iTarget Pro Review and Practice

iTarget Pro Review and Practice

57 419 views | 30 Jul. 2018

New video with better audio:

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I just order the 9mm iTarget Pro and wanted to show you what it comes with, the app and how it works. Enjoy!

Amazing pocket knife

itarget Pro instructional video

itarget pro commercial


It was money well spent. It helped me out a lot, with my Sig P365. This was the first micro 9 that I ever carried. Now I can shoot it almost as well as my full size guns.

Zacki Inu

Can I use my iPad instead of my iPhone?

2wheel Rider

I have it.only thing is it won't save pictures .have the same issue trying to save picture and app restart and no picture .other than that great product .


Ordered one. so how will this work in a carbine since you have you force the laser out?


Got my Itarget waiting for me in my mailbox as I type this..........can't WAIT to get home!!!!

I was a PMI instructor in the shooting is something I enjoy....but to be able to improve Sight Picture/Sight Alignment at home, trigger control, etc at amazing!!!

Michael Battista

After shooting one laser bullet for a while have you noticed the edge of the bullet is being hit? The edge part around the rubber. I have three of these bullets with different calibers and all three are getting damaged on the edges. I’m wondering if this is harming my guns?

Soup Is Not A Meal

Does the app take data?


Good deal that you for the review!


How do you get the app to read laser mine won't work only on automatic mode just constantly thinks I'm shooting screen and read laser either


Can you turn off the sound?

Javarro Long

Just got mines yesterday, can’t wait to improve my shooing!!!

Cheap e46

Wish they made a co2 blowback of your choice of gun to train with


Do you shoot at the phone screen or the paper target ???

Patriot 1776

Looks good. Dan Bongino recommends this product highly.

Dangerous Freedom

Thinking about getting one. Btwallia's, It's been almost a year after review now. How often do you use it today??


How well does that "Fly swatter" gun work? I thought about buying one but i was skeptical.

J Millz

Im guessing this doesnt help with recoil anticipation?

Kage Shigi

Think YouTube is messing with this video. It will not play.


I dont get why you keep racking if you have a striker fired gun. I can see it with dao hammer fired.


Glad I have the TAURUS G3C and G2C so I don’t need to rack the weapon after every shot.That would get Old very quickly.

Rudy_G51 g

Does the distance you enter matter? I put it at 15ft, made the correct graphing circle and when I shoot, the numbers never line up in regards to where the shot lands.

Jean Marc Levy
ALSO it's pretty fun

Michael Weston

This would be good in a da/sa, you would never have to rack the slide.

Oregon Patriot

I was waiting for you to pick up your Bug-a-Salt gun and give it a go!


Will this work with a dry fire magazine?

Evers Irias

I just got mine today. I heard Bongino talk about it. Let’s see how it goes. Can’t wait to get home and use it


This works especially well with my DOA pistol. No need for a reset after each shot which makes full draw and shoot training a little better.

ST Bob

To much recoil for me.

Stanley Howe

wow I'm mind blown I will be buying this ASAP I just got my permit to carry and I love shooting so this will be awesome

Sam Mc Kee

Instructions unclear, blew hole in phone. :D

Div 88

Pretty cool but without the recoil I don’t think it’s reliable target practice

John Obrien

Good point about the muscle memory

K. William Elliott

TY for the review. Noticed your A Salt Rifle on the counter...


A friend brought up the point that you can’t account for recoil. Important?

M Shoriot

I just order the 9mm iTarget Pro and wanted to show you what it comes with, the app and how it works. For police Training.

Aymee Flood

Does your gun kick like you're really shooting it? That's where I need to practice the hand movement from the kick...

James Madison

I tried one today at friends. Her Kimber micro nine, I think. It was fun.

Btwillia's Garage

New and improved review video:

Omally 72

Thanks for the video, I just saw Beck talking about this and wanted to check it out. But does the phone ever get in the way, especially at longer distances? It kind of looks like it might cover part of the target.

Gary Partain

I skipped the step where you clear your weapon before operating the target pro. I like playing loose and wild that way

kenneth risner

just to be clear, you only have to wrack the slide for every shot if you have a single action only trigger, but not if you have a da only or sa-da?

Grek Ori

Do I really need the complete system and then download the app? Or I can just by the laser bullet without using my phone device and make my own paper target. Can I do that?


Excellent for practice. Girlfriend got jealous though. She argued it was her job to blow my dick off and didn't understand what an accidental discharge was. Needless to say I'm single and dickless as I sit in the ER right now.

Mary Stachowiak

Does it simulate any kickback?

Elijah Mendiola

Is the phone in the way when shooting ?


How would this work with revolvers

R. Sudduth

Agree completely good point on muscle memory.
Looking forward to ordering mine soon. Totally off topic but I watched another video on the G word slide performance and I couldn't help but notice the same thing seems to be happening in the video with this 9mm. Just a observation.
I believe it was a Vigilance Elite on G43 x. Anyway good point.


You have to cock it each time? If your practising drawing and using it in a real situation, surely that is no good as the gun is s semi automatic normally?

Jim E

Can you use this outside at 50 yds ?


Nice review. But the audio... I couldn't make it through the review all the way. Sorry.

d Rodriguez

No good for training!!! Without a recoil you’re jus playing duck hunter with a real pistol as an infantryman I can’t express the importance of live fire