The Instar Emergence (761) - 3301 cover (Tab)

The Instar Emergence (761) - 3301 cover (Tab)

69 266 views | 14 Jul. 2018

C# G# C# F# G# C# tuning


is that a keith urban guitar? If so whats the price

Last Whisper

you have inspired me to play guitar :)

Philgamer_ 309

when the mystery is so mysterious it has a theme song


okay now do interconnectedness

quentin neal

Is this standard guitar tuning?

Block Chain

You are legend h s.


I love it but it still sends chills down my spine.

Fatehaz Khan

Please make a video tutorial of this . :(

Luiz Las Casas

Thanks brother! Awesome video


nice cover

Just Metalcore

can you teach me?

James Widder

Hello again i see that you are interested in us it’s been a long time we are looking for intelligent individuals you shall not share this good luck


Is there anything musically significant in the structure of the song? Something in the notes, the arrangement.... anything. Not having the exact timing for the original song, this cover feels more like it was played in free time. It sounds similar, but in music things are either exact, or they’re not. So you get my point. Still sounds great.


how the hell did you get the b string to be g#, go easy on me i'm new to the aspect of changing the tune of my guitar

Stefen Fuqua

You're one of the best cicada 3301 players I've seen on youtube

H Serna

Upload more videos

Shiv aditya Singh

what's the tuning


Your 300th sub.


Finally got it down, your tab and vid helped greatly in teaching me. I can't thank you enough for making this public, stay safe.


you play it well. maybe a little too well....


Look, his channel was made in 2013 but the cover was released in 2018, so it means his channel was made for this and it was waiting until the situation goes quiet. He might be the member of cicada.


Plot twist: he wrote it

Truthful Hat

Whats the tuningm

Dayton District Railfan

If I ever make an apocalypse game, (Though I'll probably never be a game designer, nor do I plan to be.) This cover will be the main theme.

Great Llama

So cheap, make this better, lol



Jorge Jimenez

i see cicada has a thing for dadgad tuning

Ali Boualil

Is this on standard tuning

Sophie Pan

it's a cult my dudes

Aryan Kulshreshtha

I just randomly searched to see if anyone did it


Can you send the tab? I heard that the numbers make some coordinates that refer to somewhere in Texas.

Justin Urpants

Thank you. You are now being considered.


Can somebody make it in to tabs?

Shiela Chan

My 10 year old brother watch this everyday, can you please make a tutorial? I told him to practice and watch tutorial video but he said there’s none. He really likes this video so much!!


Man, I keep coming back to this. You executed I perfectly and did a great job. Seriously.


Why is there more than 12 frets


This is good
This is really, really good.
I like this a lot.


Is it just me or does this guy play the thing better than the people that made it

gonzalo herazo

¿Tú eres Cicada?

Sean Hogan

You are a god for making this.

ncls. Design

Now I wanna learn how to play the guitar just to play this all day long

Imagine playing this on the street and just not answering people that reconize the song just playing the mystery guy

Toni Hurani

Please make a tutorial already, i've been trying to learn this song by immitating your tabs,but it just doesn't come out right.


Sounds similar to run through the jungle



Leon keni

Very Nice. Like froom Brazil

Sowmya Lakshmiprasad

Can you pls do tutorial

Aspen Frost

This is... Beautiful...

Javier Alfonso

We´ve found him, the absolute madman boys

kris kan

Cicada 3301 music + death note music =

Iker busto villate

great cover of my theme


what its exactly wat i was searching for

Buzağı Za



2 years later, still sound beautiful


Wait this isn’t the same person as the last video... I think

korn bread

That like ratio is amazing

Thee20th Doctor

Please make a tutorial I’ve been dying to learn how to play this

Myke Last

Awesome man

Block Chain

Please keep posting and never give up.

Creek Mountain Riders

Dude sweet guitar I got a sunburst version


Don't know why but I can't stop listening to this




How did you tune this?

Jose De Los Santos

what is your guitar tuned to?


I saw you commenting on the YouTube video and I'm surprised you actually did it


Yo you still read comments? You need a better instrument. Think you could grow your channel more. Drop a way to private message for a chat


are you still using an AMD_Radeon_R9_200_Series

Max Schmitt

damn it, i love it!


Yes thank you

Sophie Pan

i did the riddle

Mehdi J

ladies and gentleman. we got him




Thank god the tab exists


Hold up, I was learning of the tab and in the beginning it says to pluck on the "24 fret of the b string"?

Truthful Hat

I have a question when u pluck the 5th fret how do u make it sound so high pitched


Is it in standred tuning?


Shout out to h s for not disabling comments after the 100th i bEt yOu’Re A mEmBeR oF cIcAdA and tHaT’s WhAt A mEmBeR wOuLd SaY. Also, great job!

Overwhelming Euphoria

I'm woke after hearing this song


The main melody sounds vaguely familiar like something I heard in the early 90's.............Soundgarden or the like comes to mind.

Pan Funani

Very nice cover

ncls. Design

Can you teach me this?

Green Coffee

3 months.


This dude probably one of the cicada's member

I am zero #cicada3301 cracking the code

Such a beautiful song Wonderful cover you are very very very talented


who thinks the inlays look like cicadas

trailer UA

I mean, workers of "Cicada 3301" project have a good music taste!


In which tuning it's played!!

Sophie Pan

cicada 3301

Csgo Follower

Is it drop D?

wowo316 G

H 3w?


interesting how this guys only videos revolve around cicada 3301 covers and nothing else

Jon Richter

I have always wanted to play the guitar, your really good and I love this tune. Well done one the tuning and progression.

Turanist Turk

Sounds like it's from The Last of Us

Fabian F.

This is amazing ! Good job mate.


it sounds like it should be in borderlands as a backdrop for the wastlands

Stefen Fuqua

You should do a tutorial on it too, I would love to play it!

John P

Probably the best cover out there..

That Thirdman guy

God been wanting to learn this since I frist heard back in 2014 god damn such a good song


Currently trying to find the specific chords, So i can find each note(string+fret) for every chord. So I can try something for solving the puzzle. Anyone know where I can find this please?

Qeinoms Davian

It’s my favorite song.


pls do a tourtiral