How To Cheat/Hack All PCSX2 Games With CodeBreaker

How To Cheat/Hack All PCSX2 Games With CodeBreaker

27 158 views | 30 Jun. 2017

In This Video I Will Show You How To Cheat/Hack All PCSX2 Games With The Help Of CodeBreaker (How To Use CodeBreaker In PCSX2).

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Why is the pad not responding?

Abhishek Dhiman

Best hacking it is not working always crash

akash barman

Some games are only hacked

Yahiko Baskerville

Okay it crashed can you help please? I'm trying to play dot hack infection with only one cheat; the level 99 cheat. Please help it either goes black screen or shuts down.

z fa

This one actually worked for me thank you


I want this game link pls bro..

Sufiyan King

Bhai tumhari wwe ki setting batao

Devanand Jamgade

Bro whenever I open codebreaker and apply cheats the game crashes plzz tell me a solution


How to boot this memory card in PS2 console pleas

Jesus Diaz

tutorial on how to hack/cheat smackdown vs raw?


How to hack create superstar layer hack

Kern Mundi

It says: File not found. Path:IsoFileSystem

kara kartal

king srever you have to delete the codbrekear save file from memory card then try again

Abhishek Dhiman

U are great man

Jojo Gaming

What screen recorder are u usung?

Jesus Diaz

Can u do the Bra and panties always on Cheat tutorial plz

ManSore SRK Rapper

Please help i add my shinobido game with menu but say " 0 cheats available " no cheats and can not press x on the game in the menu !! pls help i need to hack this game

Shaikh Amanullah

bro not working


This is awesome. Cheers man

cm punk

how to hack speed plz tell me

ابو داحم

www Smakdown VS RAW 2006 hack


I have SVR 2007 but it's not on the codebreaker. How to add codes there?

Tim Waters

Does this still work in 2020? I did all the steps, then when I get to “please insert game then press x’ I switch to the emulator, select a game iso, then ‘swap disc’ then go back to the code breaker window and hit x, but it seems like it freezes or something, I also tried selecting the cheats from the list then hit start to start the game without first selecting the iso from the emulator, but all I get is a blank screen—please help!
I any trying to use it with Syphon Filter Omega Strain, it that matters.

YoYo Bo

Does it work on a PAL game?


parappa the rapper 3 hack pls c:

Dizzy Gaming

Awesome Bro!

Vikash Yadav

How to take out weapons from the ring

Sweetwater 97


I have a problem with my saved games. I cannot save my game (Devil May Cry 1) and when I access Load game, there's none. Why is that? am I lacking something?

Jman LPGuy

Works perfectly with japan bio. codebreaker is way better than action replay. it didn't crash

Techno VJ

HEY make a video On how to cheat in wwe svr 2011
and dont forget to subscrbe my channel