Shalamar - Dead Giveaway (Live on The Dance Show)

Shalamar - Dead Giveaway (Live on The Dance Show)

108 724 views | 13 Jul. 2012

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Roldan Rosario

Micky Free Shreds on Guitar!!

Bayo Idowu

"Micki Free is not a girl........"

Lisa Clark

I recently read Mickey Free's bio. Never knew that he was Native American and is a Grammy Award winner.

Essomba François

Miki free is not a girl

Roberto Martin

Man music today does not compare to this in 2017 . Wow this still jams today even !!!!!!1

Black Fist Motivation

Micki Free is not a girl

Antòni Gèli

How dare they performed as shalamar without any of the 3 initial members from 1979? The soul is gone as they leaved the band

Joseph Melton

I love Shalamar, even after Jody Watley & Jeff Daniels was replaced. Don't get me wrong, I know Howard Hewett was not the original lead singer. And it doesn't mean that I didn't like the singer's. Jody and Jeffrey were great & would love to see the entire group reunite(meaning original and New members). Shalamar never miss a beat.

Jesse M

""There a new girl in SHALAMAR she fine as a mutha fucka"

Sal Parker

God the 80s must’ve had some guys confused or testing waters with the androgynous style

Can I be Frank

Game.... blouses...




How does Micki have a fro? This dudes an American Indian

Devone East

I guess I do favor Micki Free

Simone Reynolds

Micki Definitely looking like Halle Berry from "The Call".


Micki and I could have made some beautiful babies.

Denise DeShields

That’s one fine Mickey free

Louis Payan

And we think dudes are fruity now. This is a fruit salad deluxe


I must have blinked because I thought....wait...Mikki Free was after Jodi and the tall guy who married Stephanie Mills? Mikki Free is (was) older than 10yrs+ Wow... Then I was waaaaay too young listening to their music.

Sam Walker

Love the song, but it was pretty sad that they were playing this song with the new members who had nothing to do with it...the original lineup's performance was much more convincing, as it should have been since they were the ones who did it.  Nothing really that they could do though; if you look around, every music show at the time, had them playing this and "Dancing in the Sheets" together, because this was still on the charts.  Also, never understood why they even needed Delisa in the group, other than to show off her legs.  She didn't sing in "Dancing in the Sheets" either.  At least Micki Free could play guitar.


joseline on keys.... steebie steebie

Travis Cooper

Howard Hewitt has a great voice and he is a charismatic front man. Give him credit for keeping Shalamar going for a little while after the original members left. But I know he was glad Jody Watley left so he could be the star. LMAO. Listen to the backing vocals and tell me they aren't trying to mimic Jody's voice.


Howard Hewitt is pretty easy on the eyes too, lol


No Jeffrey No Jody No ME!!!

Chinchilla Farmer

Game... blouses


Micki Free close up at 1:52


Why is Micki Free so pretty?

Arnold Schuermans.

This is NOT Shalamar.

Andrea True

This group knew how to sell it! I think if i met Micki Free in real life, I would have fainted! Three showmen!!!!!!


Micki Free was sexy back then before all of the crazy tattoos

B. Rod Clark

'The Look' was the last album the feature Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniel so I guess they had already gone by this performance.

Aaron Swartz

¿Cuánto tiempo vas a continuar? - How long you gonna carry on
Este uno a uno charada - This one on one charade
No lo hagamos y luego digamos que lo hicimos - Let's don't and then say we did
Ese es el juego que te gusta jugar. - That's the game you like to play.
Hemos pasado por esto tantas veces - We've been through this so many times
El resultado final siempre es el mismo - The end results always the same
Siempre termino quejándome - I always end up complaining
Cuando yo tengo la culpa. When I've got myself to blame.
Eres solo un delator - You're just a dead giveaway
Pensarías que aprendería a manejar esto ahora - You'd think I'd learn to handle this by now
Eres solo un delator. - You're just a dead giveaway.
Chica no puedes negarlo - Girl you can't deny it
(Aunque lo intentes) - (Even though you try)
Sigues intentando ocultarlo - You keep trying to hide it
(Bebé, sabemos por qué). - (Baby we know why).
Recibo una llamada alrededor de las 2 am - I get a call about 2am
Diciendo que no quieres estar solo - Saying you don't want to be alone
Ahora estoy cansado y medio dormido - Now I'm tired and half asleep
Pero las emociones son demasiado fuertes. - But emotions are just a little too strong.
Supongo que llamaría tu farol - I figure that I'd call your bluff
Porque quieres que pase - Cause you want me to come on by
Chica, sabes que es tu amor lo que siempre quise - Girl you know it's your love I've always wanted
Y esta vez no me negarán. - And this time I won't be denied.
Porque eres un delator - Cause you're a dead giveaway
Chica me quieres como yo te quiero a ti - Girl you want me like I want you
Un claro indicio. - A dead giveaway.
Estás asustado pero no lo admitirás - You're scared but you won't admit it
(Aunque lo intentes) - (Even though you try)
Pero esta noche estás comprometido - But tonight you're committed
(Bebé, sabemos por qué). - (Baby we know why).
Porque eres solo un claro delator. - Cause you're just a dead giveaway.
No eres esa chica ingenua - You're not that naive girl
(Lo estoy averiguando) - (I'm finding out)
Está jugando al engañador - Is playing deciever
(De qué se trata). - (What you're all about).
Bueno, ahora que lo dices en serio - Well now that you're serious
Es hora de quitarse ese disfraz - It's time to take off that disguise
Quieres más estimulación mental - You want more that mental stimulation
Lo puedo ver en tus ojos. - I can see it in your eyes.
Durante años he sido tu analista - For years I've been your analyst
He sido tan paciente como amable - I've been as patient as I've been kind
Durante años has jugado creyendo - For years you've played off believing
Que te amaba solo por tu mente. - That I loved you for only your mind.
Porque eres un claro delator. - Cause you're a dead giveaway.
Puedo decir por la mirada en tus ojos - I can tell by the look in your eye
Que eres un claro delator. - That you're a dead giveaway.
Estoy averiguando - I'm finding out
De qué se trata. - What you're all about.
Eres solo un delator. - You're just a dead giveaway.


"I heard there's a new cat in Shalamar"

Ruel Smiley

That moment when you found out there's only 1 girl in the group

gabriel martin

best shalamar song and video is brilliantl

Joe Exotic

And Miiki Free is not a girl

Squirrel Attackspidy

Oh man. I just realized that what I thought was a slap bass riff was actually a guitar riff. Crazy.

Reason *

An all time favorite of mine since the 80's


Wow I wonder when this performance occurred? They (Howard, Jodi and Jeffrey) appeared together on Top of the Pops in 83. Jeffry and Jodi had a more high fashion look so this must be Free and Delisa.


Micki Free... Dave Chappelle... Shirts and blouses, lol! ;)


Jody and Jeffrey had left the group due to clashes and creative differences in July and they were replaced by Mikki Free and Delissa Davis. Along with Dancing In The Sheets, they would perform Dead Giveaway because it was still a huge hit at that time

Tim Fillinger

I loved this band with Jody and Jeffrey and I swear I wonder if they're lip syncing this because it sounds like Jody is still singing in there.

Hit Man

If they’re a new lineup why are they lip syncing to old the old lineup vocals? It’s loud and clear we hear Jody Watley’s unique vocals!

Kevin Frazier

Big ups to anyone that perform in ALL LEATHER!!! I was in rehearsal coming out all my clothes!!! Those lights it's self turn the stage into about 77 degrees. Then moving around it feel like 85 degrees with humidity. It's always HUMID cause you in doors...HOW DID THEY DO IT BACK THEN??!!!!!!

Dwain Cherry

Is that Rihanna on the keys?


Are they really playing>? Cause I hear bass guitar but no bass player. No bass drummer but bass drums.


Funny how Micki and Delissa mimed Jeffrey and Jody's vocals. They also mimed their vocals on Soul Train when performing "Dead Giveaway"


"My neighbor got big testicles coz we see this dude everyday!"


I remember hearing that Jesse Johnson did the guitar solo on this one. It certainly sounds like him


That's not Jody Watley - right?

Ze'Queen DivaLoach

My all time ABSOLUTE fave by Shalamar!!! Bruh on the guitar musta had 2 red bulls before coming on stage! LOL!! Go head, Mikki


I had a «unreal» experience first time I visited California, in 1981. I went to Disneyland, and Shalamar was on of the bands playing there. Never herd of them...great experience. After they were done, The Kool and the Gang started playing. Never hear of them, either. But now I am a big fan. Unforgettable.Priceless!!

Jon B


Christopher Owens

Delisa Davis is fine! Mmmmmm!


1:19 micki free close up on synth.

ricardo guzman

Recuerdos de mi infancia


I had forgotten how "pretty" Micki was!..

Moon Beam

Micki was so fine. Wow.


They were Prince-Influenced! Prince had a lot of impact on a lot of people!




Baby girl was gorgeous!!

Dominique Dominique

C'est de la super musique !!!!


‘“Shalamar got a new chick... she bad.. that was Micki Free’” Charlie Murphy RIP


They were lip-syncing because Dead Giveaway was still a big hit at the time and Howard, Delissa and Mikki were working on the Hearbreak album at this time




We gonna call this the shirts against the blouses! wahahah!

Edson Luiz Mayer

The guitarrist looks like Halle Berry.. lol. But great Music

Charles Arriola

this ain't shalamar they nothin without Jody Watley..

Kathy Reed

Gawd Micki was sexy

Robert Reynolds

don't think this live but sounds great as a recording. They are not playing those instuments...FOR SURE but it looks good!


Charlie Murphy!

Rasul Boyd

Fake ass Shalamar.who the fuck is miki free.really dog.and that fake ass Jody whatley bitch not even singin background vocals.yall need to quit insulting our intelegence.thats not Shalamar.Nigga.fuck outta here.Dead Wrong Dead Giveaway..


this is the greatest band ever! no one plays the drum liek him. drumguy.

Lateshia Childs

Howard Hewitt and Mickie are so fine

Af 化 check me see videos

the stlye is similar to mj


Mikki Free look like a beatch.

Ladie Mae Z

Micki Free is one beautiful man!

xPlanet Astrox

Micki free is not a girl..

Adam WithanA

That chick with the guitar is hot


That was micki free man...


Jody and Jeffrey left the group by this time.

Jacque Renee

Miki Frew was fine though like he really does look like a woman

ruben lopez

The Lead Guitarist in a band is dead. No more solo riffs in a band and that's a shame. Miki Free is an awesome guitar player.

Wingnut Mcspazatron



woodi moddy

Y this nihha look like a bitch foreal


SEX !!!


Hey. Whos that new girl with Shalamar? She Fine as a Mu'g! The one on guitar.


Micki Free dunked on Charlie Murphy in that game with Prince

bbkk Jbbv

The song is nice but the lipsynch is corny and the whole looks awful


Erm...excuse me......but WHERE is Jody and Jeffrey???

Stazia Kibera

Sinister cause and the den of thieves present girls and boys on YouTube

Michelle Lockett

This was a great song by Shalamar and an excellent performance. Howar Hewitt has one of the most fantastic voices in music.Micki Free was often compared to Prince but make no mistake he was a great singer in his own right....I give the whole band credit. When people leave a group its not easy on the replacement members but I think they did a fabulous job and I enjoyed all of their songs well done and well performed....I wish they all would come back it would be very exciting to watch because we dont have bands like this today, all we see now is everybody wants to be a stripper. This is entertainment...

Ivo Teneng

Charlie Murphy: "This cat was saying Shalamar's got a new girl in there man, that girl is fine as a m**f***.....and he's talking about Micki Free.....(pause)......... Mickie Free is not a girl, aight!"

Diwani Spark

Micki Free is not a girl ~ Charlie Murphy lol

Carl Lazarraga

Dude.. micki free is pretty wtf lol


Micki Free is a legend!

foshou citron

Miki free is not a girl!

Joseph Mccall

Not the original members of shalamar Jody watley left after the video for this song was filmed and became a legend the other lady and the guitar guy are not original and without Jody its just lipsinc

gregory hudson

gr8 song
wanna get delissa davis pregnant. shes beautiful

Fred Garvin

Thumbs down for putting up those stupid 3 rectangular ads for the last 30 seconds of the video.