ASMR Dominant Boss X Listener part 2 #jesterbells #lewdasmr #nsfwasmr #femdomasmr #asmr18+ #mistress

ASMR Dominant Boss X Listener part 2 #jesterbells #lewdasmr #nsfwasmr #femdomasmr #asmr18+ #mistress

161 628 views | 24 Apr. 2019

She has driven you home...

You're sitting in her car but you don't want to get out...just yet...

I love this dominating woman...but can you can handle her? Do you really know what you have got yourself into...;)

Hope you enjoy this!

I know it may not be as popular as the Yandere series...however i'd say this one will be a lot more hot and heavier with its erotic storyline.

*trigger warning: power play, master and submissive*

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Mus. Jaz

"don't fucking touch me" thats so intense

Pedro Murillo

Da succ

Cpl Atkins

Hah, indeed, I may be a fool. Though one can't find cause to complain when he's got all he could want plopped on his lap.

My goodness....heh, and here you were worried that I would be the one that couldn't stay quiet~ Of course my, mistress. Of course.
(Kudos for being able to capture a composed, dominate & indulgent boss to serve under. No pun intended.)

Quantum Rage

"We all know where this is going"

crea the chi boi

Ooh, hey boss


This kind of wholesome family friendly content is why I subscribed.

Brandon A.Mendoza

My favorites series, more of this pleaseeee!!!


Don't mind me! Just your friendly neighborhood lesbian!

Jose Hernandez

My kind of boss

Giovanny Aparicio

Just came from taking my math quiz and this video came up. I thought to myself, what better way to celebrate than to fuck my boss? Lmao


This series might not be as popular as the yandere ones but it is just as entertaining nice job


The listener is bold, but she managed to pull a reversal by multiplying it with her own.

Noah Gailey

is nice

Mario :3

"nothing's going to happen"
(+18): Yes'nt

Isaac Zea

The boss got very dominant that now the video is age-restricted

Lena 'Tracer' Oxton

Oooooooo gooooooood that accent thoughhhhhh


"what're you a teenager"

Me: *Sweats*


I have to be honest, I love her character SO MUCH, shes like a perfect Dom woman, I need to like this video more than once!

Ilyas Osman

i find it entertaining

Nidoking Henchman

I still can’t watch it dang it


stop! you've violated the law. pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. your stolen goods are now forfeit.

Mac Trucc's Mack Truck

those likes to no dislike ration is crazy! congrats JB

Iets Anders

How old is she if you don't mind me asking


Continue this series

Sugar- Spice

Chuckles I'm in danger


May I ask more pls?


Ok, I can't be the only straight girl here...

Am I?


Th-thank you for this

Daniell Reyes

Your monotone voice gives this character a strong feeling of assertiveness. Very well done!


My fantasy has came true a dominate boss

Da Dood

"What makes you think this time will be any different"
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8

Terrorism Gaming

The reason i didn't get out was because im close to finishing this book
Now if you excuse me ugh nevermind I'll go


One major hole in this story line the UK has very strict gun laws regarding citizens owning them and since her husband is an alcoholic him owning a gun is unrealistic it would have made more sense for her to say he'll kill is hes crazy


U should do some yuri ;3, keep with the good work

Glumpy Weed

Part 3?
Please and thank you

Dave Smith

This is sooooo damned hot

Anicius Ess

Im here after seeing the first season and man did I not see that coming

Chaos Lord

Jesters telling me nooooo, but my body my boooddddiessss telling me yyyyeeeessss

MessyYour FaceUp

Can we get a part 3 in the chat

Mrs Sings

Damnit Law restrictions!


This has something special I can't quite put my finger on compared to a lot of similar content I've listened to.

Thank you for making it.


God I've waited sooo long for this, this is getting me more than the yandere one honestly


This is fucking perfect!

Mr Cringy

Ey Boss, lemme just make some money :/

Susie Wolf

I'm enjoying my submission~

JimAboo's Channel

Now that was hot.

Louis Lazuli-Nanami

Elaine: well done my pup.
Me: I-I'm sorry? What -

Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into...
I hope Yani doesn't find out about this -

Yuuji Kazami

Elaine During Ride: Don't Touch Me

Me, An Intellectual: I'm American So The Constitutional Laws Of The United Kingdom Don't Apply To Me

edward robillard

i just realized how new this channel is, ive already watched all the videos... twice, i love it, seriously keep up the good work. All my love and support <3

Arthur Organ

So is that a yes on the raise

вєєƒ тєѕтσѕтєяσηє

ey bawss, be my dommy mommy


Woman in the art looking like Diavolo and I'm both very gay and very afraid.


I don't want to know what Freud would think about me watching this.

Little!Fell Sans

Her: imma bout to end this mans whole career

JMD Productions

How much room is in her car?

Atoma Paleblood

I feel like I just lived a dream. This is music to my ears as a submissive.


As most of this comment section, now I'm confused about myself.

Thanks though, really good quality on this one.

GameBrain Jagras

I’m guessing she’s infertile. Due to how she assured that there wasn’t gonna be a problem. Sounded like she was either insecure about or ashamed of it.

Tyrone Bruinsma Films

I love you mix of a relaxing voice, morally nuanced characters, amazing acting and the sensual/sexy nature. You're just awesome

2 B

I love this video keep it up! :D


wtf when i subed u had 500 now 1.8k nice keep up the good work

Franklin J. Ells

I ain't no gulf club member & I can bet your husband's first name isn't Andy.
check, check.
let's do this.

Nightmare Slayer

I’m sure this will go well

Gr Grizz

Well you look at this your almost at 2k


7u7 I need a boss like her

Generic Demo Main

"Nothing's going to happen"





Ochinchin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Crusade Knight

This is for ASMR purposes only NO LEWD CONTENT whatsoever

the main channl

Me:what are u doing
My partner:what
My partner:but I thought u where watching por-
Me: no I am watching relaxing asmr
My partner:oh...ok....then I guess ill....go back down
Me:”playing it for 2 seconds
My partner: ⬆️


I just want a fucking raise i don't know where the sexual stuff came from i just wanted a raise


Everything seems normal, carry on citizen.

Giraffe Dragon

Jester: so do you wanna act like a delinquent, submissive, or have her give you a legit threat
Me: ~yes~


I can't believe I actually said 'yes mistress' when she asked u////u


Boss: I'm married.


sammy cheeks

who back again ? me

Kevin Svan son

"Really you have something to tell me"
-Deus vult

Brad Harp

Women's intuition. If it's real.. crap.

Mr Lakiro

Being obedient has never felt so INTERESTING

Mind yabuizz

Hey-o mom,mamma free my soul(seriously free my soul)

The Punisher

I loved this video it was wonderful

BISHAL Shrestha

The Outsider

Her husband is going to kill the both of us. Calling it right now.

Dr. Davenport Lee

very nice

Ezekiel Perez

I like it
I love it
Its so good

the one Above all

dio has left the chat

Jonny has entered the chat
“Sup married? That’s alright you should see what I did to hot pants”


It really got me at "Don't fuckin' touch me"... that was too realistic.

david morris

Me: ...

Any Twelve Year old ever: You never told me this is where Babies come from...

onepiece2 2017


Lime Beer Salt

Domination? Ooh, yes please!

Zubin B

I've always been into experienced, older women. Now I get why.

It's weird that most guys would rather be with someone younger than older than them. They have no idea what they're missing out on! It's a pity, really.

Filthy Degenerate

* first few minutes *
"No, I'm not gonna do you..."
* by the end of the video *
Had us in the first half not gonna lie.


I woke up to this

Pheonix Xavier

(●__●) Well then might as well get the lube


(-• >•-) Well then- I'm addicted.


My kind of fantasy ☺☺☺

Michael Winkless

This character is my favourite on your channel


The yandere is going to kill him!

Anh Craig

On 1:00 i got my eyes open and said fuc shhit

Cᴏᴍᴍᴀɴᴅᴇʀ Cʀᴜɴᴋ

This is kinda nostalgic. I had a cougar tried this exact same thing with me. Spoiler alert: I left her wanting more. And no, she didn't get anymore.

Little_Lizzie _Jay

“You don’t need to worry about becoming a daddy”

Me: soooooo you were planning ahead of Time with the pill or ........ Magic