Destiny 2: All SECRET Menagerie & Tribute Hall Triumphs!

Destiny 2: All SECRET Menagerie & Tribute Hall Triumphs!

113 614 views | 24 Jun. 2019

Showcasing ALL of the SECRET Menagerie Triumphs for Normal & Heroic Mode in Season of Opulence! Also, Tribute Hall Triumphs you can complete now for this new upcoming Event!


Menagerie Secret Triumph List:

Tribute Hall Triumph List:

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The new #Destiny2 Season of Opulence (Next Season 7) aka Penumbra DLC, is here! Today, we have the complete list of secret triumphs for the Menagerie Activity! Complete them to earn lots of imperials! We also have all of the Tribute Hall Triumphs, so you can prepare for this new event! #SeasonOfOpulence

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Jack Hurst

Ricks cast is here...and today were are going to discuss my broken toe for 40 minutes.


Nice to know these


I'm so confused

QuickShot_ limit

6:40 well shoot I've claimed like 6

Ssj Ichigo

I feel like the arunak secret triumph is glitched, the first time I ran it, no one touched the knights and I didn't get it, second time I ran it, we killed all of the knights and I got the triumph

My dick is incredibly small, but

I already clicked on all of mine...

Sean L

Oof I completed the iron banner/crucible one

Ethen Jordan

Too late. Collected 1 :(

Funky Drummer

Yay first comment on video

overlord 2020

Too fucking late. I grabbed the ttibute hall triumph, never thought these things were glitched. Damn

Yung Sinnxr

Why isn’t this video 15 min


if you use fighting lion in the gauntlet, youll get a instant win without even having to fight the boss

Zyro Ethics

Rick Lobster lol thats funny, Rick Kackis has really good videos.

Adam Crosby

Pro-gress and rhuins. Lol, love the videos but the dude kills me.

Adrian De La Torre

I eat ass


I accidentally claimed the triumph


I wish I had people to play this with. I miss my old fireteam :(


Thanks red cock hd


You know even though i dont have access to the menagerie but still gonna support you brother

Mida Life Crisis

** High Roller Triumph Requires a 200k nightfall run ***


Too late for me, I earned the into the coliseum and take it because I didn't knew what it was

Minetastick 5

I already claimed imperial footsoldier and imperial scoundrel


luv you bro !


"dont click on them"

you are like 2 weeks late...


I think that the triumph hall will just be another part of the leviathan. When we complete these triumphs that give tributes I'm thinking they will be physical statues that represent what we have done.

Cayden Saxon

I just looked at your Twitter for the first time... I didn’t expect you to look so rugged

cry w

I'm glad you didn't artificially extend the length of this video in order to shove more ads in. That's always annoying, even if I understand the rationale.


Well, i hope it doesn't just suck the tribute hall triumph reward into the void (because i claimed one of them already)

Inko Dreg

What is up guys rick rolled here Never gonna give you up intensifies

Anne Tunney

Bungie is the stupidest company . They are more interested in having us farm boring crappy, repetitive content this time with callus armour. Jeez what rocket scientist. Lets see how many idiots will do this



Ed Felty

Just one piece of calus themed armor or a whole set?

Robby Filth

I clicked the iron banner I got. Damn it lol

wtynero I

Thx for uploading after I completed a Tribute Hall triumph and turned it in

Active Killerz Gaming

Well that explains all my tributes appearing and disappeared right after lol should be a fun run tommorow , i recommend finsihing your chalice we did didnt take much effort just playing alil bit a day , buy all chests beat triumphs unlocked the right upgrades at the right time,

Matt Gantt

lmao rick lobster

Timothy jensen

can i do leviathan encounters on crown of sorrows since its tecnically encounters on leviathan

Anthony Benitez

Lmfao you actually did it lmfao

Penhalion Wolfe

I have handed in all of my tributes so far. Hopefully Bungie will ensure that these are correctly counted.

For the record the reason they disappear is because you are earning STATUES for the tribute hall. They should be in the hall when it becomes available.

Michael Smith

Is there any point to imperials after your chalice is full upgraded?

paul Segal

nearly first

Daiveon Mallery

So you mean I have to get that ugly ass ship? Nah fam. Those are some
Imperials I won’t be getting.


am i the only one that got confused when he said "and today, with the heroic menagerie coming out....... TOMORROW"


10 minutes long


I got one for doing ib in a full set


James Charles kissed you

Like to undo

matteo valenzuela

a little late on the video dont you think

Eduardo Solano


Abyssal B

I was wondering why the item was disappearing


Without meaning to, your face has joined the Red Legion.


You can do both of the gay tles triumoghs by simply shooting a grenade launcher or The Wardcliff coil through the finish line. Each projectile will count as a player

SpottyLamb 89

Lmfao so theres 20 haters already

Gabriel Whetstine

Noticed the other day youtube close captions picks up your name as Rick Cactus so which is it Rick Lobster or Rick Cactus?

The Masked Ghost Bear



There is another tribute hall triumph that I got. You have to get kills in iron banner whilst wearing calus stuff

Mistake Central

I got one for iron banner and I claimed it, D:


Me: Fuck !

Waltz Norost

You missed the Iron banner tribute triumph, also the triumphs can be completed by using the menagerie weapons, its not just while wearing armor (got IB one by using the Austringer in my matches, don't own any armor piece yet)


If you wanna see Rick Lobster for yourself lol:
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Slipping Bug

You earn tribute hall triumphs with Calus weapons too

V7I - TheSeventhSector

dew to all the new players that will most likely be joining and the old one that have dropped off (me) can you make a video(s) talking about and explaining everything in D2 up to this point? talking about everything from every expansion that we can do and how to do it and what to do?
like when expansions would first drop and the weeks leading up to it you and other YT's would explain how to do certain things and get certain things but without all the speculation with everything you know, that is true now?
hope you understand what im trying to ask xD
im just lost in where to go and what do to and how to get things done?

Marcus Vospette

A Rick Kackis video under ten minutes? Has hell frozen over?


I got three of those hall of tribute triumphs like a week ago and allready claimed them.. so that mean i never get them again?

Hattem Dasuki

I love this videos, they are so informative and really helpful.. Thx kackis!

Pranjal Protim

kackis video less than 10 mins ? What era are we in ?

Randomgaming '

I have watched this 8 times

Greg The Dreg

What if we already did pop the triumph are we just screwed??

DragonKnight90001*t i aquired one already


Did anyone ask

Hugo M

yo i got annual pass finally and its soo gooood


I haven’t done the scourge of the past or crown of sorrow. No one on the lfg is gonna want me

Arkayus Mako

Cheese forever did this in 1:29 lol, why does it take you ten minutes.

Ur Boi Elmo

(Btw, your vids are really helpful)

Lord Shadow

Freaken Brick Cactus here

Alcoholic Villan

Great video Rick, one question.
How the heck did you get your skip grenade back so fast at the start of the video (against pigori).
Thanks for the info man! Need to prep!

Cyan Crewmate

It doesn't matter if you claim them or not they still work on the solstice event

Jeyser Lozano

A fellow member trynna return to destiny 2 after a year long break i am trying to find out something about the expansions packs not what it brings but how its been sold and i would want some help @kakishd


Did the first one by accident


Lmao no one is doing the shipp so they have it as a imperial trumph


God rick you’re just annoying

Problematic Potato92

A 9 minute video,PRAISE THE SUN


Sup guys red cock is here

Jose Luis Zaragoza

I got the gambit triumph and completed the triumph and it disappeared cause I didn’t know

Brian Marshall

Hunters that use triple jump ask their moms if they can stay up past bed time


Welp I watched this vid a day after I got one and I excepted the triph

Ferris W

Just a quick tip for when you’re playing the crystals that I saw. It only takes 19 shots to kill a crystal, you have 40 shots. I noticed you use about 23 shots each time, meaning that you can only get one crystal. Great video, thank you very much


“Lambs to the slaughter” isn’t that from Rick and Morty

Joakim Johansson

Can you use the menagerie gear to earn the triumps?


It counts with Weapons for the Calus because I had one pop already using only the Beloved in Iron Banner.


Lol I did the first one on accident on my first run

Jotaro’s rather abnormal hat

I don’t think it really matters if we complete the triumphs because bungo will probably fix it

Wator 03 04

I completed my tribute hall thingies

Dennis The Menace

D2 is so much better. Please keep up this momentum, Bungie, Content Creatives, and.... oh yeah Adios Activision!

christopher henson

Been looking for this one.
Rickus kackem


I subbed btw

The Nexus

Fuck. I already did Scoundrel and Coliseum.

Isak Vormeland


Caleb F

Too late Kackis... I’ve already turned 4 in...

PeteTheGreek NY

Too late bucko... I done clicked on them....

The nexus

I got all the things i need, i maxed out all the rune collors, got rune combatability 2, and i got masterwork slot, now i guess ill just max the rest out whenever.