Off Course OF COURSE!! | Marik & Bakura: Go to Censored Town #3

Off Course OF COURSE!! | Marik & Bakura: Go to Censored Town #3

4 514 views | 14 Jul. 2017

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We've reached an out of the way town while traversing way off course. What kind of town is it and what secrets does it hold? Well you have to watch to find out of course! Because its Welcome to Cu---Censored Town. CENSORED TOWN is what I mean to say!

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After some time away from the series we can't help but return back to it because we love you guys! Thank you for watching and helping us grow everyday! Its much appreciated.



When's the next episode

Shell Mora

Why does it take a whole year to finish a Fanfic? This is annoying..

Cute Dog

Hope #4 comes out soon


oh HELL yes! This is the best day I've ever gotten off work, I come home to a new episode of this!! Thank youuuuu!!!

Olivia Phantomhive

Ik I’m years late ... but like I miss this I need this ended

Jessica Martin

Man, Bakura is lewd af.

Filipa Maria Costa

ah, I absolutely love this. are you planning on finishing it? I'd love to see more! I mean, I've read the fic, but the visual novel is even better. and your commentary is really, really good.

(I'm not telling you to make another episode, of course. don't wanna be that guy. still, I'd love it if you did.)

Laila Nyx


Kayla Ryou

When are you posting the next part?

Pyzna Cos

i randomly looked if its online...and i found it xD i screamed so hard

claire milford

IM nOt aGe appropriate, BuT hOt DiggITy, i wanna see a l l of Marik and Bakura go to censored town.



Kriszy S.B

YYAYYYYYYYYY FINALLY <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Luke van Kleef

This fanfic was awesome! The well scene had me almost crying. And when Melvin showed up it was like I was reading a crime drama! I got some serious serial killer vibes from that, it was awesome. I look forward to more!

Fiona Coyne

I honestly can't wait for those scenes to happen since it'll be awkward and the fact that you two are brothers... makes the situation even better!


thank you, i was really looking forward to this video! Hope the next one comes soon!


where are you guyssss, its been three yearssss