Opening All 17 Scream Fortress 2017 Halloween Packages! {TF2}

Opening All 17 Scream Fortress 2017 Halloween Packages! {TF2}

1 207 views | 10 Nov. 2017

Hallo, everyone! Today I'm gonna be opening the 17 different Halloween Packages that were earnable though contracts during this years Scream Fortress 2017 update, wonder if I'll get anything good... Enjoy!


I hope you've all enjoyed your stay! Thanks for watching! :3


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qPones bbq



Tough luck, i got 3 bird heads this year.

Tooltip Tinkerer

I like that thumbnail.


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My god your commentary is dreadful


hello. i saw that you posted a vid about minecraft 2 years ago and i was wondering if you would like to be a dev on my server.NOTE [you do not get payed]. this server is a mmo rpg and i saw your lv system. it would be so nice if you can help me.
if you are interested here's my discord name and a link to my discord. if you want to see the server builds and all first just hit me up with a DM.
Discord Name: DonutSenpai#8226
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