Natalie Morales great stockings 1-11-13

Natalie Morales great stockings 1-11-13

449 564 views | 12 Jan. 2013

Natalie Morales sexy stockings, legs

Mark Wisniewski

Can I have those pantyhose when you're done with them?

guy dude

She has such good legs Mmmm

Walking Wounded

Great catch!

Jeremy Phillips400 Phillips



I just gummed up my keyboard, thanks


Poor guy that gets to spread them legs. I feel sorry for him. I’ll take over for him for a while

super blue

Yes Mrs Natalie Morales is a very beautiful and very feminine , but these S.I.M.P.s post some weird comments about our Natalie......weird.


Therefore I am so glad I am from EU :) 

gwendoline lemoine

Bonjour pb


Funny how Roker mentions the "Leg Lamp" from Christmas Story! Perfect Roker!

Pat Evans

she is hot n sexy

darin b

Nice everything else forget the nylons.

Mechanical Mind

now I broke my wrist too...

Mayra A

I`m all for pantyhose. They make a woman look so refined and sexy ;)

ingo ambros

Super the woman in blue! The men must turn to beautiful women to see a stocking approach to the edge, the more and more they wear. Like a bra, it also makes the conversation better. Women look better than men! Why should you have to hide everything ??! Greeting ingo


Stocking top or spanx at 4:12 ??

Andrew Flood



I really love her tights and dress. Sexy lady.


It's good to see women wearing nylons, pantyhose and stockings again. That bare leg look from the 00's was un-ladylike. Real women wear nylons.


At 3:49--stocking tops!


These ladies' legs look so good in the nylons. Bring back hosiery! NO BARE LEGS!!!