Ruger Impact .22 review Part 3 Best Air rifle under $100.00 ?

Ruger Impact .22 review Part 3 Best Air rifle under $100.00 ?

14 055 views | 31 Aug. 2015

Ruger Impact .22 review Part 3 Best Air rifle under $100.00 ?

Wrap up and accuracy results.

Tyler Tomasi

I bought one of these 6 months ago, probably shot close to 800 rounds through it. shoots better now then when new. The scope that comes with it is a piece of junk, I put a nikon buckmaster II on it and I get grouping with in 2 inches but every 5th or 6th round goes stray.. but it's a good solid gun. I like it


Thanks for the review....check the barrel cross bolt and bushing for slop (excess tolerance); change them out to single bolt & nut; like pyramid air pya3757....mod the bolt head &nut with belt sander to fit...improved my Yukon' s pattern....hope this helps someone.


I just bought this rifle myself even though I had looked at the Gamos. The 2 particular things that sold me on it was it has iron sights AND a picatinny rail where I could put better scopes on it. I could put my regular .308 rifle scope on this.

Shawn Swigart

Umarex is saying that the break in on this rifle is 500 rounds. So I guess that I have to try shooting it a couple hundred more times.

the Hulk The Hulk!

3 videos of talking that could have been summed up in a half of a video of action learn learn

Daniel Gonzalez

Just subbed just ordered this gun how do you clean barrel and do u need to strip it down


straight up its a piece of junk.


I have one and I shoot it open sighted. You are right it is a monster power wise and it is very hold sensitive. I installed a barrel seal o ring from Archer Air Guns and it reduced the vertical stringing. I use it for Squirrel pest control. When my technique is right it obliterates them esp with head shots. But if I rush a shot or don't get my hold right I get a few near misses. It is strange in that if I hide and shoot the squirrels can't tell where the shot is coming from. But any way your observations are spot on. The cocking effort lessens after about 1000 rounds.

Shawn Swigart

velocities were 600-700 fps .

Jimmy Caudill

ive had the .22 impact since last year and had the same issues but I changed the piston and breech seal and pretty much cured all the problems

The Outdoorsman

so pretty much it sucks

Dan Meredith

The Hatsan edge Vortex .22 is a better value today...

old school american

Sites suck allways out of aim ..waste of money

Ваня Кушнир

Great air rifle for the price. Happy Father's Day gift to myself!>>> I have found this rifle to be very accurate and on target. I've used it for sighting in a couple of scopes, target practicing, and varmint control. It's a tough bird to break the barrel, but well worth the effort. I thought 2 pieces of drywall inside my target box would be good enough to stop the pellet - but it blasted right through those and into my wife's storage bin. Shhh - Don't tell her!! Once you get your scope sighted in, you'll be right near the bulls eye for your shots. I have replaced the included 4x32 scope with an adjustable 3-9x40 scope, which I like, but wish I would have purchased a scope with AO. Anyway, the replacement scope seems to have more zoom power on 3x, than the included scope has with it's 4x power. But overall, I am extremely please with my puchase!

Rob H

these 3 part videos bite he didn't even try out the rifle, just talk right through the whole thing what a waste of time next time shoot the rifle let's see how it handles works.

Jon Neet

I Like that they put the Weaver scope ring mount on this airgun. That scope should be very secure on there. AS I write this, WM has the Impact for $111.96. Great looking air rifle!

gonzo outthere

The more you shoot this the more accurate it will get. Three of us all have the same results .


Check out the Benjamin Titan NP .22 at Airgun Depot Refurbished under $100. It's a Nitro Piston mechanism and it packs quiet a punch for the price.