The Talos Principle Walkthrough (TTP) - Deception (Part 27)

The Talos Principle Walkthrough (TTP) - Deception (Part 27)

87 997 views | 12 Dec. 2014

The Talos Principle Walkthrough (TTP) - Deception (Part 27)

Walkthrough of The Talos Principle "Deception"



Fuck this was an annoying one. Just goes to show how Elohim likes to fuck with our heads.

ziv keren

Don’t feel bad or search sophistication, that’s my friends a result of game designer who simply doesn’t get laid.

Claudiu K.

this is really a WALK through...

The Lorax Of Death

that fov tho

Marco Masuzzi

Going back was the way! I wish I had figured it out by myself xD Thanks!


Horribly designed puzzle imo

ShehzaanA Abdulla

I feel really irritated about this one because I realised what the deception was, but just couldn't get the angle right on the blue beam. Somehow I messed up the easier part of the puzzle.


This was a clever puzzle. Managed to figure it out, took about 30 minutes thought. Actually the name "deception" lead me to think backwards

Tom Drobot


Absolutely impossible even with this video.


Thanks so much!


Damn ... I had everything figurated out , I even thought about going back with the blue laser but I was sure that I had to go through the blue barrier at the end. Deception.

Darek Greenly

Protip: you can change walk speed in options to faster :)

Olaf Michelson

these arnt getting any faster


when i "solved" that puzzle for the first time i just got a blue Laser from the other puzzle room across

Martin Drkoš

I got it by redirecting blue from the puzzle directly opposite. Now I'm not sure if I solved it or not. :-p


Thanks for this walkthrough.


fuck me why are these so hard... then the solution is so damn simple.

Cyborg Grug

I spent over 3 hours trying to solve this puzzle until i finally gave up... You legend.


OMG... i just spent 90 minutes.. and fried my head..  this is the first puzzle that beat me and i feel like scum for coming for help.. i didn't think to raise the red like that.. thank you... hate myself now...

James Whitlock

I always thought the deception was that you'd have to use the steps, which for one you did, the other you didn't.


i feel really stupid right now.  But thanks

Furkan Torun

im dumb


They were not kidding about deception, kept wanting to go forward never once thought of just taking it backwards. 


I was stuck in that puzzle too, I slept over it and found a solution myself. I went into puzzle "Bichromatic Entanglement" and took the blue ray from there into the "Deception" puzzle to activate it.


I know this is an old video but I have a question, I finished that level on my own but I ended up here because there's something I didn't understand : is the second blue button only here to distract us ? Especially given that when you walk into that part of the world he specifically said something like that "everything he made has a purpose"

Abiatha Neo

Even after watching the video, I still had trouble but finally got there!


Wow thats it omg, I thought so much crazy shit ..

Carl Bernroth

son of a bitch... I knew there had to be something like this because of the name but I never thought of that...

Darnell Wiggins

hahaha, I totally keep over thinking the process, thanks dude


i tried to do it on the other stairs and forgot that one was there. facepalm

Reverse Centaur

I hate myself so much being here I almost want to dislike for revenge


the name of that puzzle say it all...


I literally already had the door open but did not realize this, had to watch this to see him walk through it XD

lazy gizmo

Holy fuck that was a simple solution. I literally spent 40 minutes fiddling around with the lasers thinking the 2 stairs were the solution. Hahaha.

Adam Thornton

Ha, thanks so much! This was annoying the heck out of me.


Derp xD Seems so obvious when watching this video but i'd been stuck for.. 1½ hour i think. Went to bed without solving it and tried again today.. Still couldn't solve it xD Thanks man :p


ugh didn't see the steps...


laser puzzles were confusing as hell, first person perspective does not let you see the bigger picture


fuck you for game designer

Reverse Centaur

They cant put red herrings in puzzles that's bullshit

Adrian Iserhoff

I took the idea of deception one step further and managed to steal a blue laser from the puzzle directly opposite to it.