery, beautiful scenery

Acquired environment, no sirens or machinery

And seems to be, so peaceful and unthreatenin'

But there goes the neighborhood, as soon as we get get settled in

I guess it's true, the way the sayin' goes:

You can change a wardrobe, but not the man under the clothes

And you can, walk a mile in these inner-city shoes

But you still won't understand my inner-city blues

Give thanks, for the things that mean the most to me

My family, and all my other people that are close to me

From the curb to the burbs, the gutter to the butter

Imma tell you how it is, and tell you how we Judo Flip

Judo flip, chop chop chop

A judo flip, they say chop chop chop

A judo flip

But once you hear the capital A, rap it or stay

With you for a while, and it won't go away

Judo flip, chop chop chop

A judo flip, they say chop chop chop

A judo flip

But once you hear the capital A, rap it or stay

With you for a while, and it won't go away



Shadow anims again

Rip grandad

king . zay

I see boondocks I press that like button and subscribe button

Andre Bradshaw

Checkout the sound providers if you like this. i think asheru did some stuff with them



Ludivico Carthage

Lush greenery, beautiful scenery

Jude Rossi

When good music starts 4:47

Quinton Moore

He raps like biggie

SON Goku


Cesar Victoriano

I remember when this played in the actual episode itself. Riley, Huey, and Grandad all against a Stinkermeaner possessed Tom as he tells them to bring it when Huey tells him to go back to Hell.

”Ohhhh yeah! I'm going back, and I'm taking y'all with me, in the first-class cabin on the Ass-Whooping Express! All aboard, woo woo!”

Crøwn Official

Fun fact; uncle ruckus wasn't in the original comic, but rather was a creation of adult swim

nalexandreee on


David Imperato

I'd just like to say that some days, some nights, some live, some die, in the way of the samurai. Some fight, some bleed, sun-up to sun-down, the sons of a battlecry.

Jordan Mcmorris

Am I the only one who prefers this version? I don't know if I'm hearing funk or soul influence or what it is but this just has something deep too it. The Boondocks intro version is good too of course ;)

andy 445

I fell in love with the show instantly when I first heard this song in 2007

Christopher Knoll

I actually like the opening version better. This one has a weird echo thing going on.


Am i the only one who likes the long intro

Someone Nonexistent

why the fuck huey lookin like he 27 years older than riley


Man Rip John Witherspoon and Charlie Murphy

kopon stanley

@kingvon Riley has a 63rd.!!

Joe Shearman

R.I.P. Granddad :'(

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The Masta hook is fire!!!!

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Rapping starts at 1:50


1:55 when the song starts

Imani M


Vincent & Adrian

Put it in to 1.25x
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I got to admit. I'm a white guy and this song is boss.

Jj Marr

boondocks anime OP

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1:53 start?


me sad witherspoon left

Big Autist

We ain't no biechiees

Tami D

R.I.P pops


Huey is one of my favorite characters of all time. A real intellectual that actively puts his thoughts into action


who watching in 2020?

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Rest in peace grandad ✊

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my favorite anime openning




your aren't epic judo flip

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the song strats at 1:50 yw


Yooooo! 2020 this is fayaaa remix!

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Whose bumping in 2021

Chiko was here

RIP Pops.

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Marquese Music

To this day



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This needs to be on spotify.

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Pretty boy flizzy " naw I really whip that bitch ass"!!!!!

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Dopest theme ever

andy 445

Gives 2pac vibes

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I wish this was on Spotify


This hits so deep. Hip hop is magnificent


I always wondered why the actual opening's music seemed so generic, and why "judo flip" was put in there. Definitely good that they upped the pacing for the intro but this version is awesome too.


literaly 2 minutes of the starting music and nothing else

Maxwell_ Edison

God this sounds like fucking garbage. This did not need layered vocals.

lemon grss

Austin Powers: "JUDO CHOP!"

phil swift is my god

It's better at 1.25 playback speed


RIP John Witherspoon AKA Granddad AKA Robert Freeman



They really drew Huey that tall!?

Javaan Newton

wow yah got over 1K subs from 1 vid
congrats ive seen people get over 10K for 1 to 10 or 19 vids but this is the best 1 yet
you desrve a reward B)

Ricardo Morales

Opening is good,

but if you just want the the theme song then 1:32

Isaac Dallstream

For ideal viewing experience, please skip the first 1:35 of the video.

Sauce God

I'll never stop believing Afro Samurai is their ancestor

Green Ranger 93

just began watching this show for the first time. so addictive and very ahead of its time

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I love black southpark

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Bro im over here jamming to the beat drop and turning up.


Rest in Peace Granddad.

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Bruh ngl this is LIT



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i like this bruh

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If you really feel the Boondocks, you understand what it means to be the stone that the builder refused.

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i just want the instrumental now


thissssss is amazing

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Used to stay up til like 3-5am just to watch tv shows as a kid.. this show, robot chicken, and futurama back when they were still airing

supreme isn't good

When is the song gonna start


Why is this song so hard to find?

Sally Williams


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I really love the build up this song

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R.i.p john Witherspoon

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I've been watching boondocks all my life


1:32 the best part of the song

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This was an unknown unknown.


This takes real long to start

Mixish Carlie

This song relates to the people who see beyond the normal human mind. People who allow themselves to see the truth instead of hiding behind in the shadows, like the matrix.

solomon harris

We gone miss you grandad rest in paradise


RIP Pops

Kung Kobra

RIP john witherspoon and charlie murhpy

Randy Jackson

This track is better than the music in 2020. Asheru spit flames.

braeden _

sometimes u cant do anything in life to help yourself sometimes u gotta go through life the hardway

LightFire 007

I wish this complete version was the same studio version thats in the show..anyone know where there's a "whole song" Boondocks studio version?

Though this song is pretty damn perfect the way it is..some of the most perfect hip-hop I ever heard in my life...



i was looking for videos of actual judo flips but this is cool too

Jc Millz Music876

It's sad when great music like this isn't what mostly shines in rap. This song is great and his thought process is impressive

Teo Alonso

Rapping begins bit after 1:32

West Coast Baby


I can safely say other than DJ Dirty Ice ( the scratch master on the track)... I “DJtheDJ”, was the first DJ with this version. Werd to Ash and the rest of the El’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kraker Heya

I love the lyrics, wish raps are that deep just like the old days.


What did you say NIGAAAAA

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Άννα Ρωμανού

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2020 anyone?