Is This Astromon Good? - Bulbie | Monster Super League

Is This Astromon Good? - Bulbie | Monster Super League

459 views | 1 Dec. 2019

Goats grow from fruits y'know?

Anyway, this series will be for the newer players that are still unsure of the potential an Astromon may have. We see the "is *blank* Astromon good?" question everywhere all the time, so I think it would be really good to go through as many as possible to help those people out.

I won't be going the elitist route either. No "if you don't use *blank* you're doing it wrong". Definitely not. I believe you should use the mons you love most and that almost every mon has it's use somewhere. It's all about figuring out WHERE they're useful.


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L Shiluyanger Imsong 21

I recomment D.Bulbie.
Those expose weakness r OP skills v.v

benthic able

expose weakness works wonders on Dark Colossus, i use it with my light Siegfried and typically kill it in 3 turns.

Kenji D. Guzman

Buff Breaker on wood Bulbie is obviously not that good of a skill, but it's also not 100% useless. The water colo has a defense up skill, which is an obvious buff, so if you use buff breaker against him, it will go away. That can help to do a lot more damage if you use nukers/courageous strikers against him instead of using sappers. This will help to cut down your time tremendously because once the water colo has defense up, you'll be doing far less dps with a nuker/cser if you didn't use that skill compared to if you did use it. With that being said, buff breaker is still a trash skill, and if you use astromons like wood minicat in combination with a fire draka in there, buff breaker isn't going to be needed anyway even if it can potentially cut your time down a little bit.

Watchman Of The End

If you're going to use a Bulbie, use Dark Bulbie in LD titans with Dark Thors (I have 4) Light Wendigo (I have 1) and Dark Indras (I have 0 RIP).

Luq H

I watch almost all of your videos :)

benthic able

i'd use a dark bulbie.... IF I HAD ONE!..... also first.