The Trial of Joy Sparkles BS ✨ RESPONSITROCITY

The Trial of Joy Sparkles BS ✨ RESPONSITROCITY

21 157 views | 28 Sep. 2018

Today is the trial of Joy Sparkles BS. The prosecutor is ready, the defense is ready, and the evidence has been submitted to the judge.

Let the trial begin!

WATCH The Mediatrocity if you haven't (If you haven't seen the Mediatrocity, you might be a little lost):


Cecil Mcfly as the Judge:

SAI Music as Sai:


Samus Music:

Beaver Boy:



Sir Jetiau:



The Right Opinion:


Woz Lee:

Hi, I Think I’m Real:




Joy Sparkle BS:


Miss A

the snowflakes were on the conservative side the whole time... what a plot twist. you kids need to talk to a few REAL sjws lol

Kattscratch Granny

The kids are with thier mom now. Just so you know.
I must point out,you took a play out of the Onision playbook by telling Joy she should tattoo "liar" on her ass.

Tosha Michelle

I don’t know who any of these people are. I was interested in the backstory of Joy. I came across her channel recently. I don’t understand making nasty comments on someone’s looks though. Personality, on the other hand...Interesting content


I love your passionate vocal acting (even though it's not really acting per se) But I think it would fit in perfect with a youtube drama themed anime haha

A Edwards

She never actually proved her illnesses.

Octavia Aurora

...I've seen a few videos of yours...and this intro is what earned my sub holy shit that was gold

Becky's Backwards Hat

holy backwash bon bon

Soras Harkness

claps you got a sub due to creativity

Kelly Whisman

OMFG HOW DO YOU ONLY HAVE 3K SUBS?! This content is sooooo entertaining and original, I love it!

The Talker.

joy did she donate the money?

The CryptoAnarchistNeoLibral Think Tank

do you have a camera on your ceiling?

Goo gle

You are amazing bonbon. Kill joy please. That's all I want for christmas!

humble gamer

you be more honest or real than joy but as a passive viewer-- youre also much cringier


Shill-it Defranco, a journalist. ..?

Otherwise good stuff!


Watched this one and your Sophie Labbel one before, you earned yourself a sub. Didn't realize your age until this one though and it kind of surprised me since I don't even hear 30 year olds talking with this much information. Keep up with whatever education you have in mind because it seems like you will go far.

Melissa Green

You make any topic interesting. If I had the time I would look into this just as a mental exercise, but I am satisfied just hearing your take. Really love your channel so far.

Conservative liberal

I wished I had the balls this child has to do YouTube I’m so antisocial and super fucking shy on camera it just amazes me how confident and so chill some people can be I’d probably be reading off a script and studder so many times good job keep it up

Dan & Elissa Nolan

Although this isn't exactly my kind of content, I can still say at least you went out of your way to be entertaining, plus you edited it as well. Joy couldn't possibly be more lazy. I think that's what bothers me the most about her

Marsha Pringle

Her new Youtube is Katies Corner WOW?!!!!

Boston Black Cat

Girl, please tell me your long term plans include law school. As of this second you're better than half the lawyers out there.

Ian G.

32:50 WHOA WHOA there friend. Please tell me where you found that information, the kids being taken away from BOTH parents. I can’t find that bit of info ANYWHERE.


I said it on another one of your videos but your humour, quick fire style, effort and creativity is waaaaay beyond your 16 years!

Your content really is up there with Content Cop - funny, horrifically non-PC, scathing and right on the money.

Please keep going with your channel, if things like Goof Week and this are anything to go by, you've a long and popular YouTube career ahead of you.

Debbie Haines

I hate the way joy goes for the jugular the second someone disagrees with her! She gets nasty and childish, but acts arrogantly like she’s oh so clever, she’s a joke!

No Thanks

You're like who Millie from Bob's burgers

Sakura ShinRa

Joy, when a girl in bunny onsie is calling you the world's biggest lolcow, it's time to seriously take stock of your life

Red Feather1

I know you could make 100+ vids on her but are not interested...however i was wondering about your opinion on her more recent material...she asks if she is worse than Peter Monn, and has a couple more introspective vids where she has a quandry of whether or not she is narcissitic or sociopathic. Oh, and has been harping on about certain ppl who harrass her and antagonizing them, while also releasing a vid where she calls the police on them. I understand if you are finished with this, but jw your thoughts.
Great vid!

Lain !

As a fellow rabbit eared human, I must say, I love your content. I've enjoyed watching you improve since I first found you a few months ago. Keep up the good work. It's nice to see young creators who arent the Paul brothers or jojo siwa.

Joey J

Dear sweet holy freakin baby jeezus Christ almighty on frickin heaven and earth...what a freakin nightmare...props to anyone who has the fortitude to sit through those miserable vids or stare into the face of a Joy or an Onion boy for more than a're far stronger than I am.

Anthony Bettinger

Thumbs up for Kimya Dawson

amberlynn's urologist

She heals herself of her imaginary sicknesses waowww . The only health issue she has is insanity ,hysteria and bpd.

Chambers of My Heart

Somethings here: Tim did talk to Joy giving her sensitive info under the gag order and Joy's videos did end up on some talk shows and articles. DeFranco and even Keen were sourced in articles in regards to Do5 as well. They focused more on DeFranco due to his size and how much Mike Martin was going after him though DeFranco was not a close source to what was going on. Also, the children are with Rose, not with the state. Also, I didn't pocket any money. I proved my innocence with that and even Rose came out and cleared my name. I don't mind talking about it with you, if you wish.

artist d mc

Better watch you don't end up in her pot

SpadeMagnus FGC

I like my new bunny suit

Nicely Done

30:40 the other reason people had a problem w joy was bc she inserted herself with the case. She had secret conversations with Rose's lawyer. Rose should never had to worry that some stranger was talking to her lawyer, about her case about HER OWN CHILDREN! it's just gross.

Imagine you had a case and your lawyer is your only option bc you cant a Ford another lawyer. This lawyer is talking to some nutty stranger who makes videos about your case.

S. Scav

At first I was apprehensive about you but after this video I am now a subscriber ^_^ I really enjoyed this video.


I love everything in this except using "retarded". I wish I could share this to spread the truth, but I can't with that word in it.

Die - Hearts

Holy shit, S-man Speaks. I'm buddies with that guy

Sesar Rubalcava

This video is amazing.

Chlorine Lori

Stupid girl the gag order is when you should not talk about the case publicly, as in newspapers or on YouTube. She said she had information but not what. Gag orders happen so the jury’s judgments can’t be contaminated by the public opinions. I don’t like Joy but you are wrong here, really wrong. You sound like you think that you are so smart,what you think you would not get offended if someone picked up your video and point out everything you said what was wrong. You would,because you are not different from her... you all are the same....putting yourself above the other because you think you are superior and smarter. In reality you all taste the same. Lol cows all of you... And kids are better off in other families than with the father and the mother, that Rose sounds drugged all the time, probably is,she is freaking bipolar. So between abuser and crazy person who you think is better at keeping those kids? Yeah, for that Joy should be proud even though she is a freaking lunatic, but those people are not fit parents, and I don’t trust that Rose nothing, she was money hungry along with her lawyer who wanted to sue YouTube later on....

Gabriel The Magolor Main

I am living for the way you do your videos. Your creativity is a breath of fresh air. I’m not sure if you’re the first to have content like this, as I wouldn’t often click on a video with a cartoon image, but you’ve got it. My son really wants to be a youtuber, he’s 9 and it’s all he’s talked about for the last few years. I won’t let him post videos for many reasons; he has autism and has struggled with self esteem issues and I don’t think the internet will help with that, he’s just too young, I know nothing about editing, and he hasn’t taken the time to plan videos. He’s made a bunch that I’m saving him future embarrassment from by not posting. With my odd luck, he would go viral and become a meme that would hurt his feelings. However, he’s adorable, not just cause he’s mine, but he’s this super cute, super intelligent, witty kid with an enormous vocabulary, so maybe a meme would be positive about him. I tell you all this because I really think he could draw inspiration from your videos, not emulate what you do exactly, but what you do really fits in to who he is. I’ve been telling him if he truly sits down and writes it out and learns how to edit videos I would consider letting him post one, but so far he’s not there yet, and I admit I haven’t helped him because of the reasons listed above! Maybe someday, as I just want him to be happy. He is smart enough to be a scientist, he’s excellent at debate and I could see him as a lawyer, but it’s his life, not mine, and he will find his way. It’s just that middle childhood is a tricky time in development and he’s known he has autism for a while, but he’s starting to see how he’s different, both in positive ways and ways that make things difficult for him. I just don’t feel like he’s ready to be online. If no one watches he would be crushed, if people did watch the comments could crush him. So, I’ll just be the mean mom that won’t let him do it for now and hope that he changes his mind, which he rarely ever does

NPC #2234581

This way to see how kids get cancer.


Oh my god, your choice of “Not Tomorrow,” from Silent Hill as the music in the conclusion, I love this!

Crazy_ Apepperoni

Fun fact: i first saw agnostic plague doctors channel and your channel just from both of your videos discussing this whole issue between onision and joy sparkle. Ever since i have been watching both of your videos throughout.


Girl in the bunny suit looks just like Joy. Joy would be your greatest champion I’m sure

Emily Brown

As someone with a list of diagnosed mental and physical illnesses, this woman engages me. Do you know what I would do to have a cure for my Fibromyalgia, or any of my other illnesses? Living with these illnesses is Hell. Yet, despite that, whenever I screw up, I step up and act like an adult. Just because I'm sick doesn't mean I can blame all of my actions on that.


Oh she says guilt by association? Funny coming from her after what happen with her and Mikeenator after she said her DISGUSTING racist comment. Everyone wanted him to come down on Joy and he was blamed because of being friends with her and not calling her out when she said it since he was there and he was saying he can be friends with her and he’s not responsible for what she did!

Kristin Van der Tick


Ian G.

You better be the next big thing. Your vids are awesome.

May Life


Shaley ukele

I don’t even have headphones on and I’m deaf now.

Katie Manuel

Ahhh damn. Y’all remind me of me and my family. My brother and my cousins...we are a bunch of crazies with far too many inside jokes and a plethora of movie quotes crammed in at every given opportunity. So I subscribed

odeon macheteshits

Marry me bon bon ...your great


I used to like Joy...I'm weird as fuck and like other weird and quirky people. But there are some inconsistencies I've had a hard time getting over...I can't stan no more (not that I was ever a joy tard or anything...js).

mayathe crackkidz

the video starts with Eminem... insta sub

Anna Jo2000

Here's what happened with Phil: He wanted to fill out an application, and Joy advised him to make up shit on his resume. Phil wasnt keen on doing that and Joy got mad that he didnt take her advice. Here is a video with Phil explaining his nightmare with Joy: He proves everything and has receipts.


Bin, u really put a ton of work into this video! At your age ur already light years ahead of some of the people on this platform! You go girl!

Mariahr Fordays

Intro... ducking gold
Then I began highly concerned as to why a child is drinking and cursing like a sailor... lol


Dude how long does it take to make these videos???? They're brilliant!!!!


I can’t find anything about the children belonging to the state. Everything I’ve found says they went to Rose.


this has literally nothing to do w the video but like wow... im so gay 4 u fam

Suzanne Wey

I think..I've died about 3 seperate times now..PLEASE make it stop

The Talker.

like onision is with enia cooney

Beka Rex

I don’t think she did actually prove her illnesses. I think she is genuinely full of all the shit.

Konnor Johnson

Nice touch referencing S-man Speaks. That guy is awesome!

Happy Blobfish Productions

I found your Channel, I cringed and then I subscribed. If you have a Twitter I can tell you all the crap that goes put me through because it's plentiful.

Suzanne Wey

I'm so fucking happy that i smoked a joint right before i found this video


This is my bedtime story this week.Hide your kids hide your wife! kind of hilarious ;)
I like your new bunny suit too...
when you wear it you look cute.


tf u are all psychotic. let me our of this digital padded cell, this cyber straightjacket. so many people are a trip u dont wanna take

Vanessa McCreadie


I used to support Joy and Tbh I feel pretty damn ashamed that I did. I should have noticed all the signs and the warnings, and I didn't, so to everyone I insulted or got mad at, I'm sorry.

Don't Get It Twisted.

OMG !!! Well Done

Nightwind Rose

I am glad I stumbled onto your channel just wish people put this much effort in all their videos by far most entertaining shit I seen in awhile


I do think she is sick but I feel like she over exaggerating

KaiPon Visp

Joy always seemed like someone with Munchausen or whatever it's called now, honestly. I am not a doctor though so...

Mrs. Robinson

I love your concept for the video. I loved it and I appreciate all the work put into it.


Bon Bon is best bunny sorry Bugs. :)


What happened to Cody and Emma

Hayley Moody

So I started watching this thinking oh God this is gonna be shit, but it was actually pretty good and articulate. Well done.

Sophie Q

this video is gen z culture

Jessie rae

This is great. Thx.


That intro was


Good video. I think you are a great story teller and your editing is on point, and while I do believe you have a lot of growth to do as it relates to understanding social justice and equity ( I've seen some of your other videos) I think this one was pretty funny and had a lot of good points. You are talented, but no reason to waste all that talent and energy on Joy. Hone in on your craft, because you are onto something.


This is one of the most thorough takedowns of a YouTuber I've ever seen. This video is so extensively researched that it literally blows my mind keep up the good work Bon Bon!

SoulEater Evans

I'm not sure where this supposed illness evidence comes from. The only evidence brought up that I've seen was equivalent to an illness shopping list-- the "evidence" was literally just a list of things you claim you have that medical places have to note, and hers was like 12 complex things. She uses it as diagnosis evidence, but it's her literal shopping list for what she wants others to believe she has. Repzion even notes this in his video, having seen this kind of stuff because his mom was a nurse, by pointing out that one of the columns is ID tags for the illnesses (meant for internal use by staff) that only a nurse has to see you for you to get a snapshot of

Arkham VA Productions

Hey, Bon bon, Repzion made a part two to his vid, The "proof" is nothing more than a Simple Item list, It lists what she came in for, Not A diagnosis from a doctor. Check out his vid. It may help you.



Ella Jazz

Oh my god ! That opening , oh that opening

Atticus TheDeathMetaller

Jesus Christ have I had the displeasure of knowing her.

BTW fantastic video.

HeatherRose 36

so you are still a teen?? You display such a huge amount of insight, intelligence and you express yourself so so well! Amazing! You seem iike the type of person who can do anything you want to. Keep up the great work! So smart and funny too!!

Jonny Kitty

People like joy are the reason why I don't talk much on the internet or on social media anymore.


Hell yeah! Best video ever!!!+

The Talker.

joy can make who many videos about onision it is the bownside of free speech.

Harvard Chickie

Subbed I’m not worthy. You made my day, thank you!

Nicely Done

I just noticed she was back on YouTube. She always claimed she didnt have mental health issues but in a recent video she clearly has a panic attack and has to stop filming. Its obvious she needs help. Why she would deny this? I think she denies it bc she has physical symptoms from anxiety and depression and the physical symptoms aren't valid enough for her. The physical symptoms from depression and anxiety can mimic something like fibro. This is all my opinion.

Simon-Pierre Dubé

I don't know how the hell i ended up here after watching a National Geographic Documentary, but daaaaamn, i am glad. This is original, funny, and entertaining. You got a new sub.


I thought the crazy girl in the bunny suit was supposed to be this crazy joy sparkle im hearing about lol.

A Different Take

Joy is a shit Someguy/Stevie Wolfe with less charisma. Welcome back buddy :D

Harvard Chickie

Except she didn’t confirm the medical claims; no MD ever found any evidence of heavy metal toxicity, only a woo woo naturopath did... so uh???

odeon macheteshits

Marry me bon bon ...your great


You're all right, Bon Bon. Good luck at college.