Our Bravado Banshee 900R! A Benny's Detailed Customization Review! - Lets Play GTA5 Online HD E327

Our Bravado Banshee 900R! A Benny's Detailed Customization Review! - Lets Play GTA5 Online HD E327

25 950 views | 18 Apr. 2019

Ep.327 Our Bravado Banshee 900R Viper! A Benny's Detailed Sports Car To Super Car Customization Review!

Hello Again Awesome Sock Fans!! :)

It's the end of 'Lowrider's Week' again, for now at least, until Rockstar's next sale...they do come often throughout the year for these. But, before this one ends we buy ourselves a brand new sports car turned into a new super car...the awesome Bravado Banshee 900R! A Benny's Motorworks car! :D

After our Vapid Chino Custom 'Low & Slow' Lowrider from yesterday, I thought it was time for something 'Fast To Go' for today instead! ;)

A very special thanks to all our Patreon supporters & to you 'Sock Fans', my 'Odd Socks' out there, my wonderful wonderful 'pile of odds'! Big Huge Super Thanks for Watching & Subscribing Everyone! You all help make this happen! :)

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Zachary -Philpott

I love the car customizing videos!


You sound like the actor for Trevor


i can watch and listen to him the entire day, what a gentleman.

The Real Bleach

Nice another video


literally never noticed those amazing rims they look amazing im seeing this late but amazing video keep up the work


She's looking beastly. You should double clutch the car more and enjoy that speed boost you get.

Anonymous Reviewer

here is a link where i found a drowned plane in gta5 , please subscribe and like.


Hello Again Awesome Socks Fans! It's The End Of The Benny's Lowriders Week Tonight, But Still Time For Us To Grab A Banshee 900R! :D
I Couldn't Resist Adding This To The Garage...Every Garage Looks Better With A Viper In It Somewhere! ;)
Thanks For Liking & Subscribing Everyone!! Thanks Just For Being Here!! Thanks & Love To All Our Patreon Supporters!! :D
See You All Back Again Soon For Tomorrows Thursday Newsday Newswire News! Hopefully We Get A Great New Event Week!! :)

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Elian Hernandez



Its cool how you take it all the way to Benny's, alway support you local businesses!

BEAU bulldog

Great vid

TTV_ Darkrai

Great video but a long customization

fazrul justitia

Wow new video again, notif squad


I would say I’m pretty good at modifying GTA cars but sometimes I look at what you’ve done and realise I’ve done it all wrong. Then steel your ideas lol, hope you don’t mind

Nex #kek

I must have found this channel at the perfect time :) keep those uploads coming!

Adam Gibson

Lol great video !!!

James T.

Wow! What is this, day 5 of daily uploads? Keep it up, I’m really enjoying these!

Eric Brandon

Great video!


How did you get so much money

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Had no Idea I watch an hour long video

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I'd really like to see the b11 strikeforce


Loving the videos Sock! Always keeping me entertained


TheMissingSock how did u get all of that money was it a mod? And great content btw love all of the videos bro

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The best gta youtuber

antoni yanes

you've been on colors for so long

Tom Farmer

I've done benny's conversion in my CEO office recently

Nicholas Kucharski

I really like GTA v online I I especially like Benny's custom workshop I see you have a handful of videos I'd love to see all of his cars that Benny offers customized I know that's a lot to ask

Dean Fox

That's one mint car

Ç ø n ę r

We missed you

Zaqsh •

First like bro


I'm buying this car on a next sale, good custom options Sock.

Gray-pogo 291

I been able to upgrade Benny’s vehicles to the custom in my office garage for awhile

Brandon Adams

Viper's were very cool back in the 90s . The blue and white stripe was very popular on those cars back in the day.

Mac Johnson

Hey sock, I’ve watched since Minecraft!

Philip -

Banshee 900R is a good drifting vehicle and underrated vehicle great vid

Daniel EndWizzi

Love watching these videos everyday

Dean Fox

I copy you with all my cars and properties you inspectio you are the best youtuber in the world

Tu Mongolo

Can you show us how/what you did to get so rich in a little amount of time

Always Vibing

Does anyone know how to get this car if its not at bennys

Aaron Calver

good to see u bak man!

Matthew Pratt

How do u get so rich


After watching this video I went and customised the Specter Custom before the event week finished, might as well take advantage of the discounts while they are there.