3DS Video Capture: 3DS Capture Cards, What to do/What to buy/Review

3DS Video Capture: 3DS Capture Cards, What to do/What to buy/Review

8 076 views | 7 Jul. 2020

This video is a review/ guide to 3DS video capture. We look at both the loopy 3DS capture card as well as the Optimize 3DS XL capture card for a comparison/recommendation. If you liked this video or it helped you out remember to leave a like and subscribe to the channel!

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loopy 3ds capture card: http://3dscapture.com/

optimize boards: http://optimize.ath.cx/shop_oversea/shop_oversea.html

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Dan Shelley

I was thinking of getting into recording but they don't support 3DS XL... yet. Well thanks anyway for linking the guys who install it.


just want this so i can stream flipnote


Bro- Very helpful; so the Lupi board is the way to go for the OG 3DS?

Badtodabone 2345

Wow a video in 2020 for the old 3ds, this is epic.


welp looks like my teeny weeny poor brain is gonna have to go with just recording footage via camera and aux cable.
this vid was still very informative, thanks!
also i like ya cut g

Apollavin :P

Spilling the tea within the first 2 minutes of the videos!


Wait you can buy the capture card without sending the 3ds to him?

Tech Muse

Important! As of the time of me writing this, loopy here http://3dscapture.com/ has 3ds capture cards back up for purchase now!

Ravenous Rory

Hey I once heard that you can screen record but plugging your 3ds into a computer with citra. Is this possible and how do you do it?

Carlos Murillo

2nd Liker!

John Carlos Palonson

Yay, I don't have money.


The loopy is crossed out? Are they done for good or out or what’s up with that? Can you leave a social so I can message you?




You look like nmplol if he hadn't met malaina and was successful.


Can you use a capture card on 2DS XL?


Hey Boolean Gemini! I just want to say that I like your review video of Nintendo 3DS Capture Cards! In fact, your review convinced me to Like and Subscribe! I just have one question. When I go to the 3DS capture card website, it says that the capture board can only be installed into the Original Nintendo 3DS as of now, but from your experience of getting capture cards onto your different types of Nintendo 3DS systems, do you think that soon they will have the Nintendo 3DS XL or New Nintendo 3DS XL systems available for capture board installations?


I messaged you on insta @dat.boi.logan please help me out

Zumoku tube

So if I want to get loopy, for 3ds/ds, I just mail them the console with the receipt, right?
Ty for the info, it really helped understanding.

A Dude Named Benji

How do you make a background when recording like at 4:57? Is that post production thing?

Silver AIM

Is there any way I can buy these still?
I looked in the description for the loopy one and it won’t let me buy.


Bro love your lego Bionicle Collection


Do these capture cards work with the New 3DS XL?


Are these just connected through micro usb to usb or micro usb to HDMI?


Thanks for the video! Ive been really wanting to get into recording my 3DS and im thinking about trying out a capture card. This video has been helpful for making my decision!


Wait is Loopy still selling these?


do I have to send my 3ds in to do this?

not cat

Wow, your thumbnails are kinda scuffed but damn these are good videos. Keep it up, very informative and you don't spend 20 minutes talking about the guy you ran into at the store before getting into what I actually want to know. Subbed.


Can you install the loopy to a New 3ds?


Thanks for hearting and replying to my previous comment Boolean Gemini! I am actually asking if the Loopy 3DS Capture website will ever have the Nintendo 3DS Systems available for capture board installations. I would appreaciate it if you would reply to another one of my comments. Thanks!


Hi man i watched your video on how to mod the switch - was just seeing if this possible on mac as i cant get tegra rcm to work on my mac any help would be appreciated : )


How do you install the optimize board ???


Very informative video. I like that you jumped straight to the point about loopy being the best. However, the information was all over the place. Sometimes you picked up different devices labeling them as "this" and it got a bit confusing which one you were talking about. When you demo'd the sound, I could barely hear it without blasting your voice. But overall great vid and made my mind up about a capture card. Thanks

I did have a question regarding loopys board though. His website says not available for newer 3ds models (yet). Has he mentioned anything about starting up new boards? I wouldnt mind holding out because load times on OG 3ds are slow at times.

Jeremy Smith

so i did the jailbreak but my friend did an update and it will ot turn on anymore, idk what to do can you help ?

The OBros

Wow almost at 1k! Keep it up


wait, I know you would need a Micro USB cable but should the other end be a normal USB end or HDMI end?

Toasty Tabla Gaming

For an Optimize capture board thing, can you make a tutorial? Cause the instructions are like impossible to follow. Thank you for reading.


Yoooo amazing info, thank you!

Anel Camelon

Just to confirm you can capture DS gameplay in both the capture boards? :D

It's Ya Boi Russ

Hey man I just watched a bunch of you’re mystery dungeon videos & the fake gba pkmn games before coming to this video & subscribing. I was wondering on the capture cards on what usb cables they used on these just asking.

Sean Darren

Would a macbook pro work with this?

Nóra Szepes

Do these capture cards work with every region? I have a PAL console and I think Japan has NTSC

Triple Pixel

I have been looking for this simple explanation for ages, you layed down the facts, simplified the differences, and are answering questions so many people have asked. Thank you!!!!

Carly.H 〘CarlyChannel〙

I wanna get a capture card at some point, but my anxiety creeps in with the crippling worry of having all my system’s data being lost, or at worst destroyed

Easter Baskets

Hey I was just wondering how you got in contact with loopy? I tried emailing them to no response


The Boolean Gemini Do you know when they will have Nintendo 3DS XL systems available for capture board installations?


For anyone wondering, Loopy is currently selling the ds capture cards! (Not 3ds, just ds for now)