The Witcher 3 - Killer Whale Potion - Manuscript Page Location

The Witcher 3 - Killer Whale Potion - Manuscript Page Location

11 979 views | 5 Jun. 2015

The location of this very useful potion. Good luck and thanks for viewing


I got different items too but I appreciate the effort.  I went the whole game without finding this dang recipe.


Same. Definitely wasn't there for me at all, just a pair of Assault Gauntlets and Kaedweni Cuirass was in there. Mind you, I've finished main story, I'm just doing treasure hunts and spare contracts. But I need this because one of my treasure hunts is under water, deep out there and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need Killer Whale to complete it. What a bummer >:( Thanks for the tip anyways, I'm gonna look elsewhere.


I visited this building some days ago and didnt know how to get up there. And left it.
Any how. Thank you for showing me how to get up there


I bought it from the herbalist on skellige


Got the recipe but cannot find the balisse fruit needed to craft what a shame T-T

Mark Forcier

It wasn't there for me either.


Go to the Herbalist's Hut in Velen, there you can find the killer whale potion.

Lone Wolf

god dammit i found the superior black blood

David Smith

Same here

Amir Didovic

Wasn't there for me. Damn it!

Jaden Thompson

I got different items in the chest