ESO 6.2.0 markarth patch notes review |

ESO 6.2.0 markarth patch notes review |

2 230 views | 22 Sep. 2020

Stay up to date with the latest happenings in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) with our breakdown of the Markarth 6.2.0 patch notes review. New arenas, crazy sets and craft anything??. Watch our video to find out more and consider leaving a like or comment to let us know what you think.

PTS notes:

Thomas Teapole

This patch sounds more exciting than the "chapter" release of Greymoor!


All the changes this year look like they are preparing to remove cp system from the game.

Splezza yanowhat

Item thing is only for bind on pickup


Did Dan ever release the Heavy Attack build btw? Never saw the follow up.

Al Bundy

What's up with the deep fissure change!!!?
Zos standerts

Therocket 91

Really downplaying that mythic healing ring!!

If aoes can heal you imagine any aoe build being that much tanker.

Binary Surfer

What changes did they make to Cyrodil in the end, for AoEs? Left the game, but who knows what the future holds if Microshaft turn it around.

Olav Sandnes

While listening to this in the background, I literally just logged out of ESO in pure frustration as my bank capacity is at 480/480. Most of the 18 characters are set item mules, all 8 lockers are full, and my own private guild is at 500/500. Then, a minute after, you start talking about Item Set Collection. Oh... My... This must be the largest QoL improvement I've heard of in six years. Now I even have a better use for my 20k ish transmute crystals * _ * (200/200, but got loads of unopened 50 piece geodes).
Yay, thanks! Glad I'm subbed a while back!

BananBlt BananBlt

do you think stamcro is gonna be less viable now?

bla bla bla

Are aoe tests still going on?

John Texan

Heavy empower will be a waste in PVP considering the lag... oh wait, they are fixing that. :P

I'm actually seeing this being used on a gank nightblade quite efficiently.

Roq Steady

I don't know what sense the changes to Destructive Clench on ice staff make, given that we already use the similar undaunted skill Inner Fire as a taunt. Might make more sense, perhaps, if they added some kind of debuff, as with the sword and board taunt. In fact is there any point equipping a frost staff on a tank any more? Given they nerfed the snare on wall of elements.

Eugene Smith

Just got series x. Does ESO support 120hz or 60hz?

Hiro Tenkai

God I am so happy they have made Transmute Crystals easier to obtain. That was the literal bane of my existence.

Olav Sandnes

Is it the Drain Health Poison IX you are referring to? Stinkhorn + Torchbug Thorax + Emetic Russula/Nirnroot iirc?

Daniel Voryk

Ehhhh magsorc are suck now :(
Have to delete them :(


Will be using frenzied momentum on my stamden xD mad burst


No you cant craft any item. Clickbait Answered


I think the major vulnerability invulnerability is that 20 cool down you get when hit with major vulnerability where you cant be given that debuff again until the times up

Splezza yanowhat

amazing video again


"Nothing massive in all honesty"

helder vranckx

The bow passive only deals 12% more, so overall point blank is still more dmg,
As for spriggans and spinners, maybe theyr just gonna change some of the values to offensive pen and keep some physical pen and mag pen

Olav Sandnes

You mention the huge Empower buff, and how magblades would benefit from it through magelight. For a bomber, do you know how the 40% bonus will work with the Mechanical Acuity proc? Will it stack, or even scale?

G Monkee

Witch Knight Defiance and Venomous Smite?