MapleStory 2 | RUSTED KEY Idle & Safe farm! (+ Future Tech Trophy)

MapleStory 2 | RUSTED KEY Idle & Safe farm! (+ Future Tech Trophy)

11 304 views | 26 Oct. 2018

As the title states - this is a video describing BOTH a method of farming Rusted Keys and how to achieve any rank of the "Future Tech" trophy. 2 great things in one video! If you're here for just the key farm, I highly suggest skipping to the timestamps I've left in the video. You can learn the entire farm and the steps to do so in less than 6 minutes that way! I also HIGHLY suggest to read the description (below) for information you will want to know when it comes to farming these keys. Trust me, it's useful!

I hope this video was informative, and if you enjoyed - leave a comment or a like. I can answer questions about this video - but only if you leave a comment. If you find an infamous 8th chest in this area - please comment! I will pin you to the top to ensure people see it.

For those caring about the trophy (and information in the description about it), scroll a bit down in this description.

Rusted Key Information:

- This is an IDLE farm. Meaning you minimize the game and watch videos (or play other games), or craft under "Life Skills" in-game.

- You are in no threat of any enemies or other players (if done correctly, and done solo).

- This is not, by any means, a really fast way of farming keys. However, after the setup of the farm - it is by far the laziest, idlest, and safest farm.

- It is recommended to have level 50 gear (no matter the class you are) to safely dispatch the enemies in the first map.

- This farm will get you 2-5 keys. I have had 2 runs (out of 5) that have given me FOUR keys all for doing nothing (other than running around and pressing my interaction key).

- Farming these keys WILL net prestige experience. 9-10% per set of chests! That's what I call easy leveling!

- These chests can give voucher fragments and even x100 crystals (those are the only two I can personally - vouch - for).

Rusted Key IMPORTANT information:

- You DO NOT need to do what was shown in the video fully! If you're here ONLY for the chests, you simply need to clear out the whole first map and wait. You don't even need to put in the code! Doing what was shown in the video lets you farm both the "Complex" title AND keys - at the same time. It is - I repeat - NOT required to do the whole video for the idle farm.

- Secondary note: (although it may seem personal) it feels a lot slower only clearing the map and waiting, than it is to get to the boss and then "Leave dungeon". Again, it IS proven it works even without putting in the code - I can confirm this. However, it feels slower (May need further testing).

- This method is so ridiculous at how well it is for how lazy it is, that it will most definitely be nerfed. Use this as much as possible whenever you want to get keys and experience - but don't want to play the game (other than moving to grab keys, and rest somewhere).

- I highly recommend using a character that is easy like Berserker. No, I'm not calling out Berserker as "easy" and lazy - but it IS a class that can wipe the floor of this map without needing to pop a single potion... unlike my thief that drank 5-6 for this whole recording session. Hey, every little bit counts.

Information pertaining to "Future Tech":

- To get to this, you NEED to set it to the PAST + Henesys. Doing any other route will still progress the dungeon but not give you the trophy (or progress on higher tiers of the trophy).

- You do NOT need to finish the dungeon to progress on this! Save your dungeon cap by not completing it. You're not gonna miss out useful gear. The only thing you'll miss out is experience and mesos - which, if we're only talking experience here - you get plenty of by doing a single chest-loot run.

- You only need to put ONE part on the ship, ONCE - if you only care about the attribute point. After that, you can dip out of the dungeon for good if that's the only bit you care for.

If you read this whole description... well done! I hope the info was great to read. :3

That thumbnail took like 2-5 hours to make. I kid you not. Someone pls give tips on making thumbnails faster ;u;


Keep uploading! Enjoyed your skybounds videos, very helpful!

Nick Piez

What’s the point of having so many keys when it cost so much to make them useful?


This is not idle at all?


Very helpful video my dude, this should have way more views :)


I needed to go into Ludible Time Hall for fishing and remembered seeing this video. Still works like a charm. The timing seems to be 15 minutes on the nose for a chest to respawn (I've just been waiting at the last chest opened, I go left to right then right to left etc). It's perfect for things like binge watching Netflix - I have 16 keys so far over the last couple hours, and have gained about 1.5 levels as well. Thanks!


Did this got nerfed or do i just have bad luck ? i farmed like 40 chests now and i got 2 keys..


There’s a faster way to do this. Go to Tria, and then 1 area southwest from there (I forgot what it’s called, something royal road, I think...) anyway, there’s several chest locations scattered throughout the area. After you loot an area, just switch channels and keep going through the list. No afk’ing necessary. When you get to the end of the list, go back to the start and more chests should have spawned.
EDIT: this is only for rusted key farming


my friend you are still alive

ra gl

did you ever found out what the exact time it is i want to use a stop watch while i am alt tabbed


Can you enter, leave dungeon and reenter for the chests to start spawning or do you have to complete stage 2 and 3 before exiting?

Jamie Feltham

why do you wait at the beginning of the dungeon?

Joseph Talotta

dont think it works anymore...nvm still does!!! thank you!


Alright thank u so much for the video NOW TAKE IT DOWN :)


does this still work?

John Paul

Tbh idle>fastest.
100% of the time for unfun activivtes like this.