JavaFX Tutorial | Multiple Scene Communication

JavaFX Tutorial | Multiple Scene Communication

5 977 views | 24 Feb. 2020

Hello Friends,

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to communicate between multiple scenes. I have explained the whole concept with the help of an fxml based project example. I have described the way to communicate between three scene controllers. It's an easy way to communicate between JavaFX scene. Please watch the complete video for a better understanding of the whole concept.

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gerardo estrada

Hi! is there any chance you can show the main class please? thanks!

Tushar Gupta

Hey man I did the same thing but it doesn't produce a new scene it converts the original scene to the new one and I didn't want that... Help me where I'm wrong

Alex KS

Thank you so much :)

Austine Adah

This is giving me a null point exception at the point of assignment those values in the fxml1


Can I pass new information between scenes while they are already open as well?

Emma Go

Thank you so much for the guidance!

Ado Man

what ist this .showInformation.... it doesbt work!!!