Let's Play Star Trek Online - Age of Discovery - DSC Starfleet - TFO Defense of Starbase One

Let's Play Star Trek Online - Age of Discovery - DSC Starfleet - TFO Defense of Starbase One

11 166 views | 18 Oct. 2018

Hello Captains! In the fourth video playing Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery on the DSC Starfleet Faction I will now play the Task Force Operations: Age of Discovery Defense of Starbase One on Normal and Advanced Skill level!

Brent Justice

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Benjamin Robledo

Mail me a Crossfield?


This STF is bugged. There was a fix of a previous bug (which kept the mission from ending), but it added new problems. Right now, the mission ends when the last Klingon ship is destroyed. That can occur before the 4th evacuation ship gets away. Both of your runs saw this happen. There's also a scaling issue with the Klingon ships, which are extremely fragile. Hangar pets have been seen to one-shot them. On advanced difficulty, the Birds of Prey have only 7078 HP. I watched one of the evacuation ships destroy a Klingon battleship all by itself.

Darth Avarath

Brent, the TFO is a simulation because it is a historical recreation. All the other missions do mean something. Daniels puts you in 2409 when the original game starts, not in 2410 when endgame is.

Bruce H

I would just switch ship at lvl 10.

vincent bechtel

In your frist missions star trek discovery back in space look a Rand

Tristan Anderson

might have to leave some ships alive maybe

Brian Clark

Hay there hear is the link for info for starbase one http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Starbase_1

Pro Gamer

Loving the whole mirror Ricky character build your doing!


so, wait...alll the missions your DSC toon plays are in the Holodeck?

Edgar Brooks

the impulse on this ship does seem slower then it should be


Thanks for making these videos!


Time to play the TFO: Age of Discovery - Defense of Starbase One Task Force Operations in Star Trek Online Age of Discovery! I play it in Normal and Advanced Skill level!

Ninja Wizard



Mirror Ricky reminds mee of Conrad Verner from Mass Effect 3!

D Powell

When will star trek online put dos fashion to xboxs and ps4

Will Adams

Lost all my captions, Ps4, crashed, went xbox, but all my credits are gone, good thing its free


Might want to try this again after the patch "Resolved an issue that was causing enemies in all Task Force Operations to be set at level 10."


unless A.O.D changes other parts of the game it's a disappointment for an expansion

The ZigRat

The Ort cloud is almost 1 ly from the Sun so SB1 would be just within the orbit of Sedna

Infinitely Impossible

Great video! Fun fact in Season 7 Episode 23 of DS9, "The Changing Face of Evil," when the Breen attack Earth Martok mentions that the Klingons never attacked Earth. If this is 100 AU out that would still technically count as not attacking earth lol


I thought there was something wrong when I didn't get more replies on my comment that was posted day of this video.

I guess people took things way too far when replying under my comment, oh well.

James Brown

I really don't understand why so many people don't make full use of their ship's device slots? Even if you just had an engine battery slotted you could have used the power boost when you needed to reach that ship. This applies to those at the very high end too. I quite often see videos where they leave 2 slots empty and then die because they didn't have a shield battery to pop lol.


you know.....I just tried to watch a review of the new Halloween. and it reminded me of Brent's first reviews of AoD. it sems like people are really getting arrogantly butthurt if people don;t fawn over something they personally like. since when does one's opinion supposed to override someone else' because "you're wrong because you don't love what I love!'? what type of arrogance is that? you want your opinion....be resepctful of other's opinions. in other words...GROW UP.


What happens with not getting all four ships, is your team defeated the Klingons too FAST actually, they cleared the final wave of Klingons before the fourth ship escaped. It's an odd design that killing the enemies too fast can cost you the full bonus. However, it's only a difference of 5 marks to get 3/4 instead of 4/4.

Mikko Montonen

You miss 4th ship because your team destroyed klingons too fast.

Dave Dahl

I love the new ship that levels with you. It’s a version of the Walker class.
It has four forward and three aft. I got the discovery pack and it was actually worth it.

Sammy Lucas

I takked to the guy who gave me the mission but i cant figure out where to go to start it


2:43 It is probably you haven't rewatched The War Without, The War Within , but it sounds like you think the attack and capture of Starbase 1 happen during the first half of Discovery, but just correct the record...Admiral Cornwell command Discovery to return Starbase 1 following its six months disappearance

13:42 only this "mission" (it more of heads up for new players of TFOs) takes place in the holodeck as a training exercise. Remember J'Ula spore weapon sent you to 2409 so all actual missions are real experiences for this toon.

16:09 To account for low levels players TFO scales you based on who is on you team...the enemies are suppose to scale with you, but you played it while it was bugged

21:52 I believe the Lafayette is suppose to be an Engle class
source: http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Engle_class

Chris Ellis

Sorry I missed the vote. But if it no, then what ?. I think their a lot of unfinish story lines from ds9, enterprises and next generation to make everyone happy.