MIHAWK FOREST 2016 VS 2020 (One Piece Treasure Cruise)

MIHAWK FOREST 2016 VS 2020 (One Piece Treasure Cruise)

9 115 views | 10 Feb. 2020

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Shoutout to adMJ707 for the outro


wesam jaljuli

i started the game a about a month before the cp9 patch v1 rob lucci.

i remember when 2.75 atk captain ability boost was only from legends.

i remember when raid doffy and raid enel were the only 60 stamina raids.

i remember when there were only four classes

i remember when people wanted g3 luffy more the than a legend.

i remember when bandai was treating global like shit (legend rate, skill up rate, no raid zephyr, no ace forest,)

i remember when we had to pull singles during sugofests (there was no 10+1)

i remember when we were pulling mopping coby during sugo

Naseem Hassan

This is inaccurate sockets amd crew abilities didnt exist in 2016 you cheatin

Victor Hubner

On jp you Just need one kaido captain

Yassir hafce

Like this type of vdeo
I realy like to se more lik this

Father of Rose

Am I the only one who thought the 2020 team would’ve just been two big mom v1??



No point in me doing this. for now

Doesn't Feel Right Without The Black Coat.nonetheless shows how much optc has turnt into. I remember when they removed the dream log lads somewhere in april-juneish 2016. i don't quite remember


This format of video is great. Hope you can do more someday later.

Ivan Telo

No G3 Luffy... Im so sad...
Also fun fact, those log luffys are for sure newer than 2016, Cuz he used to have a fur coat back then lol but peta came and removed It... A friend of mine still got his legacy logluffy

Morad Mayyaleh

Used G3 to beat it after countless tries that ship boosted my slasher team tremondesly Good old days

Nico Platen

You should've done G3 Luffy .. for this .. The True Legend of 2k16

Hello Itsme

I missed those days


I started in 2014 before raid mihawk maybe back when extra island looked weird and ace training forest

Renesh Mahabier

Was a player since the beginning of optc. Lost my account a year in I think. Recently came back and was starstruck by the changes that had been made and how much the game evolved. Nice to see a vid like this reminding me of those times


really ? that hard? that´s why i love kaido xD


Music was kinda bad ngl


Golden Pound God was S Tier back then


I did it with G3 Ruffy back then if i remember right. No idea how my phone surived this, one missed perfect and u done


This takes me back. I remeber when raid mihawk and garp first came out. They were so ridiculous that unless you had top tier units you had to zombie it. I remember it took me about 40 minutes to get 1 copy of each with wolf stream zoro and laboon

Deus Vult

Back then my top team was a striker team with 6 ☆ Barto, I was so fucking proud finally beating this forest.

Today 1 single Kaido destroys the first 2 forests lol


crazy how I used log luffy to clear mihawk forest back in the day

Victor Wallec

ah yeah, i cleared it with g3 ... than i cleared many with raid enel&shiryu combo


nice vid :D you should have waited till Kaido release and let him solo AutoPlay this forest :D

Nicolas FRIAS

and with only one Kaïdo for captain...


back when mihawk forest wasn't a joke lol


I started playing the game mid 2015... But stopped mid 2017 and i came back to the game about a month ago... And oh man the difference is HUUUGE!

I remember beating this forest with G3 and no sockets... I remember how happy I was when I beat WB forest(probably the happiest moment in my OPTC "career") once again with just a G3...


Back when log luffy was a top tier/relevant legend :(

Abused Frog

Do a F2P a new run series from the start

Pedo Vader

It was a simple era

Kami Folcron

Lol rememner this shit....when WE were obligated to play laboon or zombie zoro yo win these forests...or even raids...


only real OG's own original Log Luffy

Mah Boi

Time flies, I remember that my favorite unit was Elizabello and his King Punch, his special was too strong.

Alejandro Astorga

I remember how I completed mihawk first raid in more than an hour using a vivi/laboon zombie team LOL

David Medina

nostalgic af...

José Angel Guerrero Aguilera

I need a account pls let me one

Dark Soul

Love your content keep the good work


The memories


Damn this brings back memories. Remember getting log luffy and being so excited for all the stuff i could do. Now the poor fool is useless

Rafiq Animations

I joined around 2017ish I think? I started afew months after 2nd anniversary I'm pretty sure. I bodied this forest with a Fighter Jimbei team, I think the team was

-Double legend Jimbei (Orb manipulator)

-Dex RR Koala (type booster)
-Dex Raid Sabo (Basically a beat stick, no special cooldown btw, could only get one copy at the time lmao)
-Psy RR Senor Pink (Orb booster)
-5+ Story mode Luffy (Delayer)

Jimbei was my first every legend, I didn't even know what a legend was at the time, I pulled him on a single pull too lmao. My original team with him was:

-Dex Fortnite Coach Usopp (Type booster that binds himself)
-Psy Fortnite Blueno (1.5x orb booster that reduces damage I think?)
-Qck Story mode Rayleigh (Chain booster, got really lucky on story mode drop)
-Str story mode G2 Luffy (Couldn't get his skull to drop at the time)

And then I got my hands on psy G4 Luffy during the Christmas sugo and swapped him as captain. Good times man.


I started the game a few months before Lucy and v2 Doffy came out . But I used to rock a powerhouse team with Lucci v2 and the fishmen batch on it. My first legend was OG White Beard

Simone Trombotto

Log luffy is for boy
Luffy g3 is for men


Damn I need colo Kid to come back