Profit Trailer Dust?! Get Rid Of It!!

Profit Trailer Dust?! Get Rid Of It!!

10 433 views | 19 Jan. 2018

Profit Trailer Dust can add up to time and is a huge waste of money. In this video I go over how to minimize the dust your bot will hold. Comment and subscribe if you have any questions or want to see more videos like this!

Buy Profit Trailer & PT Feeder Here:

Learn How To Set Up Profit Trailer With A VPS:

Learn How To Set Up Profit Trailer:

Lear How To Set Up PT Feeder:

This video does not contain financial advice, it is purely the thoughts and opinions of the presenter. Please seek a proper financial advisor for financial advice. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.


Simple, Just don't use any exchange that rips you off through dust. There is no point why you cannot trade upto your last decimal points. Binance has done a lot in short amount of time. Millions sitting in the form of dust and they don't give a damn about it. So, now you buy profit trailer to clear these dusts. Let profit trailer make some profit using your painful situation.

Doug Sutherlin

crypto Boss, if I pay for profit trailer and Feeder to install I don't have to do anything technical?

Daniel Selier

I have 5 BNB coins in my account, but i am still getting dust almost every trade i make in PT.

Atif Bangash

So basically i just buy 1 bNB coin and activate that button and regardless of what pair be, i will end up paying with BNB. COrrect?

John Fernald

So, I acquired about $24 worth of dust before I learned about the BNB trick. Is there any way after the fact to get rid of all the dust?

Ismael De Pablo

can i see your settings?

Aries & Apollo Adventures

Dont miss out. Please look into DTRC Datarius on Bancor. 100% gains daily this week. Still going. You dont have to review but look at it for personal investment. I am subscribed and like all your videos.

Cedric Scheepers

This is a problem for me too. But I'm building a bot that reduces dust using the BNB pairs. Care to check it out?

Cornell Custom Trains

Any way to "DUST" in PT without logging into Binance ?

Ritu Sondhi

Very informative video Crypto boss for a newbie. It would be great if you could share settings for the trading files? Thank yous