How to Summon Guest 666 at ObliviousHD Roleplay World/Roblox 100% Work

How to Summon Guest 666 at ObliviousHD Roleplay World/Roblox 100% Work

39 192 views | 10 Jul. 2017

How to summon Guest 666

1)It need to be midnight

2)You need to say summon 20-30 times

3)You can survive or be killed by guest 666

4)Enjoy Video

King's world

He is a noob I am on a higher level than him

Afnan Azam Faez

pls tell me, why comments are disappearing?

Gizmo from Gremlins Rodriquez

I Play that game a LOT

Eris The Dwarf Planet


Not Sans the skeleton *commenter*

perfectly cut roblox scream


it used to be 20-30 times but now all you need to do is wait until 23:00 in then say it 3 times


What’s this game called

dead inside

You have to say summon summon summon at night in the game

Mark Purisima

I always summon guest666 but I always die

[Insert Name Here]

Little tip, Guest 666 will appear only between 23:00 & 01:00


U are the same name u when u do

Herobrine Nguyen

Wait I think we need to say “summon” at 3:00 in that game

miss bloxy fan Verdan

I already have summmon

Mike Murphy

He j make a v to say smmon


You take for ever to get to the point

I Wright

Dude that was way more than 20-30


And it needs rain!!!


It works but I can’t do it again. :/

Mike Murphy

No it not g 556

jaiannah27 279

Nvm i play this i was joke

Divine Ann Parducho


gui games

IS YOUR NAME GUEST 7000!?!?!?!??!?!

Minion Minyon

I not girl

gabriel zuniga

U have to do it in all caps and do it and look at the staute


Is very easy

yunica chan

What is the name of the gameeee

jaiannah27 279


Jecon Garcia

It's work OMG it's really work!! But I'm die I summon him and my friend was die to

MyNameIsJovi FC

Cool video bro


XD XD XD i summon him too and i was like i must get his powers now!!!

Green Bay

Bro that is way more than 20-30

Minion Minyon

Im boy

Vato Loco rc

Cool video bro

jaiannah27 279

My face in roblox in you i see my face gone

Adalyn Brothers

U don’t no it’s at middle at night and u only say it 3 times wuw

Shane Whiliane Castillo

you need to say tree summon at mid night

kristaps jakobsons

spayn guest 666

Amal Salman

I was there when you came i said nit he cheating stop

MaStEr loco!

I was there

polskigracz 225

do not invoke the name of the Lord God in vain


saying summon at 3:00 does work

Amal Salman

I was a red dressed girl

[TheGamingHaX Animation]

The update:step1 it need to be midnight & rain
Step2 say summon how much when his is eyes are glowing red
Then step3 he is now has been summoned
Step4 kill guest 666 with many players because he's so much powerful
(So yeah)

Dawn Teven


Dawn Teven

I'm level98


Cool video bro


wow, long time ago and this video was posted 6 days before Alredy_taken was created ( On Roblox )

Hijaz Dar

How to summon Guest 666 In Roleplay world Classic: you have to wait while it's 23:00

Minion Minyon

I did defeat guest666


is YOU NAME GUEST 665 -_-;

Mihajlo Novović

Really good video,i try and it's work

Jeezorb1 2009 Gamer



And me I had a same letter too

Guest 666

Don't try it