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Yay :D my hole in the desert is getting some attention!

tosee upload

-Your main spot + 1/2 back room= Old main rotation
-Since nowaday main rotation also contains 2 room so you can't call it Dual room XD. Just call it Kalqueesh rot because there are alot of Kalqueesh.

-At 4:01 and 14:21, if you continue to go deeper to the entrance, you will reach a big room with 2 large pillars. That's also one rotation.

-1/2 Big room+ the other room= new main rotation or 7 eltens, whatever you want to call it. It's confirmed that 4k8/h with blue lootscroll isn't the limit(Sorc Succ 269 Kutum 4800 trash at Hystria. Basic Loot Scroll video).

-Big room will get overcleared with 4k2-4k3 trash/h with blue lootscroll speed.

-Kalqueesh rot can't reach higher than 4k4/h with bluelootscroll IMO because travel distance.

-50% lootscroll gives around 1.3-1.4 times more than no lootscroll, at least in this place.


They said sorc can grind here at lower AP efficiently .. they lied -_-


I understand your spiel about Mystic, Guardian and playstyle, however I feel that in this case, the biggest factor is that Awa Guardians are currently completely bonkers at pve.

With the succession events I was trying different classes, and it's becoming more and more apparent to me how easy the Guardian has it, compared to those classes.

She simply has everything. Insane multipliers. Unparalleled (?) sustain. With super armor on most of it.

It's nice but at the same time it leaves me a bit frustrated after leveling those other classes, because they seem a bit pointless for grinding (just use the guardian lol), I was hoping some classes would be better at some spots than the others. Which I guess is somewhat true for fast OS areas where some can simply go faster than the Guardian, but, yeah. Idk, Guardian feels a bit too stronk atm.

okan özkan

Chose one mystick or guardian

Patryk Wolniewicz

Yeah, guardian is pretty chill, but way overpowerd. I have 256 tet BS (warrior succession) and i make 1.5k (1h 8k) less trash in Aakman than 249 AP guardian (9.5k). I guess it's always like that when they realese new class. However I tried guardian today and yeah, it's really comfy and good for high end spots i might even reroll to her, since it's not that expensive just to buy TET dande. Great video!

Ayman Hijazeen

Nice excuse... in translate FoTM rerrol ..enjoy ride on band wagon until nerf.Then another excuse like " I like new scimitar hero from my childhood".


TIMESTAMPS , if u need them :
1:17 - 1:56 Sponsored ad for https://mmotimer.com/bdo/
2:30 - 3:44 Mystic/guardian gear , pets , knowledge
4:50 - 14:40 Rotations i used and how to get to those rotations xD
14:41 - 17:44 Mystic's 4h grind , money/h and how badly i failed at it
17:45 - 25:33 My 11h experience on Guardian at Hystria
25:44 - 29:22 Guaridan's excel spreadsheet for money/h values.

H20 Ryu

Loveing the videos man!

Umbrella Corp.

Nice vid!
What is ur native language btw?

Lucas Teixeira

Hey Duo, what about deep sycraia and star's end with your new AP ? I think it might surprise you :D


in this 11 h on guardian u used 100% loot scroll?

Kevin Schneider

Hystria most op PVE... what do you mean is it meant to Hystria?

Muhana Kazuna

Who hits harder, hystria mobs or kratuga mobs?

Snarky Soujo

Fortunately guardian is a very easy class, especially when entering end game grind spots with the protection and very overtuned PVE skills. love the vid, would love more content featuring Lower ap and grinding in different spots, i know someone like myself would love a video like that, probably on another character, atm awake guardian can do things like aakman hyst do 200 ap kutum guardian which is crazy compared to other classes atm.


The reason that kuno was getting more Trash/H than you is probably because foods and elixirs, and the fact you're not taking advantage of back attacks which are really important at hystria.
The ideal buff lineup for hystria would be:

-Exquisite cron meal: for 5% increased back attack since you cannot knockdown Hystria's mobs
-Giant's draught: +10% damage to all special attacks, scales superb with Guardian. Optionally you could go for Frenzy's which scales EVEN better with guardian due to 10% critical damage increase
• If you want to go over the top you can also add these:
-Elixir of Deep sea: Additional 10% back attack damage on top of the 5% from ECM.
-Church buffs: These are minor but can make a difference.

With these you should be able to pull around 800-1200+ more trash/H depending on RNG and rotations.

play loud

I would like to know what cind gpu and monitor you use :)


Hello 1st of all if you wanna grind there get knowledge and pull properly 'cause it's hurt my eyes and I guess you're doing about -750trash less with 50% ls.
Also please do test with 50% loot scrolls, cheers!


Duodecil: I grinded for 15 hours

Me: Duodecil sees potential , i see potential :)

Cristino Lajos

is it okay to grind here with 263 nouver?

Wanderson Marques



can you grind 10 hour varagon elits

Sea Vibes

I thought guardian was going to feel like shit but it's actually fun af.


Did you ever get killed in arsha?

Clayton Alexander

tungrad earrings do not drop in hysteria, only tungrad necklaces which are fairly rare. I would be dubious to see any kuno hitting over 4k trash with normal LS especially with 261 or 265 ap

Eric Ebus

i think u can do 5k/hr in star end also which i believe is a good grinding spot for guardian since it has a lot of mobs and less running :)

Milo Lubin

Duo. I love your videos. I love your effort you put in, it is all well edited. But if you want the data to be worthwhile, you MUST put the effort into learning to grind correctly. For the record, I get more trash than you at hystria on my 238ap witch. Love u ♥️.

Andreas Nekro

i think villa scroll might cover that difference in tl with kuno, it gives quite a buff ;) plus there is a buff for drop rate if u have tent although i ve never use it to know if its wroth. Awesome work btw Keep it up :)

Mads Ryberg

As a fellow guardian who just hit 270 AAP w tet kutum, wait with stars end till 269 :)

Also, i haven't been to hystria since i passed the 269 breakpoint, but at 265, i was making roughly ~3900 trash/hour with 50%LS
I myself prefer aakman, it's more chill with less pvp. From my experience, i make roughly the same silver/hour at aakman.

Stars end with 270 kind of blows the above out of the water though. i'm making 30mil/hour more at stars end than hystria over 13 hours of tracking my loot. (6 earrings in that time.)

Tan Family

Can you make new class tier ranking video ? Included new succ and guardian

José Pequeño

People grind main and second rotation cuz of monsters that drop rare loot. Do you think this rotation is equal to those i said in the amount of Elten, Tanco and Vodkhan?


what font are u using?

luca bertani

that kuno was faster then you because you didn't had the full knowledge of aakman monsters, if you get S grade you do more dmg to monsters so you do them fast and you gain more trash/H

Lucas Debortoli

Manshaum next!

Stiyl Magnus

i tryed hystria first with 222 ap and got around 1,2k trash/h xD but it worked better then i expectet

peacamaker peace

Great grind spot ruined by a YouTuber


One thing I learned so far in life, u shouldnt be stubborn on things you shouldnt be

Meller Ycoy

can you make a video about mirumok pls



Eduardo Fernández

Guardian is a beast at Aakamn, you can get 12k+/h on blue LS there.


you need a tent buff to give more accurate numbers

The Dr

Gaurdian succ vs awakening next


whats your graphics card my friend?


im rly hopping we get a tent discount during this anniversary, i already have a 20% coupon, waiting to use it with an additional discount

Rafi Pradipta

i think u make less than kuno because u didnt use tend buff ( villaa buff ) and using more less dmg elixir like ( draugh or perfume )

App Sick

Best chill content ever! Keep it up<3

silver ziko

imagine thinking kuno can grind faster then mystic or guardian



fancy as fck

Hello cant wait for stars end :)


"Dual room" is known as Kalqueesh Rotation.
Some tips for hystria:

1. Pulls pulls pulls. Efficient pulls are one of the biggest factors in improving money/hr at hystria. The next 4 tips will cover what are, in my opinion, the core concepts of pulling in hystria. Learning the exact nuances for each individual class will require time and effort.
2. The little ball mobs "burmols" need to be hit in order to wake them up quickly.
3. Kalqueesh, Tancos and Vodkans only need to be walked near to wake.
4. Always pull mobs to the Elten or Balten if one is present.
5. If you need to walk past a Vodkan before pulling it elsewhere, stiffen it as you pass or it will stand in place to attack where you were, resulting in a much slower pull.
6. Once your mobs are grouped up always make an effort to get back attacks. (unless you play archer or ranger as they cannot consistently back attack)
7. Refer to your specific class' discord for their suggested hystria skill combos and skill addons. For most classes this has been highly optimized and in most cases following these will result in much better money/hr.

Иван Иванов

I think Guardian was made for Aakman while as a shai I can say that I can’t grind Aakman because of specific range and skills PvE effects

Blitz Blade

I enjoy that you're a little ahead of me in gear cuz when ever I reach new grind spot potential with gear, I can simply turn to one of your vids for some advice


Hey guys, heres my tips for Hystria... Go to mirumok LOL

Se So

i know this video is 3 months old, but did u try grinding with lowest/opzimal graphic settings? as u know for sure, ur dps increases immensly with better fps. just as a thought for trash value increase.
also no villa buff will decresae ur trash and makes ur comparison to that kuno kinda pointless. because most people will use the villa buff and therefore have better clearing speed. dont be stubborn buy a tent ;)