KH 1.5 HD Remix: Hercules Cup Time Trial

KH 1.5 HD Remix: Hercules Cup Time Trial

6 384 views | 3 Nov. 2013

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I tried the time trial SO many times I was completely sick of if and decided to look for help. This appeared and I said "You know what? Screw it. I'll finish this thing whatever it takes". Then immediately proceded to beat it legit. LOL


July 1, 2020; Still Works

Biecie Jack

November 30 2019, still works thank goodness.

Brandon Haught

Why do your regular attacks seem so much faster than mine? Also how do you do the slide attack

Kaneki Ken

I didn't use any glitches during any of the game until I unlocked this, but after losing this trial like 5 times in a row I was looking for a video to show me how it's done not expecting this to be a glitch video. I said fuck it, if it still works I'm doing it cause I'm too frustrated to keep trying it without it. I leveled up multiple times and still didn't beat it. So I'll confirm, October 8th, 2018 this stil lworks.

Josh Davidson

Is this real or just edditing

Dragons Hell

My thundaga spell was way weaker than yours but I can say that the Hercules glitch works of 2019

Johnny McJohnson

My thundara does way less damage what's up with that

Ronny Martinez

September 28, 2020 still works lol

Noah Adkinson

January 10th 2021
Still works

Ugly Bastard

Still works late December 2020, and thank god because I can just BARELY make it to Hercules (4 seconds left). Why they only give you 3 fucking minutes to beat Cloud, Hercules, 7 real waves of heartless, and a truffle is beyond me.

Ryan Scholes

for any people who view this video, as of march 2nd 2016, this glitch still works.

Anima Tweek

does that time trick work on other time trial cups?

Jacob Hilson

April 7th 2020 and it still works on the Xbox one port version



Pirate: I'm gonna slam my sword on top of you!  [Slams, misses, sword is stuck]  Hey!  Get out of there!

Sora: Silly Pirate, THIS is how it's done: [Blitz on the Pirate, destroys it.]


August 2, 2020 still works even on PS4.

Alex Connor

I’m for sure using the clock glitch but is it actually possible to beat it normally?


lol still works on the PS4 release

Amanda Nilla

April 11 2020 still works bby.