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HELLO youtube, this is my first maplestory 2 guide, but ive been playing it like everysingle day, so i decided to do content on it since i enjoy the game!

I couldnt find anyone doing in depth trophy guide where u can pause the video go on and do the trophies, and no miss any out, a lot of people seemed to just do a very short

clip, so i decided to dedicate a lot of time and make a full on guide where you can pause the video go do trophies in game and comeback etc...


- Dont just watch the video and hope you remember everything, its a long a** video, also didnt fit in one so i will split it in to two parts

so do it slowly [pause - do trophies - come back - repeat - like the video - subscribe]

- Dont rush to do it in one day, you can always split it in few days, like ive said it does take long



- Consumable Item Trophies (Time - Start 00:00)

:Craft Shop shown in the video has all berrys u need.

:NPC in Trap Master or Sole Survivor sells 4 consumables that give trophies

- Black Market consumables (time - 02:34)

:Attention Grabber

:Guard Whistle

:Volatile Mixture

:Terry’s Sailing Chart

:Barbecue Spit

:Big Sweep Broom

:Spring Vine

:Solvay Hacking Kit

:Erryday Rest-o-matic

:Flowing Water Scroll

:Growth Enhancer


:Fairy Dust

:Campfire Kit

:Fireworks (find it in Sole survivor/Trap master)

:Mika Fanart

:Tea Leaf Jar

:Eka’s Flute Whistle

:Mystery Cucumber Cocktail

- Speak to NPCs (time - 04:24)

:Chee the Caterpillar – Trinket Woods

:Rainsong Fairy – Ellosylva

:DJ Madeng – Ludari Rail Club

:Sunny – Paradise Circuit

:Numero – Starflow Cave

:Krata – Minar

:Nine – Ludari Promenade

:Geno – Lith Harbor

- Examine things in the World (time - 05:00)

:The Sea Siren – Rizab Island

:Blooming Burgundia – Redsand Hills

:Moonlight Wolf Statue – Wolfclaw Canyon

:Chocolate Waffle Waterfall – Macaroon Acres

:Small Pond – Tiares Desert

:Chalk Graffiti – Tria

- Minigames (Time - 05:30)

- Monster Elimination (Time - 07:30)

:Ludari Mall (x10, x50, x100, x500, x1000)

:Karkar Island (x10, x50, x100, x500, x1000)

:Nazkar Central Chamber (x10, x50, x100, x500, x1000)





: and so on

- Dark Descent (time - 11:20)

-Complete Exploration Goals in (time - 03:28)

:Ludari Mall

:Redsand Hills

:Lavender Island



:Sandstar Ruins


:Ludari City

:Nazkar Hall

Pets (Time - 10:44)

:Add Pets to your Pet Album (x1, x5, x10)

:Birk and Cerbe

:Twingo and Twingoo

:Stump, Woodi and Homegrown Mushroom

:Red Snail


-All the Random easy ones that dont really fit anywhere

ex. AFK trophies, Climbing and so on. (The rest of the video)



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