How to Activate a Wireless Device Online – AT&T Premier

How to Activate a Wireless Device Online – AT&T Premier

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Learn how to quickly activate a new device for an existing wireless number online. We’ll show you an easy way to transfer your existing contacts and then activate your device so that you don't lose any time being connected. For more about Premier, visit Premier videos: Access Premier:


AT&T Premier

Do you want to activate the new wireless device you received after you requested a device upgrade or placed a port or

transfer order?

Let us show you how easy it is

to activate a wireless device online with Premier. Activate your wireless device online if the new device is for an existing wireless number.

Before you begin, transfer your photos, videos and contacts from your current device to

your new device.

This is important because after you activate the new device, you won’t be able to retrieve information from your old one.

If you need help, use the AT&T Mobile Transfer app which works for most phones.

Don’t put the SIM card from your old device in the new device, since this can cause problems.

First we’ll show you how to find your IMEI number and SIM (or ICCID) card number on your new device. You’ll need these numbers later.

You can find the IMEI number and SIM card number on the

papers shipped with your new device…

or you can get this information from the new device itself.

If your new device is an

Apple product, tap “Settings,” then “General,”

and then “About.”

The IMEI and SIM card numbers

appear onscreen. Other device types may have a

menu option that provides the IMEI and SIM card numbers.

For details, consult your owner's manual. If your new device doesn’t have a menu option for viewing this information, also refer to the owner’s manual.

If you can’t find the IMEI or SIM card number using any of

these methods, remove the back cover of the device and remove the battery.

You’ll find the 15-digit IMEI number printed on a white sticker.

While the battery is still out, carefully remove the SIM card

from the device. Notice the 19 or 20-digit

number on the front of the SIM card.

If you removed the battery and SIM card, replace them now and turn on your device. Now we’re ready to activate

your new device. The confirmation email you

received when you placed the order for your new device

contains a link to the online activation process.

If you can’t find the confirmation email,

you can also get to the online activation process from the

Premier home page. From the "I want to" list,

select “Activate device” and click Go. Then follow the instructions to activate your device.

When you’re done, test the device. Make sure the device is fully

charged and then place a call. If the call is successful,

your device is active!

If the call wasn’t successful, wait a little while and try again. If your device isn’t active within 3 hours, contact Premier Support at 866.499.8008, Monday through Friday, between

8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern Time for assistance.

Thank you for learning more about Premier. And thank you for choosing AT&T.

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